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  1. A very interesting discussion but could anyone please clear up one point.The East Anglian Waterways Website http://www.eawa.co.uk/walsham-2.html clearly states "The 1812 Act contains a special provision preventing the original canal company from charging any tolls or dues "For any Boat, Barge , or Vessel which shall be navigated or pass upon any part of the river Ant which at the Time of passing this Act is navigable to Dilham:"
  2. For years we have been told that CO2 emissions were rising! How then can we be having a shortage?
  3. So what happens when it rains?
  4. If you were on Rockland wouldn't the sun be setting behind you?
  5. Before doing anything I would cut around the outside with a Stanley knife to try and stop the teak from splitting!
  6. Bayleaf


    If fishing at this time of year was detrimental to the fish why is there no close season on some waters?
  7. Bayleaf


    So are you in favour of banning boats? How would I be interfering with birds and wildlife whilst sitting quietly fishing off the back of my boat?
  8. I think that you will find that the road works in Hoveton are the start of works on The Three Rivers Way Cycle Route. www.threeriversway.org.uk
  9. Cromer Fireworks New Years Day (1700) are worth a visit. Getting out of the town in a car afterwards takes ages so take the train.
  10. Waterside Estate Agents advert specifies bank for temporary moorings. Permanent moorings would be greatly restricted by the bridge.
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