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  1. lakesailor

    Someones Been A Busy Barnabee!

    These were great little boats when on Lake Windermere (I used to work hiring them out years ago as a teenager in holidays) and having seen MBA's pics of improving and tidying them up Im definitely going to have a hire of them next time Im down on the broads .
  2. lakesailor

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    It was a tongue in cheek comment due to fact whenever seen the Rascal on BA in passing that the fenders are always up ! But in future I shall keep my observations and thoughts to myself .
  3. lakesailor

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    Standards are slacking on Trixie ... fenders left down :-)
  4. lakesailor

    Emily B

    Got a pretty similar boat here on Lake windermere
  5. Welcome Admiral
  6. lakesailor

    Caledonian Canal

    We have just spend last week up at loch ness caravan site and the boat traffic on the loch was very quiet with just a few cruisers out and about. Definitely recommend as have others to stop at Falkirk and see the wheel and the spectacular Kelpies - try to view them at dusk as they are spectacular all lit up
  7. lakesailor

    Weekend On Broom Captain

    great to be reading holiday tales again - well done great write up :-)
  8. lakesailor

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Thankyou for sharing this whole trip enjoyed watching it all unfold at the time on the tracker. Well done all involved Great video as usual Robin and your honesty has to be admired regarding reasons leaving at Dover
  9. lakesailor

    Where Did The Love Affair Begin?

    Growing up on shores of lake windermere and reading all the Ransome books and spending all weekends and holidays sailing on the lake as a child and often camping on an island or somewhere on the shore in my own little swallows and amazons adventure with friends :-)
  10. lakesailor

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Well done to all involved fantastic effort by you all dam shame about the bridge
  11. lakesailor

    Broads Boating Company Take On Former Alphacraft Yard

    How long till Brundall gets a Pedro's :-)
  12. Just seen the following post on Broads boating company facebook page ..... Exciting news!! We are pleased to let you all know that we have recently got the keys to the former alpha craft site in Brundall, with a big thanks going to James and all at Norfolk yacht agency for working with us. Our plan is to use the facility for our existing fleet maintenance program but also carry on the boat building with a new range of cruisers coming soon! We are looking for a new team of boat builders to work alongside our small team, great rates of pay and benefits are available for the right applicants, if you or you know anyone interested please drop us a quick email with a brief description of capabilities to broadsboating@outlook.com to arrange a chat! Here's to the future!!
  13. lakesailor

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    just seen Robin post on NBN facebook page that Havenbridge is not operational ... more to follow
  14. lakesailor

    Independence Fuel Usage Sweepstake

    my guess is 2136 ltr
  15. lakesailor

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    really enjoying reading this thread and hope the sea trails etc go well

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