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  1. Always treated this juncture with care, as stated it’s not worth the hassle, so let others pass. That said it is Thurne/mouth that leads on to the Bure, therefore it should not be treated any differently to any of the other rivers or dykes that lead on to the Bure/main river, such as the Ant. Think of these as “t” junctions with a minor road joining a main road. As already said, always err on the side of caution, as not all folks are aware so it is better to be safe than sorry. Cheers Paul
  2. PCL023


    Creative Covers just finished ours this month. Very pleased with the outcome and service. If you go to their website their numbers are there, call the mobile number or send a text incase they are out and about. 👍🏻 Cheers Paul
  3. PCL023

    Broads Toll 2019

    What about classic river toll for boats over a certain vintage, like we see with classic cars? Could be a discount structure in place, we all like to see them on the water. Cheers Paul
  4. I guess we will have to see what impact this has in the area long term...
  5. As it may be known to some the BA are about to start work to remove the quay heading of more than half of the 24 BA public moorings on the viaduct stretch at Hoveton. I guess we will have to see what happens here, as at a guess this will leave space for around 10ish boats were the moorings will be retained upstream of the rail bridge. I think it is just a shame and would like to think further BA 24hr moorings will become available elsewhere as a balance. (Though I very much doubt it). Yes It can be quiet there at times, however when the bridge heights are favourable it is often full during the main season. Just makes you wonder during the peek where all these boats that get put through Wroxham bridge by the pilots, where they will go, as upstream of Wroxham is often rammed. Just as well there are so many available moorings for everyone before Wroxham bridge so they can stop off in Wroxham/Hoveton! Cheers Paul
  6. Checked in with my brother today and his old Seamaster he owned, all GRP was built in 1954 according to the records. Confirmed it was one of Barnes fleet. Cheers Paul
  7. I seem to remember my brother mentioned a Seamaster 26/27’ (an old style) he owned for a while was built in the late 1950’s. There were a few around this time all GRP run out of Barns in Wroxham, Named queen something. I think there are some pictures of them on the Broadland memories site? I will try and find out from him when the one he owned was built. Cheers Paul
  8. It’s much the same as when it was with P&H/le boat, I quite like it that way, it’s a nice place to be. For us it’s somewhere to keep the boat when we are not there, at the same time handy for the shops. It’s still got toilet/showers, water and pumpout, big plus there is always someone around to keep an eye on things. There are apparently many plans so let’s see what comes of these. Main thing for us the prices have stayed about the same and it’s convenient to be able to make payments in 6 month blocks. Cheers Paul
  9. If it’s any help, there are lots of Hamptons moored at Landermores, mate of mine keeps his Hampton MKIII there, never an issue with Wroxham bridge. We also keep our Ocean 30 there, again no issues with the bridge heights. Cheers Paul
  10. PCL023

    Martham Boats

    Hey You were very welcome, pleased we could help a bit . Cheers Paul
  11. Thanks Robin We are up the boat this weekend, to do some small adjustments, the larger ones to get the few last jobs done on the other boat at Martham ready for launch next week. I will take some interior shots for comparison and add them. As is the way with boats there’s always something to do. I will get my dad to have a look in his albums to see what old photos he has that may be of further interest to this thread. Cheers Paul
  12. Thanks Robin. Well it is the same boat and that was 1997, so it looks like someone gutted most of the inside and change the layout back to how it was supposed to be, with a settee on the starboard side and new galley. See what you mean by the canopy that looked a right disaster. I can also see the cabin windows have been changed or at least modified to hooper style. I must confess that it was only this year that I got round to changing the last Perspex windscreen to glass she had when we brought her in 2010. What a transformation since 1997 someone had done. Thanks again that really helps to fill in some blanks with regards to the history and paperwork we have. (And yes these were the same curtains that came with her in 2010, they were immediately changed)! Cheers Paul
  13. Hi Folks, I thought I should say hello. I have been following this forum and some others for many years now, from the shadows and thought it was about time I did things properly. I have been coming to the broads since I was a few months old, boating has been in my family from my grandparents who had a boat called Rippling Tide Y600 since the early 1970’s, like them the boat to has since departed, to my parents who since 1985 have been the custodians of a Martham Janice class, (Nice One A116), some of you may have seen her in the shed at Martham the other week, not long now until she is back in the wet stuff again this season, though a little later than normal. Grandparents and parents hired mainly before owning their boats, most of the time from Martham Boats, their is a great connection with this yard and these gems which look as though they are apart of the wonderful surroundings. So from the age of 10 my boating interests were kick started and very soon after Easter holidays were spent in the shed sanding, painting varnishing etc. Great memories and skills you never forget and always under the watchful eye from the guys at the yard so we had better do it right. My brother has his boat and a cousin has one too, so you could say boating is In our DNA. My first boat an Elysian 27 (Georgie R215), was a great introduction to my family to boating. We upgraded to our current boat in 2010, also Georgie D127, with her little brother Harry’s lil Boat towing behind. We keep them both at Wroxham and with out a doubt we have the next generation of boating nutters, (our kids) being made ready for the future and not just for sunny river outings, but also the hard graft in the shed too, from time to time. There is plenty more but not whising to rabble on, if you see us give us a wave stop for a chat there’s always some cold ones in the fridge. ? Cheers Paul
  14. Hi LondonRascal Do you happen to have any other photos of the Ocean 30 you could share, as I think it looks familiar.... the D1 missing from the reg number. I think I still have those old curtains somewhere. Cheers Paul
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