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  1. HemsbyPie

    3 Rescued From Water!

    Unfortunately, as usual, the EDP’s reporting leaves a lot to be desired...
  2. HemsbyPie

    Relive The Fifties At Hemsby

    Steady now...
  3. HemsbyPie

    Brundall Boat Show

    Will be there with Hemsby Lifeboat... feel free to bring some of those beer samples out way
  4. HemsbyPie

    Brundall Boat Show 19th May

    Il be there with with a crew from Hemsby Lifeboat - please please come over for a chat & a look around the gear
  5. HemsbyPie

    Well Done Lewis

    Seb "not causing a collision" (check out his steering wheel)
  6. HemsbyPie

    Well Done Lewis

    Seb "not going off track and gaining an advantage" whilst overtaking Massa...
  7. HemsbyPie

    Well Done Lewis

    It of a shame he didn't get in the podium, and I raised more than one eyebrow at some of Vettle's moves - surprised he went penalty-free...
  8. HemsbyPie

    Its Piccy Time!! 2018 Calendar Here We Come..

    The crew leaving Goodchilds after dropping off a young family who were stranded at the Barney Arms after their train was cancelled
  9. HemsbyPie

    Its Piccy Time!! 2018 Calendar Here We Come..

    The cre giving a helpful friendly tow to a small sailing boat (they happen to come across, not called out to)
  10. HemsbyPie

    Its Piccy Time!! 2018 Calendar Here We Come..

    The crew heading back to Horning after helping a lady with broken ankle
  11. HemsbyPie

    The Nbn 2018 Calendar Competition

    How do we enter?
  12. HemsbyPie

    Wroxham Hotel

    Stayed there earlier this year in a balcony room and was really very nice for the money. There is a very good Thai restaurant straight opposite, and the bar in the hotel is very comfortable. Breakfast is very good, they make to order so nice & fresh, all in all was a very pleasant stay!
  13. HemsbyPie

    Defibrillator Locations

    You'll struggle not to get 999 signal anywhere in the U.K. Just because you can't get the rough to auntie Mavis on your standard signal doesn't mean you won't get through to 999. (Please don't try, but trust me)
  14. HemsbyPie


    I'd happily do this job but it won't pay the mortgage until I'm a bit older and have down-sized... Having been stuck behind a desk for the last 16 years it's actually quite appealing to me!
  15. HemsbyPie

    Another Broads Rescue Unit

    Can't speak for others but Hemsby was founded over 40 years ago due to a massive increase in deaths at sea in the local area. Their Broads rescue lifeboat was started on request of HM Coastguard.

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