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  1. Lots of Reed Buntings still around Upton Marsh, Hickling, Carlton & Oulton Marshes and Strumpshaw Fen too, at least there were, in early summer this year.
  2. kingfisher666

    Unplug Then Cast Off!

    I was trying to remember the last time I watched TV on a broads boating holiday. I think it must have been the early/mid seventies. In those days, for the princely sum of two pounds, you could hire a television for the week. The only station we could tune into with a reasonable picture, on the miniscule black & white screen, was Anglia TV. I recall we quite enjoyed watching "Romper Room" with Miss Rosalind, who tried her best to keep an assorted bunch of pre-school kiddiwinks under some sort of control. I believe it was filmed live and over it's half hour running time, often collapsed into chaos and anarchy, we loved it!... Music was more our thing and a 'radio cassette player' was the latest 'must have' accessory, for our boat. Unfortunately, this was before rechargeable batteries and we spent a small fortune on Ever Ready U2's, to get our fix of Rolling Stones, John Lee Hooker, Dr. Feelgood, or whatever other (untangled) cassettes we had with us... As time and technology has progressed, the boatyards have tried to keep pace and you can now have a TV with DVD and 'Playstation' thingy in each cabin. Well, you can keep those, but I'm not a complete luddite, I really appreciate being able to charge up my cameras, phone, music player etc.. All this, you can still do with the boats battery bank and a little bit of electrical wizardry. Thank the Lord, we've never yet found it necessary to use an electrical 'umbilical cord', that would be a step too far. I couldn't imagine a Broads boating holiday, where I had to choose my mooring place on the basis of having access to an electric 'hook up' post. Anyway, I can be pretty certain that should I ever use one, sooner rather than later, the bright orange umbilical cord would be ripped from it's post, or worse still... Wrapped around the prop.
  3. kingfisher666

    Unplug Then Cast Off!

    Who would have thought that the must have's of modern boating, could cause such problems. Still, could have been worse, at least the mooring ropes were stowed out of harm's way...
  4. kingfisher666

    Breydon Rescue

    All's well, that ends well... The EDP is not really known for giving particularly accurate or incisive information, on 'news' like this. But, no one was hurt, no boats were damaged and perhaps the Sea Cadets will have learned a valuable lesson from their mistake. I would imagine the Coast Guard and RNLI would have shrugged their collective shoulders and treated it as a 'training exercise'. Just another day on the Norfolk Broads really...
  5. kingfisher666

    Broads Bug....

    You could try 'Martham Boats' it's located above Potter Heigham bridge, so the area is very quiet. They have a couple of lovely little classic wooden two berth cruisers "Tumblehome" and "Jayne" to choose from. You won't find many wildflowers lining the banks, this time of year, but the bird and wildlife will more than make up for that. There are three easy to reach pubs, the 'Pleasureboat Inn' at Hickling with mooring outside, the 'Nelson Head' at Horsey, only a ten minute walk from Horsey Staithe and lastly 'The Lion' at East Somerton, a five minute walk from Somerton Staithe. Of course you could explore further afield, by going downstream, through Potter Heigham bridge (the boatyard will pilot you through). But, personally I would stay above the bridge for the weekend, lovely walks along the beaches, with the seals beginning to 'pup' very soon. Also, the lovely nature reserves at Hickling Broad and Martham Broad with Chinese Water Deer, Munjac Deer, Brown Hares, Otters and the winter birds beginning to arrive too... So, there's another one to add to your possible choices. Anyway, have a lovely time, if you do manage a weekend 'getaway'...
  6. kingfisher666


    I never quite understood what 'glamping' is and how it's any different to camping. Is it because you don't have to pitch or take down your own tent, or is it because you live for a week in a tiny wooden 'dog kennel' type shed. Either way, I don't see where the 'glam' epithet applies, a holiday on a super yacht in Monaco, might be 'glam', but camping, really?. Putting up your own tent isn't exactly hard labour, I can pitch a 5 metre bell tent, in less than an hour, single handed. Camping isn't exactly 'roughing it' these days, with comfortable beds and chairs and warm rugs on the ground sheet. Electric hook up is available at most sites if you want it, so cool box (to keep your wine/beer nicely chilled), kettle, radio, heater and even a hair dryer (or curling tongs!) are not out of the question. Most campsites keep their 'facilities' spotlessly clean, so showers, washing up etc. are not a problem. You can even take a 'porta potti' or 'bucket and chuck it' (though not literally, of course) so you don't have to wander off into the night, to answer the call of nature. All in all, camping is not going to have all the comforts of home, but it is comfortable if you do it right. But, camping is camping, you either enjoy it or you don't, 'glamping' on the other hand, I've no idea even what that is...
  7. kingfisher666

    New Boat From Herbert Woods

    How did we ever manage to keep clean and not go down with the dreaded lurgy, in the old days, when boats only had one shower (some of the older boats didn't even have that) and one toilet. I remember the lovely old 'Broadsventures' from Richardsons, I'm pretty sure they were listed in the Blakes brochure as ten berth and could squeeze one or two more in too. I never hired one, but I think they may have had TWO toilets and one shower, now that really is living 'cheek by jowl'. It never seemed to bother the hirers though, often saw large family groups on the 'Broadsventures' and they always seemed amongst the happiest of holiday groups... I could never see us hiring one of these newer 'all singing, all dancing' boats, that by their design have cruising restrictions, which mean missing out on most of the loveliest, peaceful parts of the broads. Still, 'horses for courses' I guess, I've never felt I missed out because our hire boat didn't have a whirlpool bath or dual helm positions though...
  8. kingfisher666

    Recent Poll Of National Parks

    I'm so glad that I don't care one way or the other, whether the Norfolk & Suffolk Broads is, or isn't a National Park. I don't think I could stand the boredom of spending all day discussing the lexical semantics of it's status or even it's existence... Sh!t... I've just wasted two minutes thinking about it and another minute typing this, I really do need to get a life...
  9. kingfisher666

    Recent Poll Of National Parks

    From a personal point of view (I used to live near the 'Queens Head' at Burgh) I hope the renovation of the moorings happens soon, because I like to moor there and visit old haunts. But, as weve seen recently, negotiations with the landowner can often be a convoluted process, before any work begins... It's a long old trot to Burgh, if you're walking, from the nearest moorings at St. Olaves too...
  10. kingfisher666

    Recent Poll Of National Parks

    It's a fact, that East Anglia doesn't have mountains, tarns, rolling hills and valleys. But that doesn't make it any the less beautiful, just different. Norfolk is not all about the boating, though many would have you believe it is. If you get off the boat occasionally, you'll find there is flora and fauna, unmatched anywhere in the country. Birdwatchers have a saying "Scotland for Golden Eagles and Capercailie, Norfolk for everything else". Norfolk & Suffolk has a wealth of historical sites to visit. More historical finds are uncovered in East Anglia than in any other part of the country. Our coastline, though not 'spectacular' like Cornwall or the Gower Peninsular, has beautiful walks and beaches. From the pines and dunes of Holkham, through desolate open marshes of Blakeney and Cley, to the 'fleshpots' of Gt. Yarmouth (only joking). Then, of course we have the rivers and broads themselves, no argument that these are best accessed by boat, but if you have legs to walk and eyes to see, our Broadland landscape is different, but no less beautiful too, with it's wide green grazing marshes, golden reed beds, white shining sails of the yachts and windmills and spectacular towering skies...
  11. kingfisher666

    Recent Poll Of National Parks

    The poll itself was actually a 'YouGov' exercise, so you should take any results with a very large pinch of salt...
  12. kingfisher666

    Neatishead, Officially Full

    Hells bells, I think I'd rather be at "Gaye's Staithe"...
  13. kingfisher666

    Locks Inn

    I reckon it has already changed, almost out of all recognition, over the last forty odd years. Still like the place, though not as much as the old days (early seventies).
  14. kingfisher666

    Beccles Quay Returned To The Town After 44 Years

    Though I welcome the Lady Mayor's fine words and would love to see her wishes come to fruition. I too, have more than a little scepticism that facilities which are used seasonally and generally by visitors to the town, rather than residents, is likely to find itself way down the list of the town councils priorities. But, we can live in hope (rather than expectation)...
  15. kingfisher666

    Another One Bites The Dust

    I'm sure the beasts of the jungle welcomed the Christians into the arena at the colosseum, with such equanimity too...

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