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  1. MrPlant

    Selling Boats

    Sounds lovely, any recent photos? Valued v Getting a sale is 2 different things unfortunately. Best to test the water at a price you'd be 'happy' for her, but keeping in mind what the lowest price you would take. Also depends on how quick you need to sell. However for an original gel coat etc on an ocean 30, you may be surprised and a decent broker maybe able to achieve the best possible price, even after their commission with no hassle to you, a broker maybe you best bet... For a nice boat NYA all the way. Whats peoples thoughts on future classic/collectable grp boats? will they exist or just disappear...
  2. MrPlant

    Selling Boats

    Is the boat an ocean 30 (from what I can see in your profile pic)? We sold our old ocean 30 with John at waterside marine in potter, their commission at the time was lower than other brokerage companies on the broads. However he did admit ocean 30's were getting harder to move due to their aging looks (and that was a good 7+ years ago...), saying that some people love the older style. And tbh our old ocean30 was the best boat we owned...! Do you have any photos? info? price in mind?
  3. MrPlant

    Selling Boats

    Second That! Our last boat was for sale for a long time with a broker, with zero - minimal interest, took it off the broker and added it to ebay and forums like this. Sold within 1 week of being on ebay and for more than I was happy to let her go for. Had her on a 10 day auction, was sold and ad removed before 10 days were up, think it cost us less than a fiver after we added subtitle, and picture gallery etc... Worth a try. Just have a calm head and patience with some ebayers (or tryers)
  4. Evening All Over the past few years I always keep my on properties for sale around the Northern Broads area & have email notifications set up, however it appears less & less come up for sale these days. I'm currently in a buying position and have funds available to invest. With a construction background, I personally have a dream of owning / building my own riverside property (like many). In the past 3-5 years I have seen minimal building plots for sale, only ones that I've seen come to market are on Crabbetts Marsh with either no planning or a string of problems. Now I understand plots or derelict properties on the broads are very very rare with BA's strict planning, and most likely most are sold before they come to market, I'm not local enough to 'know' the right people, however if anyone knows any potential properties/land for sale in the area, anything going to auction etc. Or if you're reading this post and maybe have something for sale. Feel free to drop me a pm with the details. Unfortunately my budget doesn't stretch to a million pound riverside home. However I still have a realistic budget burning holes. As they say, you never know until you ask! So worth a try on this popular active forum.
  5. MrPlant

    Trixie (Rascal's Fleet)

    Congratulations, lovely little boat, always had a soft spot for these. IMO surveys are just a license to print money, never had one done on anything I've purchased and probably will never have one done, common sense goes a long way, and sure there is a risk, but that's what keeps things exciting. For northern broads, in the past we've moored at south quays horning, wroxham, broadsedge stalham, richardsons stalham & Richardsons horning. Richardsons would get my vote anyday! We loved our time at their Horning marina.
  6. MrPlant

    Advice On Potential Boat Share

    Once again many thanks for all of the very useful advice. At the moment the 2 which are standing out to us for our requirements is Thunder & Evening Shadow, both moored in Horning, both on the larger size and enough berths for us the kids & the grandparents if we all wish to go away together. Does anyone know of any other similar syndicates apart from these 2 in the Northern Broads? Silver cloud looks lovely but just not enough berths... I feel a visit with the full family is needed to see which would be the most suitable. I see Evening Shadow has 1 share for sale & thunder has 2 shares for sale. Could anyone point me in the right direction as to who owns these shares? or is it best to speak to the chairman of each?
  7. MrPlant

    Advice On Potential Boat Share

    Hi Sue, I have seen your for sale, but your based at Brundall? we would want to have a base in the Northern Broads. Dont get me wrong I love "parts" of the southern broads, however with limited spare time I feel the Northern suits our needs more if we do not wish to travel to far. Yes they are at school, but I have no issues in removing them if needed, life skills and time spent on the Broads will be much more beneficial for them as they get older. Also they love a few days at the grandparents. Thunder is a boat that stood out for me, if you dont mind me asking how much "approx" extra per year/month has an engine replacement been for each holder? feel free to PM me that info if you wish. You say Thunder was based at Brundall and voted to move for one season, does that mean Thunder will return back to Brundall next season? Interesting comment on the valet Mark, is that valet included within your yearly costings? Does anyone know of a syndicate that is permanent based up North? Thanks for the answers Andy & Alan, they are all very useful, I guess like anything mechanical there will always been some grey areas's. My main concern with the slightly open ended contract is that although these boats are extremely well maintained and are beautifully looked after, they are getting older in age, and like anything mechanical the older they get the likely hood of higher maintenance will be there... I guess I'm thinking new engine/gearboxes, wiring, plumbing, re-fit's etc...???
  8. MrPlant

    Advice On Potential Boat Share

    Hi, Not been on the site for a few years since we sold our last boat, we've owned 3 boats in the past & hired many over the years. Like most on this forum we have a love for all things Norfolk Broads and boating, no matter where we go in the world on our travels, the memories from the Norfolk Broads are always there. However after 3 years without ownership and only managing 1 short hire break & 1 full week hire, plus a few day boats over the past 3 years we have started to get the obsession back of getting back on the water more permanent. However with work & kids we have to accept we just don't have the time for full ownership, and every time we look to book a hire boat or grab a last minute break the costs are so high compared to somewhere in the sun. The last full week we had was on Richardson's Carousel, at a cost of more than £2000, albeit it was mid summer holidays... Over the winter we have been browsing the for sale section tempting ourselves & looking at hire sites looking to book another hire for this summer. But then I kept stumbling across boat shares for sale, I've always been a little suspicious of share agreements and thought they have been to risky, however that has been on property not boats. Anyhow I have done a little research over the past few nights and read up shares for sale and the costings seam very reasonable... So I have started to think that a share could be the perfect middle ground for what we require as a busy family. I've seen shares on the BCBM site and I've seen boats on both the south & northern broads, as we live within 1 hours drive of Wroxham/Horning it would have to be located there. However my main reason for this post is I'm looking for some advice from you knowledgeable people and would be grateful if you could share any answers, advice or first hand experience on my below concerns: 1.For shares for sale on BCBM, is it only available to buy from them or do the shareholders advertise elsewhere or I've seen some with Richardsons name next to them, can you deal with them direct? (I havn't called or emailed anyone yet) 2. The yearly maintenance cost, I've viewed the budgets for previous/current years, they all seam very reasonable, however what happens when a new engine is needed or an un-expected expensive fix? do all share holders get a nice invoice through the post? My main concern is how are the charges worked out/managed if there is no set fixed price contract in place... is there anything put in place to protect shareholders of an unwelcome surprise? 3. Responsibilities of cleaning? some I have seen advertised with valet, some are advertised as you clean it when you leave. what are peoples experiences? 4. Fuel & Gas responsibilities? 5. Bedding responsibilities? 6. Accidental damaged caused by share holder or other major damage from other boaters? Dont get me wrong we have and always are very careful boaters, however accidents can happen. I can still remember the time I pulled away from a very windy side on mooring where there was a great dirty sharp piece of rusty metal hanging from the quay heading, I gently pulled away but the wind kept pushing the boat sideways, as the aft came round I heard the horrendous scrape, at the next mooring I had a horrible deep scratch in the newly polished gel coat, we did get it fixed but I can remember it was a good few hundred pound to fix... Thanks for taking the time to read my post, and as said any advice or answers will be greatly appreciated. Shaun
  9. MrPlant

    Holiday Snaps from 1969 - By Request!!

    Thanks for sharing the photos
  10. MrPlant

    Search for new boat started...

    Hi Alan We have looked at this, v.nice, but virtually no movement on the price...
  11. MrPlant

    Search for new boat started...

    Hi all, As some of you will know we have just sold our much loved sports cruiser, but being a family man we are needing more space. We have now also decided we want a single level forward drive boat min length 40ft (big bath tub), was hoping no older than 90's with original gel coat etc. Budget ... anywhere from 30-40 upto 70-80k max! Now I thought this search would be easy, but it appears there wasn't many of these boats built in the 90's / early 00's. But many 70's/80's. I always thought/presumed this style boat was only built in the broads (am I correct?) so supply for these will be quite short for our age requirements etc? Is there any other manufactures who made / make this style boat outside of Norfolk I should be looking at? What would be the approx cost of this type of boat supplied new now? I'm guessing 150-200K ? Also if any of you know of any boats for sale within our requirements that are not already advertised with the local brokers ( we look everyday, already itching to get back) please do pass me on the details
  12. Just to confirm boat now Sold and deal complete after a successful survey this morning. New owner moving her to better suited waters. Also confirms if price, presentation, honesty and you have good advertising you can still sell a boat privately and at this time of year. Also prooves there is still nice genuine buyers on good old Ebay. Buy it, sell it, love it, hate it, still best marketplace Also a small shout out for Pam at Broadland yacht brokers in Horning, she offers good advice and advertising packages. Also very friendly and polite. If you are reading this and thinking of selling your boat she would be a good start. Now the search seriously begins, itching already!!! aministrators feel free to delete thread if needed.
  13. Thankyou, will post pics of new boat when we find the right one
  14. ***Now sold*** deposit taken.
  15. Hi JennyMorgan, Yes fully understand that, but for the asking price we are asking we feel this is good value for the boat. I will keep the thread updated with the progress of the sale. We always check this forum for private owners selling when we have been searching in the past, so its a good base to place an advert.

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