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  1. ScrumpyCheddar

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Lots of Tyre Regs have changed over the years.... tread depths.. tread size... crossply always heated up more under stress... Due how the tyre was built in its construction... That’s why manufacturers switched to radial because the construction of a radial causes less heat build up under stress.... This is why mixing tyres is a big no no... As many Garages MOT will fell as having non matching tyres fitted to the wrong vehicle... Reading the very very small print on tyre regs for MOTs is absolutely crazy... speed rating... load rating and so on.... As EU regulations 2012 TPMS tyre pressure monitoring system what’s fitted on all cars now have to be working correctly for MOT if not that is a fail...
  2. ScrumpyCheddar

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    You bought a car with normal tyres on the front and run flats on the back... That would of set alarm bells ringing straight way..... especially with budget blow outs on the front.... Well that tells you it should be running run flats on all four wheels on that vehicle... So basically you was sold a vehicle what was illegally unsafe for the road... what made the MOT invalid straight away... Instant MOT Failure... If I was you I would go back to that dealer and asked why he sold you a car with mixed tyres on it and you had to change them at your expense!! You don’t ever mix tyres... like years ago you was aloud to mix cross plys on the front and radials on the rear... but not the other way around....
  3. ScrumpyCheddar

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Robin I hope you’ve informed your insurance company that you have removed your run flat tyres... And fitted them with normal tyres... Insurance companies would make your policy void.. And MOT failure... Technically you’ve made a serious modification to the car with out informing them.. Your wheels are built for run flats... where the run flats take the stress on the side wall normal side walls won’t... There for taking stress on the wheels what could cause it to crack and disintegrate causing total failure... If your insurance company are happy with your modification they will adjust your policy and quote it that you have made a serious modification to the vehicle..
  4. ScrumpyCheddar

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    I bet you had some good times away in that Grendel... I always like the York diesel front ends on the MK1 transits Because the engine was to big to fit in the standard grill...
  5. ScrumpyCheddar

    Christmas Fare

    Now after sleeping on this I reckon (Marky) Baitrunner needs to show us photo evidence of these bake beans Boxing Day buffet... Try saying that after a few gins ha ha ha...
  6. ScrumpyCheddar

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Grendel.... JA has a spare V4 engine for you... ha ha ha . Was yours Essex V4 1.7 Or 2.0 L ... Must of been in mk1 transit.. I use to like the firing order on them 1234.. On my apprenticeship the company had a in house fire brigade 3 fire engines and a 1972 L reg mk1 transit fire tender I use to look after... use to make me laugh opening the bonet up looking in and seeing this little engine in there... Your right there Grendel those tappets always needed adjusting.... it had very low mileage on the engine... Then one day they was doing a fire drill and it decided boil up and seize up... So changed it with a 2.0ltr pinto with yes twin Webber’s.. Another great engine... went like a rocket...
  7. ScrumpyCheddar

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    JA everything seems to completely complicated and to technical... my boys sort my tech side out... I’m good with my iPhone nd iPad... anything else I pass-on.. This technical stuff is way to technical for me to use...The washing machine... microwave... oven... kitchen sink...all that’s the wife’s department ha ha ha...
  8. ScrumpyCheddar

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    I can picture it now JA the whole fiesta all over the place.... I Remember having my 4 spoke 13”RS alloys in my wardrobe at the time... but I can beat that a few years back now having A twin set of eminox exhaust pipes for my old scania in the spare room.... The Mrs hit the roof when she saw them sat there ha ha ha
  9. ScrumpyCheddar

    Christmas Fare

    Grendel I hope you leave some for the cats
  10. ScrumpyCheddar

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    That’s the sad part of engine tuning these days.... Ear to the carb with a slight tweak on the screwdriver as you said long gone what is sad... just think years ago any problems use to be a spray of carb cleaner clean the foam air filters job was a good one.... or a Sunday afternoon would be carbs off .... news paper on mother’s dining table stripping the carb down cleaning it using a foot pump for the tyres to use as an air gun to blow it through.... while all this is going on you’ve got mother in the back ground shouting can you smell petrol ha ha ha...
  11. ScrumpyCheddar

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    JA I’m not a big fan on this remapping lark.... Had a bad experience a few years on a truck I drove.... My old boss had it mapped up... yes it pulled like a train.. Then it decided to blow turbos 11 in total.... Then it was running hot found out the water pump spindle wasn’t man enough... so that had to be changed to a bigger spindle then the ECU had a melt down.... So in the end we went down the Irish route and changed the ECU to a marine ECU... was like different truck then after that it decided to go bang....After jacking the cabover found the Conrod hanging out the block... Game over... He never had anymore done.. And it put me right off...
  12. ScrumpyCheddar

    Christmas Fare

    No turkey this year Big Sirloin joint for Christmas day dinner... Boxing Day is up the in laws for cold meats and pickles mash chips you name it..it be on the table... I may have to suggest bake beans this year and see what happens ha ha ha.... Now in the Runner house I would of thought the might of had Runner-Beans lol....
  13. ScrumpyCheddar

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Cracking engines they are great power output on them
  14. ScrumpyCheddar

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Put me out of my misery.... what beauty is that JA ?

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