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  1. Makes me laugh a can of gunk and electric pump... ok if you’ve got a nail in the tyre... No good with a blow out cracked-or shattered rim... in the middle of no where.. I’ve bought 2 cars this year.. Guess what they all came with the gunk and air compressors... First thing I done was order wheel jack and brace on eBay £40 bargin.. 2nd car looked around breakers yard but none as it’s an optional extra from dealer... £380 ... Luckly found a supplier brand new steel wheel with brand new tyre full size with jack and brace £140.. Fitting cars with no spare wheels is a joke.. at least I know if on my cars go flat or bang I can get myself out of trouble..
  2. If I’m correct the RNLI only covers the British Isles and the republic Ireland ... Why are they wasting donating money in other countries....? Easy answer it’s run by brainless idiots.... The poor guys and gals who go out in all wind and weathers risking life death to save life’s need a more than a pat on the back by the fat cat chief executive who probably doesn’t know what the initials of The RNLI mean... Im still in disgust with the management of the RNLI how they treated Jersey Coxswain Andy Hibbs.. They ended up in the end reinstated him ... Then after all Andy and his crew left to form there own lifeboat (JLA) Jersey lifeboat association... what I am now a big supporter of... There life boat Sir Max Aitken 3rd a Tyne class boat has a broads connection as it was sold to the JLA from Goodchilds then sailed to Jersey... All lifeboat crews RNLI or independent ones do an amazing job.. I take my hat off to them...
  3. We always phone to book a mooring in advance to avoid disappointment... There so helpful there it’s great place to moor and explore... You can side on moor on the outside of the pontoons like we did but that’s a bit extra... we paid £18.50 with electric for the night... We Love Oulton Broad... ...
  4. We are hirers to..... But that’s the luck of the draw with the bridges... They do open when it’s clear of trains... if it’s not hot.. These bridges are a sore subject on here...
  5. Was high yesterday... only 7ft clearance on somerleyton at high water...
  6. On the way back up to Brundall yesterday I radioed through to him at and He told me a 15 to 20min wait until the next train so we tied up on the floating pontoon until the bridge opened... abit of a boat que did form...At least the bridge was operational..
  7. If I seem to remember we have this same conversation every year about the bridges not opening in hot weather and network rail not installing the summer rails again.. And nothing ever gets done apart from people’s holidays being mucked up again..
  8. Surely putting rubbish in a bin of who Evers is better than dumping and leaving it or fly tipping it...
  9. I’ve always been a very big supporter and financial giver of the RNLI all my life... I have big admiration praise for the guys and girls who go out every time who risk there own lives to save others... It’s just a big shame the management don’t realise what great crews they have serving for them.... I’m not going into a slanging match on how the RNLI is run by there management and how a certain jersey lifeboat crew was treated... After a lot of hard work of the former jersey RNLI crew who left and decided to form there own independent lifeboat crew and buy a vessel... They formed the JLA Jersey Lifeboat Association... And there vessel Sir Max Aitken III was bought from Goodchilds Burgh castle... and sailed to jersey last year to be prep and ready to go into action after a lot red tape and testing they was ready to go... And yesterday afternoon at 3.45pm they had there very first call out to rescue a French sail boat with 4 persons which had engine problems... They was rescued and towed back... So it’s just not the RNLI there’s local independent lifeboats and SR groups all around the uk who need our support and I’m big supporter of them...
  10. When my power washer packed up I replaced it with four Eastern Europeans The car looks Fab
  11. Cars ain’t cars anymore.... There boring with no characters.... They all look the same...build quality and aftercare service is crap... No enjoyment at all... I’m big petrol head...cars from yesterday years.... Bring back 60s 70s 80s models back... cars with great characters...
  12. The reason it’s packed that way is ?. 1. To protect it from getting damaged and having the paint scrape off the bar. Because Mr Jones from Azerbaijan complained to the damage department 2 .Its to confuse the buyer when it’s delivered to the house thinking oh yes what’s in this big box can’t wait to rip it open and shouting going oh **** it’s that bloody crow bar... 3. Is why is it in this big box..
  13. Awesome another top quality Gin palace what’s on hire on the southern side.... Good luck to NYA they have a couple of lovely boats already and another one to the fleet will do them justice... will look forward seeing it about
  14. Lots of Tyre Regs have changed over the years.... tread depths.. tread size... crossply always heated up more under stress... Due how the tyre was built in its construction... That’s why manufacturers switched to radial because the construction of a radial causes less heat build up under stress.... This is why mixing tyres is a big no no... As many Garages MOT will fell as having non matching tyres fitted to the wrong vehicle... Reading the very very small print on tyre regs for MOTs is absolutely crazy... speed rating... load rating and so on.... As EU regulations 2012 TPMS tyre pressure monitoring system what’s fitted on all cars now have to be working correctly for MOT if not that is a fail...
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