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  1. TheQ

    Sea Level Change, Since 1970...

    The salinity of the broads has varied a lot after over the years, Hickling broad has effectively been salt several times, in 1953 and before back in the 1930s and many times before that.. each time the sea has broken through at palling or waxham. Mans intervention has actually reduced the number of times it has gone salt and is changing Nature..
  2. TheQ

    My Day

    I collected My 1984 Land Rover from it's MOT and service yesterday, the new back door and Back axle rebuild dented the pocket somewhat..
  3. TheQ

    Enough Is Enough Already!

    if you had the bench front seat, as well every time you went round a corner you had to cling onto the steering wheel or you'd end up sitting on the passenger.. Take out the spare wheel from in fornt of the engine and get in with the engine to do the servicing...
  4. TheQ

    The Ingham Swan

    Well, the slightly cremated (the roof and upstairs) houses next door are being thatched, it doesn't look like it will take long to finish. They have however dug up the road outside the Swan and Houses but inside the barriers. I reckon there is a good chance all the barriers will be down before C********s.
  5. Morning, Coltishall road /NDR roundabout is surrounded by cones today (27/11/18) there were two Highway traffic control Transit lorries there just begining to place them when I went through. Also 27th, 28th 29th the road down from the cremated Swan through Ingham Corner will be closed for waterworks, again the highway traffic control lorry was just arriving as I went through.
  6. TheQ

    The View From Work This Morning

    The figure given for the number of houses over 1 million was early on this year, 768553. Not my view from work but near enough my view for today, https://www.horning-sailing.club/webcams.php
  7. it would be very difficult to do so, there was a hydrographic survey some years ago. That showed more water came down the rivers than flows out of the GY river mouth, it was found a large amount of water flows out under great Yarmouth as its built on a gravel spit.
  8. TheQ

    My Day

    Not my day someone else's bad day near Sheringham yesterday. Advice to a new driver, Robin don't ignore flashing reds...
  9. TheQ

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Congratulations now you have to watch out for tacking boats cars on the river road it's is getting near Christmas and New year... Hic . PS you thought you had problems getting boat insurance, wait till you try Car insurance for a new driver...
  10. Going home yesterday (15:15) there was a car parked on the Wroxham Road / NDR roundabout. This Morning there is a Car parked on the Wroxham Road / NDR roundabout. A different one.. So much for the much vaunted new signs and road marking. A few bits of paint and palstic signs doesn't make up for making a complete cock up of the design..
  11. TheQ

    My Day

    A little late, but Sunday of course was sailing day, after we had lowered the flags for the 2minutes silence. This week it was our turn on duty I was on the rescue boats, while my sailing compatriot ran the racing. Due to the strong winds, several small dinghies capsized. Most sorted themselves out, we had to rescue one laser with a broken mast, another that washed up on a Lee shore. The other rescue boat collected a few boats too. In other news, Broadland model railway club is getting ready for the October 2019 show with 13 layouts, 6 traders and one trader booked so far.
  12. TheQ

    The Ingham Swan

    The Cremated Swan, doesn't look so cremated now, the outside has been painted, lighting installed on the front of the pub and the fencing along the front has been replaced. There is now an out of working hours security man staying in a motorcaravan guarding the place, I saw him wandering around with torch while I was waiting at the lights. So I guess the expensive stuff is now being installed inside.. The house next door has had it's roof battoned out ready for thatching..
  13. TheQ


    Today at 11:00 11/11/2018, I have the Honour to lower the flags at Snowflake Sailing Club, Horning, as we do every year .
  14. TheQ

    The View From Work This Morning

    The view from Work this morning.... No I haven't forgotten to post a picture, except for about 5 years mostly during training some years ago (out of 43 years so far), I've never worked where I can see out of a window. in fact most places had no windows.. Time to ...head to the window less laboratory..
  15. The problem with that is after a few years there will be a need for a bypass of the NDR, IIRC much like Newbury needed a bypass bypass. There is a crash this morning on the NDR Wroxham Roundabout, since the recovery vehicle was there along with 3 police cars I suspect by 08:00 it will be cleared. It on affects those wanting to go from there westwards on the NDR from Wroxham or Postwick. It looks like a black Audi has gone straight on from the Norwich road, into the signs and the round about. Oddly there is an optical illusion that when you come from Wroxham, the accident looks like it's beyond the Norwich exit. so you get in lane for the right hand turn round the bout, to find you are diverted into Norwich. Now of course being totally in the wrong lane with cars coming up from Postwick blocking your exit..

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