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  1. Thanks everyone.... I Start a week Monday
  2. Here’s my bit of The Berlin Wall memorabilia..
  3. Awful game... Was not impressed at 63 minute... A Right hook punch by SA player into Our player... If I saw it clear of day why didn’t TMO say to the Ref... Eddie goofed up on keeping last weeks team in... He should of played the format when we played Australia.... He should of seen that SA had a strong defence from other games... We nearly had this World Cup in the bag... we played fantastic all the way through getting stronger and stronger... Then today’s game was Awful.. Then 2nd half last 20 mins... What can I say.. Basically giving it away... Absolutely gutted...
  4. I have done exactly the same today avoided all media and thought I’d come on here and bang... Well done Mercedes... I suppose I’ve got to watch something else now for 3 hours as I know now ... ..
  5. Ideal for November the 5th ...
  6. This year I hired aboat what kicked out a lot of wash... The amount of people who was shouting out to us to slow down... We was well under the speed and all of the time we was punching against the tide all week ... At one point doing 3mph passing through Reedham I had the BA shout out at me... Annoyed and total fed up at this point of the comments of the Wash I gave him a very sturn reply shouting out my speed to him... Sending pictures of boats speeding I suggest you have 100% Proof... Video footage with your speed would be better... Each boats have different hull designs so others kick out more wash than others also size of the boat to..
  7. Welcome Culcus The closest of me owning a boat or an Alpha is this 🤣🤣🤣...
  8. Makes me laugh a can of gunk and electric pump... ok if you’ve got a nail in the tyre... No good with a blow out cracked-or shattered rim... in the middle of no where.. I’ve bought 2 cars this year.. Guess what they all came with the gunk and air compressors... First thing I done was order wheel jack and brace on eBay £40 bargin.. 2nd car looked around breakers yard but none as it’s an optional extra from dealer... £380 ... Luckly found a supplier brand new steel wheel with brand new tyre full size with jack and brace £140.. Fitting cars with no spare wheels is a joke.. at least I know if on my cars go flat or bang I can get myself out of trouble..
  9. If I’m correct the RNLI only covers the British Isles and the republic Ireland ... Why are they wasting donating money in other countries....? Easy answer it’s run by brainless idiots.... The poor guys and gals who go out in all wind and weathers risking life death to save life’s need a more than a pat on the back by the fat cat chief executive who probably doesn’t know what the initials of The RNLI mean... Im still in disgust with the management of the RNLI how they treated Jersey Coxswain Andy Hibbs.. They ended up in the end reinstated him ... Then after all Andy and his crew left to form there own lifeboat (JLA) Jersey lifeboat association... what I am now a big supporter of... There life boat Sir Max Aitken 3rd a Tyne class boat has a broads connection as it was sold to the JLA from Goodchilds then sailed to Jersey... All lifeboat crews RNLI or independent ones do an amazing job.. I take my hat off to them...
  10. We always phone to book a mooring in advance to avoid disappointment... There so helpful there it’s great place to moor and explore... You can side on moor on the outside of the pontoons like we did but that’s a bit extra... we paid £18.50 with electric for the night... We Love Oulton Broad... ...
  11. We are hirers to..... But that’s the luck of the draw with the bridges... They do open when it’s clear of trains... if it’s not hot.. These bridges are a sore subject on here...
  12. Was high yesterday... only 7ft clearance on somerleyton at high water...
  13. On the way back up to Brundall yesterday I radioed through to him at and He told me a 15 to 20min wait until the next train so we tied up on the floating pontoon until the bridge opened... abit of a boat que did form...At least the bridge was operational..
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