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  1. BB37

    Boats For Couples

    There is the 30' version, Symphony from Richardson's https://www.richardsonsboatingholidays.co.uk/boats/symphony/
  2. Hello, I'm about to lay up a mould of around 2m2 with polyester gelcoat and resin/CSM layers by hand. I've successfully laid up smaller sample areas, but I am concerned as to whether I will be able to work fast enough to get successive layers on before the layer underneath gels/cures too much. Could anyone advise as to how far cured the resin can be and still chemically bond to new resin? Does the resin still need to be in the gel phase, or is there a window of hours after it hardens? On the same subject, when hulls are laid up, is it a continuous job, or is it possible to break over night between layers? Thanks, Ben
  3. BB37

    Anyone For Hickling?

    Have seen Hamptons, Bounty 30s, 37s and Fair Countess go under on the HW webcam
  4. I am upgrading the alternators on my boat to generate a total of 240amps. Does anyone know the maximum continuous current that this switch can take? It is a CAV type 444C-1M. I have tried googling but without success. Many thanks
  5. BB37


    Do you also do the fit out? We own a Ocean 30, it would be a real shame if the mould have been cut as they are such a great design.
  6. BB37


    I believe RGW Roe & Son moulded for Westwood, but these moulds are now at Richardson's stalham. Westwood A405 at stalham.
  7. BB37


    Presumably these are the moulds used by RGW Roe & Son at Rackheath, since 2010 when Aquafibre stoped.
  8. BB37


    Went to Rackheath today and all of the Aquafibre mould have gone. The Diamond and Opal mould are used by Barnes Brinkcraft, but where are the rest?
  9. BB37

    Single Parent Hiring Boats

    We rung them up and booked direct.
  10. BB37

    Single Parent Hiring Boats

    We had booked a boat from Richardson's for April, they rung up and said they required 2 adult with children for to satisfy the insurance. So, now booked a different boat with Bridgecraft.
  11. http://www.chilloutsolutions.com/broom-admiral-42/ Is this the one?
  12. BB37

    Times Up / Alphacraft Auction

    Spitfire from Alphacraft has been cleaned by Swancraft. https://www.facebook.com/Swancraft-639053706163756/
  13. BB37

    A Large Load...

    Today we were on the trail of the Hardy 65. It has been built over the last 18 months at North Walsham. It left North Walsham at 9:30, came over Wayford Bridge at 12:00, then it stopped at Stalham, just outside Richardsons at 12:30. It then came over the new Potter Heigham Bridge at 13:40. It was going on to Great Yarmouth where it will be put in the water in a few weeks. The progress was slow as there was a lot of trees overhanging the road, so they had two people on the top with chainsaws. Also power cables were being raised to fit it under.
  14. BB37

    Something New In Hoseasons

    Ruby Tuesday is a Haines Elegance 42 which was finished as a new design in 2012, it has been up for sale since, at NYA. It is a different boat from the Broom Explorer, which can be 42ft or 48ft.
  15. BB37

    Something New In Hoseasons

    When I went to NYA horning last Saturday Ruby Tuesday was there. It will need to be taken down to Brundall soon.

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