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  1. Hope you’re having a great time. :)
  2. Some very moving coverage on the tv. I’m sure that many of us have or had family who fought in World War II. My Dad wasn’t at Normandy but was in the Royal Marine Commandos. Sadly he died while I was still a child so I never got to talk to him as an adult to an adult. But now more than ever I am proud of what he did and remember him on all these kind of occasions.
  3. Would love to get a look at the Dutch House which I see is on the list.
  4. Congratulations to Liverpool ... and I'm sure it was a great night for their fans. One of the lads I work with was so excited to be going to the match as he has been following them all over Europe this season.
  5. Welcome to the forum Coryton. I'm sure you'll have a great time. My advice would be ... don't try to plan every day, go with the flow, approach the moorings slowly and take all the help that is offered ... which is basically what everyone else has already said. The holiday tales forum may give you some great ideas for possible routes and places to go. I'm guessing from your post that you're hiring from one of the boatyards on the northern side?
  6. Thanks Jay. A great perspective, very balanced. :)
  7. Thanks for such a detailed account of your time afloat Jay, and the lovely photos. Since Swancraft stopped hiring a few years ago now, we haven't done a holiday on the southern Broads but continue to enjoy the northern side, out of the main season of course. Given that you have covered both sides fairly extensively on your recent trips, do you have a preference for where you like to be?
  8. SwanR

    3 Rivers Race 2019

    Great photos from Oldgregg and from Vaughan. And thanks for such a wonderful insight into the race from TheQ. A fascinating read.
  9. Picked up this update from the Trust's Facebook page. Breaking news from Norwich Peregrines! Chick YS fledged from the nest today assisted by the wind she managed to spread her wings and land on the bell tower in a controlled way. She is fine and the adults will continue to bring her food.
  10. SwanR

    3 Rivers Race 2019

    I took a quick look at the new HW webcam very late last night and could make out some sailing boats on the river just by the yard.
  11. SwanR

    My Day

    Lol, it certainly didn't look it when I took that photo but it was full by the time the concert started. Thanks Ian. He was amazing as always. A real performer ... it was a two hour show with no break in the middle.
  12. SwanR

    My Day

    Waiting at the O2 ...
  13. Another long cruise there Jay. I've never moored at Somerleyton and am wondering what makes it clearly one of the favourite places for your tribe.
  14. Looking busy in the yard this morning. Great views of the boats coming and going.
  15. Found it highly amusing on Google street view when I "drove" down my road and saw my neighbours' daughter had parked on our drive while we were out whenever it was that the Google car had driven round!!
  16. Wow! That's brilliant. We all know I love a good webcam. Just checked it out and looks as if it's even in colour on the night time view ... unless that's just because it's not quite dark yet! Here's a shot I grabbed in case anyone hasn't looked yet. It hasn't moved in the few minutes I've been watching so I'm wondering whether they have it set to stay in one position overnight, which is what the Warrior Cam does in Portsmouth.
  17. Great photos from your epic cruise on Sunday, Jay. Especially love the sunset. Do the kids share the time at the helm? Hope you’re enjoying your week.
  18. Dug out an old holiday tale I wrote which was 7 days on the southern rivers in case it is of interest.
  19. What they said! With only a week, and hiring on the south, I wouldn’t be desperate to go north, especially at the end of July. My favourite moorings on the south are Langley Dyke, Beccles, Loddon, North Cove, Brundall Church Fen, Reedham and Bramerton Common. Once I started the list it kept growing. So many lovely places on the south and very easy to spend a week there.
  20. SwanR

    Swan Royale

    Hmmm ... if only setting up a syndicate were possible ... this does look like a great boat!
  21. Beautiful photos. Enjoying the read and curious to know what you thought of the boat, if you write some kind of review later in the tale. :)
  22. It is indeed an ex-swancraft boat renamed. We had a short break on her two or three years back of which you will find my holiday tale somewhere on the appropriate forum. We were lucky, weather was amazing and just right for that kind of boat. Sat out on top all the time even when moored up. The view from the inside helm was poor and the galley area tiny. It steered well and was comfortable enough. We had a lovely time because we had the good weather but I wouldn’t personally hire it again as I’ve enjoyed other boats more. Just my opinion.
  23. Leyton Orient are in the FA Trophy final at Wembley today. Hubby and Son will be there cheering them on!
  24. Definitely need to put this on my list of places to visit this year. :)
  25. We love what Ferry Marina do, or have done ... haven't been with them since they changed ownership. But you never saw discounts with them previously. We always compare prices and we know that we have potentially paid more with them than we would if we hired elsewhere and only paid for fuel used. It is nice, though, when you come back and haven't got to wait for the yard to fill up the boat and then queue in reception to sort out the monies ... just load up the car and straight off. But seeing these discounts available now does make me think that next year we might wait and see what's about if we want to hire rather than booking in advance. Although we do have specific requirements and I'm limited for time off work so ... it's the chance you take. However I do like the winter discount combined with the early booking discount on Herbert Woods website for February. Haven't quite persuaded hubby yet that it wouldn't just be far too cold!!!
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