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  1. The Taxi 🚕 from Goldline taxi was £10.. But they only drop you half way down the track to the pub If you take the taxi option make sure you book your return in advance..At least you know you can get back.. Heres the details of Big dog Ferry.
  2. Well After another Great visit to our pub.. Love saying that…🤣🤣 We got a taxi from Beecles yacht station to the Locks.. Then we caught the Big dock ferry back.. And that was a lovely trip back down well worth it.. Limited food menu at the pub at the moment but fantastic. IMG_4907.MOV
  3. Absolute joke … There be getting rid of the wet tyres next.. Very very disappointing decision…
  4. RACE RESULTS... Sebastian Vettel Disqualified after Insufficient Fuel sample after race.. F1 regulations state that “Competitors must ensure that a 1.0 litre sample of fuel may be taken at any time during the event” And only an insufficient 300ml could be removed from Vettels Aston Martin in Budapest. Aston Martin have until Thursday to overturn there appeal.
  5. Absolutely Awesome Best Racing in Ages.. Alonso & Hamilton. IMG_4524.MP4
  6. Wow what a result and a fantastic drive from Fernado Alonso great to see him at his best yesterday.. He Definitely still has it .. shame his tyres died near the end… Fantastic battle between him and Hamilton.. Proper racing and another Great start.. Another racing incident crash.. Not the result we was all expecting, Well done to Esteban Ocon for winning .. And Sebastian Vettel being disqualified from 2nd place.. So everyone jumps up a place… In the real world Hamilton should of won that race yesterday. But made the big mistake of not pitting like all the rest of the teams for the restart..
  7. There brilliant I had one on my VWT5 a Dub Lock 🔐
  8. Good News Red bull have rebuilt Max’s car in record breaking time 🤣🤣🤣🤣 IMG_4454.MP4
  9. Chris I think that was the icing on the cake yesterday for Christian.. Remember there have been some heavy exchanges between him and Toto Wolff in the last couple of months.. I mean Toto saying to Michael Masi was classic “Michael I’ve just sent you an email with diagrams with where the car should be , did you receive that?? Masi “ No Toto I don’t access my emails during a race…. I mean a driver has nearly been wiped out and there drawing diagrams. I think the teams should have a 3rd car like they use to .. More excitement.. It’s coming back to F1 but still lacking.. They need to have the challenges and attacks like in GP2. & GP3 remember that’s where the next gen Of F1 drivers come from. Game on 👍👍
  10. Ouch 51G impact… (moderator note, please note this video contains swearing, please do not watch if you are liable to find this offensive) IMG_4385.MP4
  11. Well I thought we was going to have an absolute Cracking race…. How wrong .. The sprint qualifying was more exciting and enjoyable to watch.. What happens bang first lap And it’s all over.. Red Flag 🚩 and 10 second penalty for Hamilton.. Do I think that’s fair ? No I don’t… Why didn’t he have a 3 place Grid penalty like what George Russell had with Sainz.. Or even made him start from the back.. They restarted the race from the grid.. That would of been more challenging to see Hamilton fight back through.. And more enjoyable race to watch.. Then Team Orders for Bottas to let Hamilton pass.. and not to race.. Come on it’s suppose to be a race..
  12. At least Max and the other drivers applauded the NHS … Perhaps Hamilton should take a leaf out there book and have some Respect… !!!
  13. Well I’m absolutely disgusted… Not just because of the race.. More on that Tomorrow.. But I will comment on the one minute applause For Our wonderful NHS frontline workers.. How dare Hamilton stand there holding his umbrella and not Applaud while all the others on the grid was clapping.. Total Disgust and disrespect to our NHS.. 🤬🤬😡🤬😡
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