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  1. ScrumpyCheddar

    It Is With Regret That I Have To Inform You Of Tan's Passing

    So sorry to hear your sad loss Alan... My condolences to you and your family M&T
  2. ScrumpyCheddar

    Well Done Lewis

    He does more than Fidget... he’s busy waving... He has no respect to our national anthem when being played... even if another driver wins... He has always tries to steal the show... It’s F1... Not Formula Hamilton....
  3. ScrumpyCheddar

    Well Done Lewis

    Sorry I disagree of him being a British great.... if he wants the full backing of the British public and wants to be knighted and all that malarkey..... I suggest he moves from Tax free Monaco back Britain and pays his full taxes like the rest of us... It’s not like he can not afford it... As he says the British are Amazing.. well he should put his money where is mouth is... All these over paid sports stars are the same...
  4. ScrumpyCheddar

    Well Done Lewis

    He only won the championship because Ferrari goofed by changing the floor pan after the summer break... making them slower... after watching his performance of Sunday’s race... I was very disappointed in Hamiltons lame racing by not challenging.... he took the easy way to win the title... Hopefully next season the teams should all step up a gear and few more different drivers Will be on the winning Podium.... especially Max Verstappen
  5. ScrumpyCheddar

    Decreasing Number Of Hire Boats On Southern Broads

    To bloody right mate ha ha ha... Got to fill those 2 extra cabins on that big Broom with the main essentials...
  6. ScrumpyCheddar

    Decreasing Number Of Hire Boats On Southern Broads

    We always plan.... And pre book our pubs and moorings weeks before we go to avoid disappointment.... and like this year we extended an extra day at one place so we just phoned up and cancelled our next one... Next year will be the same but with a bigger boat...
  7. ScrumpyCheddar

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Well good news..... Audi have relaunch the Austin All ag ro... yes it’s back renamed the A1..... see for yourselves...
  8. ScrumpyCheddar

    Fair Marquess - Under Starters Orders For 2019

    If you go out of season you can get the NYA boats from £1690 a week... That’s 2nd week in September next year... Clean Sweep is Brooms Deluxe one... That’s the ex owners boat... went on it Friday... Very nice... pop up tv... tv in all cabins full size fridge freezer.... lush thick flush carpets... beautiful finished off... NYAs Cover girl and Moneypenny are high standards finished off nicely... And Brooms exploerer 1 And 2 are to..... At the moment Brooms are building Explorer 3 what will ready next year...
  9. ScrumpyCheddar

    Fair Marquess - Under Starters Orders For 2019

    There lovely boats... Good value I say
  10. ScrumpyCheddar

    Fair Marquess - Under Starters Orders For 2019

    I like it In a way if it had a longer bow... or the Mrs would say “The pointy end... you know ...the nose end”.... Did they not have enough room in the boat shed to finish it off... Half a job.. shame that... We’ll you can’t always go on looks.... I bet it’s quite big inside be interesting to see when it’s done...
  11. ScrumpyCheddar

    Another Weekend On Broom Captain...

    Your love it And enjoy it Susan.... If you have a look I’ve done a couple of blogs on here and there all based on the southern Broads... I give away my secrets...
  12. ScrumpyCheddar

    Another Weekend On Broom Captain...

    Don’t filled miffed.... I pushed for another bottle so I barter for it he he he...
  13. ScrumpyCheddar

    Another Weekend On Broom Captain...

    Its no miniatures this year with the wine... it’s a big bottle.... and also with an added bonus if you send them pics of your holiday on the broom holiday facebook page there have another bottle waiting for you to go home with...he he he he... Sorry Mark we’ve hijacked your page here....
  14. ScrumpyCheddar

    Another Weekend On Broom Captain...

    Yes that would of been me Mark... was either heading or at The ferry house in surlingham.... Best pub on the broads in my eyes and belly he he he....
  15. ScrumpyCheddar

    Another Weekend On Broom Captain...

    Hi Susan All the boats are fully equipped with frying pan plates cups glasses mugs cutlery cork screw bottle opener hair dryer... dish cloths tea towels... I always ask for dust pan and brush.. they go and get one for you... Danny and Shawn will sort you and Jackie and Hannah to... you even get a bottle of wine and few tea bags and uht milk.... For some reason I don’t know why the fridges have been turned right down so there not cold... I think it might where they have cleaned and defrost them... oh there’s an ice cube tray to... And there’s soap and shower gel shampoo in the the shower in small little bottles with the broom logo what’s a nice touch... Oh and big thing to check before you leave is to make sure you have the outside pop on windscreen and side door cover blind... that should be in the locker under the floor at the back of the boat with the electric hook up lead... If there’s anything else you need to know just ask us Susan... There lovely boats and friendly boat yard

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