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  1. Wow thank you so much sorry I have only just seen this... I know my grandad brought her and used parts from the white moth to fix her... I think some of my aunties and uncles was also conceived on her too. Would love to be able to talk some more my family would love it please and thank you. Kindest regards Laura :)
  2. We have mooring space available. If you would like anymore information please get in touch either by phone 01692631011 or by email info@ludham bridge.co.uk
  3. I wouldn't of minded but the guys on the other hand Haha
  4. Thank you far share it... shame it doesn't say good things about my grandad but has also filled in some gaps about white moth too. Laura
  5. Sorry did someone say Mallie was still alive ?
  6. These are amazing pictures thank you mat for sharing them. Will mean alot to my family
  7. This is 1 of the pictures painted of sundog in the late 60's when my mum lived aboard her. Each of my uncles and aunt all got a painting done of her so they are all slightly different. We have a few photographs of her but not many. It's fab finding all the information I have about her so far.
  8. Oh WOW thank you would love to see more pictures. Thank You.
  9. My Grandad James Hyde (jim) defo know pulled her out at Geldeston. I was told by royalls yesterday that some of white moths parts was put on sundog for some reason or another. But im just happy to of found a little out if nothing at all. Yes there was tones of wherrys back then I for one feel very lucky indeed that my family had something to do with her its been amazing to not only find out about her and a little bit about my grandad. Thank you for all your help and information you have given me!
  10. This is another one we found but wer not to sure if it has A867 on it. Crazy that there isnt Much info on Sundog at all and everyone has such different storys about what has happened to her. The only thing i know for sure id that her mast is in Royalls garden.
  11. yea i found it. Iwas told this was sundog aslo this picture happens to be in the edp ages ago saying its sundog
  12. Haha yea I will send George out The gauge is definitely out by like 3 inches lol as we know every inch counts
  13. i must say that you have good eye sight lol i can only see the D114 opps found what other picture you mean.... this are all the ones people have sent me regarding sundog so not to sure
  14. Yea defoi a great idea and also when the 3rivers is on would be great to see too
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