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  1. I had my last day at work today... Not sure when I’ll be back... driving boots hung up.... I had my last boat fix earlier I just sat back feet up having a cuppa thinking would this take up much room at Oulton broad..
  2. When ever we book either Travelodge cringleford or Premiere inn Broadlands we always do the cheaper option... Saying that the way the prices have rocketed up this year I would pay the extra... I’m still trying to get our money back from my insurance over the Flybe collapse ...No rush because we our not going anywhere for a while....
  3. At least we all got to watch the service ... And say Good bye to Boycee.. Such a shame we couldn’t be there in under the circumstances... But we will be there for his memorial later on.. A very lovely Eulogy about Alan and his life... Not a dry eye here in the Scrumpy house.. Big hugs for Mags Going to miss him big time Rest in Peace Alan X
  4. Where Does it say Typos on here then ???????...
  5. Im not gloating at all... Il So in future now anyone on here who posts a photo of there BIG boat is classed as gloating then... ? Because it might offend someone who can not afford a boat or have a little one... Im still waiting on your reply about people who can not spell properly???
  6. Anything else wrong .... I don’t need spell it correct to have it OK... !!! So you have a problem with people who can not spell correctly???? Obviously you have....
  7. Yes I have bought them Jean..
  8. No it’s not stuff anyone else.... if that was the case I would of bought whole lot in the first shop I came to... Perhaps you should read what I have written and explained... I failed to mention my son drove up to me from his house 62 miles away to bring toilet rolls on Saturday because there was not one roll in my area.. Regardless to say people worse off than me... You try living with IBS crones disease then perhaps you would see why... Also I have my 80yr old mother and father and 74yr old mother in law on lock down.. So is that stuff you Jack attitude I don’t think so... Perhaps you should go on toilet roll patrol and dictate to tell who and who can have one...
  9. Well MM hopefully there last us for a long time.. The 2 reasons to stockpile is because there is not any in the big 9 supermarkets in town... Because shoppers was bulk buying them and not thinking of others.. And the 2nd is my IBS.. As I said earlier I only purchased only ONE pack per shop.. So there was plenty for other shoppers. We always buy a jumbo 18 pack on our weekly shop but as due to the Crazy bulk buying I felt it it was the only way sensible to go around to get them for us.. As even now the shelves are empty.. Even 2 months ago we stocked up on a couple of bottles of night nurse and day nurse and boxes of paracetamol.. With health issues of pneumonia of what me and the wife have had in the past we don’t like to take chances.. Especially with this horrible virus out there.. I hope I’ve answered your questions alright there MM.
  10. Total bog roll shortage in Somerset.... All the big supermarkets shelves empty.. Well on my travels around the West Country in the last few days I’ve been stopping of at Local village shops post offices and petrol stations... To buy only one pack at a time so it leaves others a chance to buy as well... Also it helps to support local trade and business... As from Today orders from her in doors... “For god sake we’ve got enough now“. So my Tour de Bogroll is over for now
  11. Here’s Our Boy Pat.. He was a rescue cat we’ve had him 6 years now.. We just love him to bits.. Our world
  12. I remember the first time I met Alan at the ferry inn and we struck up a great friendship... Every holiday time we would meet up and put the worlds to right.. He had fantastic knowledge of the Broads. And where to get the best pint on the Broads to.. Alan was a great and funny guy. An absolute legend . He would always say it how it is. He is going to be missed so much by every one and especially me.. My dearest condolences to dear Mags and the family.. Its going to be hard this year not hearing him say to me “Ay up Scrump you alright son” R.I.P Alan Mike & Tan
  13. I’m looking forward to the ice cream whippy machine going in
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