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  1. PCL023

    On The Broads

    Yes she was one of 4 Jocelyn class they built, 28’.
  2. PCL023

    On The Broads

    Loverly boat there, one of the best to enjoy all the broads on and most capable for handling solo. MB had started to re-engine some of their cruisers not sure what is fitted in to the Judith you have? I understand they may also be resurrecting a new (or not so new) addition to the fleet, not sure if they aim for this season or next? Enjoy your time, you certainly have the weather for it. Love reading the write up and seeing the pictures, work comments are just getting in my way at the moment and I just can’t get to the boat so far this season, though get next week out of the way that should change. Cheers Paul
  3. See if you can get a dinghy from the yard, it will be good to keep the kids entertained, you can the drop a weight on any of the broads if the land moorings are full. It’s possible to then shuttle the crew over to the land/pub. There is always a fail safe/back/plan b in case. Just a thought. Cheers Paul
  4. That’s one thing the Chinese seem to have mastered very well, the build quality even to my most critical eye is very good, in fact a lot better than some of its rivals in the same price band, such as the Duster etc. Even quite a few of the more expensive OEM’s could learn a thing or two from them Cheers Paul
  5. Stretching the old workhorses legs (02 reg 75 tourer) tomorrow to unpack the boat and clean it up. It’s also done a number of trips to Martham this year readying the woodie too... i have done things the other way around to most with regards to cars. Went from a MGZT to an XF 3.0l twin turbo Jag. Had the Jag for a year and a bit, only put 3500 miles on it in that time. Although I loved the car a lot, the running, yearly servicing costs , added to watching it sit outside the house devaluing not really getting used, also not wanting to use it on certain trips in case it got knocked in a car park, I chopped it in for the 75. Load what you want in to it, as comfortable as the Jag, cheap to run and for the price I paid for it it will never lose anything. Not bad when all that’s had to be done was a service (parts only, did it myself, no need for stamps at 17years old), two tyres and a set of wipers. That’s a years worth of motoring approx 5000 miles on a fraction on the running costs of the Jag. (The wife has one of the new MG’s ZS auto since Oct last year. I must say I’m very impressed especially for the price plus the 0% finance and all the toys). Before that she had an MG3, also a great little car very under rated as were the MG Rover group motors. Come what may of that EU thing-me-Bob it may have made sense to hold on to what was once the family silver? Cheers Paul
  6. As was the 2.3 (2300) a straight 6. Poor or lack of servicing did for a lot of these as it was the small one way valve in the head that would get blocked due to dirty old oil. The idea was once you switched the engine off oil would stay in the cam area. It had the opposite effect when oil services were missed. The v8 was a very. strong unit all alloy, it was some of the things that got bolted to it that were not so good.
  7. They were made to do this that’s the difference. It’s all about the line up with the key stone, the front hatch and being able to see the underside of the bridge at a given time . Child’s play when you have done it a few hundred times
  8. I guess there is no hard and fast rule here. There are some GRP,s built in the late 50’s and 60’s that out date some of the woodies that were built in the 70’s. I guess the life expectancy of GRP is greater and they tend to stick around longer than some of the same aged biodegradable woodies. Cars are therefore a bit different and tend to have a life span, look at the mk3 ford Escort, Austin Metro, etc, it’s a lot about how many remain. It’s the same as the Rover 75 mentioned, mine is now 17 years old. Do I keep because it is likely to be a classic? No it’s cheap very comfortable motoring and I like the car, it’s different. I get lots of folks coming up to me saying yo don’t see many of them any more... Although we have GRP boat built in 1968, there are still plenty of them about, and they do have some “classics” lines compared to new builds of toady. I still don’t think you can beat those made from the real suff (wood) when it comes down to what is really regarded as a classic boat, just by the way these look, no matter when they were built. Cheers Paul
  9. It’s all doable. My Grandparents did this on their boat on the broads from retirement in to their 80’s when it got just too much. They had their moorings at Richardson’s, winter in the wet shed where the boat was put to bed from November through to March/April (there was little in the way of mod cons back then on the boat making winter not so comfortable), where they were on the point where the river splits to the yard and Staithe for the rest of the season. They had their permanent home back in Ipswich. We used to meet them most weekends or every so often on the boat some where to drop their post to them. Theycould of course come back home at anytime but more often than not it was only for appointments etc. This was back in the 80’s and 90’s. Cheers Paul
  10. It would probably have been quicker diversion
  11. The temporary lights just as you go in to Horning from Ludham direction were faulty yesterday, this made for quite some interesting events? (Reported so hopefully fixed now). Also queued to the temporary lights on Wroxham Bridge, from about the end of Blackhorse broad, as you get out of Horning that took a while. I guess it was all due to the nice weather and extra hour of daylight? Once on to the maine road that passes Roy’s it’s seemed to flow quite well to the lights on the bridge. Cheers Cheers
  12. Bit late now but thought I would mention it, to change the N/S bulb on an MG ZT/75, turn the steering wheel hard lock to the O/S, pop open the inspection cover in the inner wheel arch, remove the rubber headlight back bung, unplug the bulb, remove the bulb, open the bonnet then while having one hand with the new bulb in position, you can look over the wing down to the back of the cluster, fit the new bulb , refit the rest back in reverse procedure. In all takes about 3 mins a side. It gets harder on some newer cars that’s for sure. Cheers Paul
  13. Always treated this juncture with care, as stated it’s not worth the hassle, so let others pass. That said it is Thurne/mouth that leads on to the Bure, therefore it should not be treated any differently to any of the other rivers or dykes that lead on to the Bure/main river, such as the Ant. Think of these as “t” junctions with a minor road joining a main road. As already said, always err on the side of caution, as not all folks are aware so it is better to be safe than sorry. Cheers Paul
  14. PCL023


    Creative Covers just finished ours this month. Very pleased with the outcome and service. If you go to their website their numbers are there, call the mobile number or send a text incase they are out and about. 👍🏻 Cheers Paul
  15. PCL023

    Broads Toll 2019

    What about classic river toll for boats over a certain vintage, like we see with classic cars? Could be a discount structure in place, we all like to see them on the water. Cheers Paul
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