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  1. ScrumpyCheddar

    Boat Being Untied.

    We had it done to us about 25 years ago On the Great Ouse at Godmanchester... lucky enough the boat behind us was still awake and held us with his boat hook.. while we managed to fire up the engine and got her back on to the mooring... after that had two cleats fitted inside the aft and thread the black ropes through the canopy... It just added abit more security..
  2. ScrumpyCheddar

    Justice Is Done!

    Brilliant news ha ha ha.... what goes around comes around.... justice is sweet..... ha ha ha.... Anyone got any pics of it stuck open.... ..... Oh if anyone’s stuck they can always take the train......
  3. ScrumpyCheddar

    Somerleyton Bridge Not Operational

    Firstly Ricardo..... You have a very big chip on your shoulder with anyone with a Gin palace or big boat.... No I don’t own a Gin palace at the moment.... But when I do your be first to know.... At the moment I hire a semi Gin Palace from Brooms.... you know those boats what others moan about.... This is a great advert for the broads.... moan and groan.... As I’ve said before each to there own... if someone wants a little boat buy a little boat.......if someone wants to buy a big boat buy a big boat... And as this subject originally started off about a bridge... yes a Bridge not opening...... Yet you and others started digging at people with big boats saying there the problem because they cannot fit under shouldn’t of bought a big boat.... we could go around and around in circles on this one..... But it still doesn’t get the bridge open on hot days does it...???? ......NO.... As I’ve said each to there own....
  4. ScrumpyCheddar

    Somerleyton Bridge Not Operational

    Weld the bridges shut...... what a load of cobs wallop... just fit the summer rails simple....Then everyone can enjoy the rivers.... I’m getting abit sick and fed up with certain people on here having a pop at big boat owners.... if they want to have bigger boats fair play to them.... and if they need the bridges open to get through....there in there right to have them opened..... they pay there tolls... a hell of lot more then you moaners in your little boats.....
  5. ScrumpyCheddar

    Rnli Online Shop

    I’m a very big surporter of the RNLI it’s one of my Top 2 charities I contribute to a lot through out the year... I take my hat off to those Men and women who risk there lives every time they go out to rescue who ever.. How ever my disgust came last year How they treated Jerseys Coxwain and his crew.... Those idiots who run the charity need replacing... this is how a charity gets a bad name because of the idiots who end up causing controversy and upset...
  6. ScrumpyCheddar

    Something Has Gone Missing!

  7. ScrumpyCheddar

    Any News On The Berney Arms...???

    I was wondering what’s happening with the Berney Arms now.... ???? Is there any news or gossip.... ?? Last year there was all the hype it was being open up as a cafe.. but it seems to have gone all quiet ...
  8. ScrumpyCheddar

    Vhf, Useful Or Not?

    So what make and model PMRs are everyone running ???
  9. ScrumpyCheddar

    Vhf, Useful Or Not?

    The only problem with PMR radios is the distance.... any slight hill or rise or building blocks the signal... As we found out at work... we run Motorola XT460... we’ve tried others and found these the best... we struggle at 700 meters distance on a good day... So how many of you run on PMRs and is there a PMR running channel on the broads....
  10. ScrumpyCheddar

    Vhf, Useful Or Not?

    Grendel your be very surprised there still out there many of my trucker mates and fellow truckers still have them fitted.... they always run on 19 when on the motorways listening out for fender benders (Accidents) and if the DVSA are pulling trucks for vehicle checks .....A quarry near me has a sign telling drivers to use ch22 to ask if anyone is coming down the single track lane for access and exit.... I think the days of having a homebase CB system with thunder pole aerial bolted to the chimney have gone.... I know mine has ha ha....
  11. ScrumpyCheddar

    Vhf, Useful Or Not?

    I use to run two cbs in the truck.... one was a straight 40 channel fm Audioline 341 what I still got and my other was York 863 what had been adapted... this was brilliant because I had 40 straight fm channels... also it had mids and split channels to so basically it had 120 fm channels.... also it was LSB USB.... Vaughan will no what I’m on about ha ha ...lol ... also it had 80 channel AM channels... what was illegal in the uk to use....I then use to run it through a 1000 watt pre amp burner on a Wilson 1000 mag mount.... at 65 miles away others could here me at 30+ And that was being on the move..... what was good if you was running on the split channels no one could listen in unless they had an adapted CB.... Those were the days
  12. ScrumpyCheddar

    Vhf, Useful Or Not?

    This is all 10-100... I’m afraid ..... As now you don’t need a CB license it could be fun for fellow boaters to have them.... but the big problem would be the distance.... earthing out and getting good ground plane for the aerial would be the biggest problem...SWR would be fun.... all so with most boats being fibreglass there’s no where to place a mag mount base abit like an old plastic pig ERF.... so the old solution would be is an old big biscuit tin drill in a DV27 mount in the top a couple of of house bricks in side...drill hole in the side for the coax to feed in and long strip of copper wire wrapped around the tin then forming a 4 foot tail running off for the ground plane.... sorted ... 10-4 Good buddy.... Then get your QSL cards printed off so when you eyeball your fellow CB boaters you can exchange cards with them.... I still have my 3 retroCBs I use to have and my super dooper aerial.... Or easier solution just get a handheld vhf marine handset like I have and I take mine most places... just took mine on a cruise recently listened in most of the time to the ship to shore ....
  13. ScrumpyCheddar

    Groupon Warning.

    Wowcher are the same.... there terms and conditions are a joke giving you stupid when and where times to go..... there’s always a catch.... think your getting a bargin when your not.... I suppose you get what you pay for....
  14. ScrumpyCheddar

    Waters Edge, Brammerton

    Just phoned them up... There serving food from a Bar lunch and light meals menu12pm until 6pm ... Than from 6pm they change to the main menu..... That’s 6 days a week.. Then on a Sunday they only serve food from 12pm to 6pm... but stays open for drinking...
  15. ScrumpyCheddar

    Bad Manners

    Ray you need to add a few optional extras to the boat next time.. like I did... Fit these and your problems are sorted... once engaged and used... Your feel better ... and there gone... ... Oh then the two finger salute as you go by....

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