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  1. Quick update for any body following We un winterised her at the weekend We had sail down the river she never really got above 40 , which i already new , that it wouldn't. As i have not done any thing yet So on the return journey we turned both seacocks to decrease the flow of water to the engine checking the exhaust pipes too make sure they were not getting to hot . We noticed it did go above 40 c and get to it quicker. With the wind and the current being strong on the return leg , i managed to increase the revs above what i normally would travel at . Which i don't usually do . The temp gauge went above the normally 40 and was heading for 55- 60 ,We ran out of river . So a trip over Breydon water in the summer is called for . Not pointing any fingers but with it being a EX hire fleet boat i just think it was probably working harder , then i have ever worked her . Hence lukewarm water has never been a issue. Ill keep you posted.
  2. Seriously


    Hi yeah his boat still in HW yard, saw it yesterday looked like mine until I cleaned it . Looks to me as he not been to it this year .
  3. Makes me smile speeding offences up by 44% I'd like to know was the percentage increase is on . The police looking for speeding offences
  4. Not so sure the railings are for kids with additional needs as theses kids are better behaved than most boat users. I think the bars are to help hen and stag parties , so they can improve their ability to rock the boat until it capsizes
  5. Try adding some dark fruit very nice diesel
  6. Lol Noticed you said Karl's family you are correct in your thinking. i would have not noticed .As I would go as far as to say a blue lukewarm shower would be satisfying
  7. Hi All update A big thank you to Mark for your help . Would highly recommend mark to any one who needs any help with their boat full of knowledge and very helpful. Mark will hopefully be along soon and give a better update and a more technical update. Engine temp gauge and sender seem to be working ok. Mark stripped out the heat exchange stack only problem was that the inspection panel in the engine dept. was not big enough . so we could not get it out completely but what we could see was ok. So my next job will be to make the access panel bigger . I will then take it our inspect and clean it.. We took the impeller out and turned off the sea cocks and ran the engine for as long as we could but could not get the engine above 50 Degrees . Which is strange as the thermostatic valve will only kick in at 82 degress so in practice the thermostatic value never opens as the engine never gets above 50 Degrees. So next thing to try to stop the water from the hot water system circulating as this could be cooling the engine down. I did think about slightly turning the sea cocks to slow the raw water down which is also cooling the engine down . So still a mystery Karl
  8. Seriously


    Hi Trev currently in same position as you. going to get her ready for winter myself . Only because Id like to think I could use her in the winter if I get the chance. I think we will be willing to rough it for one night (only if the wife agrees) . So only need to Re winterise the raw water system. Take bottle water with us, maybe shower at the boat yard and use their facilities. Not exactly Hilton but well worth it just to be on the river in the winter. Karl
  9. Having a lowliner myself I was told they were designed to fit under potter . taking Into consideration the shape of the bridge versus the boat . I have yet to have ,mine under potter . My boat was built in 92 . I wonder how much the river has risen since that date karl
  10. Hi Mark Sounds like a date I will give you call . I am up last in the week in October for a week ,so would be good if you could fit me in . Karl
  11. Morning Thanks for your help and your input. Yes a mystery it is . The pump looks to me that it has been on a while and my boat being a ex hire fleet I would hope it has been running ok like this for years with no problems. A big assumption i know . Except for the impeller and cover plate that needs sorting out which is wear and tear , which I'm on with . Yes you are correct i need a marine engineer to come and have a look . Which will happen, but as you well know they are not cheap. So I'm just knocking off the jobs i can do myself and learning stuff on the way. Which will help in the future if any thing goes wrong. So i can have a understanding of any new problems that arise. Then i will call in the professionals. Very confusing tho as the data says it should run at 82 Degrees but i have read it is a colder engine so running 50 Degrees is ok. Information on the mc42 is limited and this is why you are correct i need someone to have a look at it . As for checking the stack in the heat exchange , its on my radar. You have not tried to help you have helped. So hopeful by the end of the year hopeful we will have this sorted and the answer posted on here for any body in the future looking at this post.
  12. sorry Vaughan hope I have not offended you regarding my above post. I was just joking. I always need help. as I'm learning new things all the time. I'm just a tight git .
  13. Mark exactly what I was thinking at least another twenty years left in that baby
  14. Looks like at some point they have used the front plate around the other way and then swapped it back around .
  15. Hi to all Thanks for your input So you are quite right I have still not found out what the issue is with the hot water. As your said earlier the engine not running correctly is or was more important. So in bite sizes I'm slowly knocking issues of the list of things that could be causing it . Also my brain deals with things in bite sizes a lot better . My memory is shocking so looking back maybe the hot water has always, not been brilliant. So in the end, I think mark suggestion, it might be the tank is knackered.I would have said its the original tank But working through each issue is giving me knowledge and fun . At some point I will be upgrading the tank with a emersion heater in it to help when I arrive at the boat yard on a Friday night . Also traveling around the broads at low revs and for less than two hrs cant help my hot water but does help Norfolk Sorry for the drift So yes you are correct the impeller housing front plate has signs of wear ,probably the only thing that I did take a picture of Quote If when starting up, you find you have to run the engine fast, before water comes through, then your pump is worn and needs attention. How would you know ? can I assume you undo the clip and take the hose off and see how much water comes out ? Also when your boat is winterised is it a standard common practice for them to take the impeller out of the pump ? leaving it on show.
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