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  1. kingfisher666

    Marina Quays

    Ooops... Should have gone to 'Specsavers', or at least read the original post properly!. Never the less, I'm still not in favour of any 'dash for cash' development, regardless of the state the area is in at the moment, once the land is gone, it's gone forever. I would prefer an amenity for all, though the chances of that are pretty remote, I must admit. Too many nondescript riverside 'housing estates' around the Broads already (even Great Yarmouth)...
  2. kingfisher666

    Marina Quays

    In this 'dash for cash' building frenzy, we're experiencing at the moment, I feel it's going to be very difficult to stop such projects happening. The councils haven't got the money to fight the developers, besides Great Yarmouth, like everywhere else, has probably been issued with a target for new homes to be built. So it's all loaded in the developers favour at the moment. Having said that, I truly hope you succeed with your objection. Too many of the Broads riverside developments have begun to resemble 'new town' housing estates, over the last thirty or forty years.
  3. kingfisher666

    Changes At Beccles Harbour

    It's an unfortunate fact, that when the 'big boys' (Tesco, Morrisons etc.) move in, a few of the older independent shops will always disappear. But, I think compared to many other 'market towns' Beccles has fared quite well, it has still managed to keep it's character. I still enjoy visiting Beccles and think it has kept the friendly atmosphere, it always had. As has been said, it's happening everywhere, town councils can't stop the 'big boys' moving in, they're very powerful and will usually get their way. Besides, almost everyone wants the convenience of a big supermarket on their doorstep, so we're all to blame for the demise of so many of our Market town & village shops.
  4. kingfisher666

    Special Addition Of Broad Sheet

    After a few years of membership and reading this Forum and a few months of posting. Whenever I see any post regarding the Broads Authority or Dr. Packman, or even, dare I say it, the words National Park, It all turns to 'white noise'... It's there, it's annoyingly repetetive, is neither entertaining nor informative, it just is... Unfortunately.
  5. kingfisher666

    Pesticide Control

    Thank you 'Marshman', I'll remember that. I don't know if it's the same in Broadland, but where I live that sort of work is sub-contracted out and the quicker they do it, the more money they make. So, the companies tend not to care, when they send their crews out and how it's done, just so long as it gets done and they get paid... I did hear of a complaint to the council, a while back, about such practices. I believe the outcome was... "It was a misunderstanding of instructions, a mistake and it won't happen again" (until the next time, of course).
  6. kingfisher666

    Brundall From The Air

    Can the Broads Authority not stipulate that boatyard premises must remain so, or at least be used for an allied use or trade. It seems to me, that all the yards we have lost, that have been turned into 'riverside housing estates' are lost for ever. Should Norfolk Broads boating holidays, have a resurgance in popularity, where could possible new boating companies start up?. I've heard, that some boatyards have been bought up, with the sole intention of running them down and turning them into riverside 'bricks and mortar' for the wealthy. Is it just me, that feels this is wrong and should be discouraged by the Broads Authority, if at all possible...
  7. kingfisher666

    Pesticide Control

    Unfortunately it's the easy and relatively cheap way of controlling weed, vegetation growth and unwanted insect life. Doesn't matter whether it's agriculture or the County Council clearing roadside verges. The usual attitude now is blast it with powerful herbicides or pesticides and then you can forget it. Just like some councils habit of 'chain flailing' roadside hedges in springtime, when birds are nesting, they really don't care about the wider consequences of their actions any more... It's an unfortunate truth, that many of the 'stewards of the countryside' and the councils place financial considerations, well above those of the health and ecology of our surroundings...
  8. kingfisher666

    Brundall From The Air

    Very good pictures 'DavidH', but in my eyes Brundall like Oulton Broad has lost it's 'mojo' since so many of the hire yards closed. Acres of white plastic, just like the caravan sites along the coast at Caister and Scratby. I stopped visiting, when the 'shop with the tree growing through it' disappeared. It makes me a little sad going through Brundall now and remembering how it was, when we hired boats there in the 70's & 80's. Nowadays, I tend to go through Bargate (Surlingham) broad and miss out as much of the Brundall loop, as I can. Oh well, I suppose I shouldn't keep 'living in the past'...
  9. kingfisher666

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    After passing my car driving test and then actually learning to drive, the biggest shock I encountered was my first motorway experience, on the newly opened M25. After driving from the A12 round to the M4, my hands and shoulders ached, with gripping the wheel so hard. I would always advise a new driver to get some motorway tuition, after passing their test...
  10. kingfisher666

    Banks. Don't You Just Love 'em ?

    In my part of the world, banks and police stations are like Woolworths, a thing of the past...
  11. kingfisher666

    Eel In Thruster

    I logged in, just to put the 'HaHa' emoji thingy on that post...
  12. kingfisher666

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    I agree, when you start choosing when to indicate, you're on the slippery slope that many BMW, Audi or Range Rover drivers never seem to recover from...
  13. kingfisher666

    Eel In Thruster

    Yeah, a milivolt or two, to help them find their prey, in murky water. But, I think that one was being a tad over ambitious...
  14. kingfisher666

    Eel In Thruster

    Ah, so that's why there are so few eels around these days. Time to ban 'bow thrusters' I think...
  15. kingfisher666

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    I could tell you Vaughan, but I'd have to kill you, after telling you. But don't worry, I'd probably get banned, well before any of your blood was spilled...

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