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  1. I am an RCC committee member and nothing has come before us regarding this- yet!
  2. I am sure I read that the grazing is rented by one of the horse rescue charities.
  3. Just a couple of things to add regarding Wroxham Regatta. Some times they go for a down broad start from a floating platform just inside the up river entrance to the broad.The cruisers are racing around midday and 6pm as there will probably be over 30 boats out it does get a bit congested so probably best to avoid around these times unless you want to see the action in which case it is best to drop a mud weight at either end of the broad well away from any buoys with flags on them.
  4. The Broad is owned By the Trafford Estate who also own Caen Meadow. Probably not the best place to post it but just a warning that this weekend is the Start of Wroxham Week so the Broad will be quite busy.
  5. maysailor


    King of the Knots
  6. We draw 4' and we went hard aground on Heigham Sound whilst participating in the 2012 TRR we were not able to get off without using the engine and disqualifying ourselves but since the dredging we have not had a problem there or in getting up to Horsey. We transit most of the Broads network and the only No Go areas in the main Broads network for us are Catfield Dyke, Coltishall to Horstead Lock and West Somerton. It gets a bit interesting on the upper Ant to Dilham and at Gelderston. When sailing you get to know where the shallow areas are but occasionally you hit something you are not expecting
  7. As far as the RCC is concerned all boats with provisional handicaps are eligible to compete in races but are not given a place in the final results. However we are not able to enforce this on individual clubs who might take a different view. Personally I have not taken part in any races over the last few years where provisional boats have been given a place. The last race I competed in where this did happen was the YNR about 5 years ago but subsequently the rules were changed.
  8. I will firstly admit that I am a member of the RCC committee and have been for the last 5 years .I have only been a cruiser owner for the last 8 years having bought a cruiser out of the hire fleet. I do not recognise your assertion of it being a" clique" and I would be interested in what you find "abominable about the provisional handicap system"
  9. I believe these yachts are moored on Trowse Meadow somewhere between Carrow Yacht Club and the Trowse Bridge.One or two were hard aground at low water
  10. We also retired in the 3RR having done both legs and made it across Hickling and Back by 2.30am but did the calculation and realised we would not make Acle and back to Horning before cut off . We passed 3 of the Martham Yachts tacking up towards Potter Bridge as we motored back.
  11. That certainly competes with our new Galley
  12. I have taken my Broads Cruiser up to New Mills several times and I draw 4 feet and the only time I went aground was when I went a bit too close to the sluices at the end of the navigation.
  13. They retired at Thurne Mouth after doing the Thurne leg not sure why but suspect they had just had enough. We had just manged to get ahead of them after playing leap frog up to that point.
  14. I did not say Graham had stopped looking after Nanni engines. He has looked after my boat for the last seven years winterising at the end of the season and then servicing the following spring he has also done quite a bit of other work for me and I have nothing but praise for his workmanship. For the last seven years I have rung him a few weeks before I want to go in the water and he has always been available. This year he just said he was not able to do it for me. Therefore I was asking for alternative recommendations.
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