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  1. I would like to thank All the team for their "devotion to duty" and helping me (and many others I would guess ) to get my daily "fix" Jeff
  2. Wishing all members and guests a very Happy New Year and hope everyone has a good and healthy one Here's wishing you all you wish yourself Jeff
  3. Here's wishing everyone everything you would wish yourselves and more. Let's all hope that 2021 will let us all forget 2020. Have a pleasant and restful Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Jeff.
  4. They will have to develop batteries that will last for 300-400 miles at least or your journey to and from your holiday destination will probably take longer than your holiday !! Jeff
  5. Could it be that Absolute Freedom has been sold and is going to be totally internally refigured and that is why there are no proper details of an internal layout ? Jeff
  6. I didn't know that Gracie had recorded her version of Santa Baby !!!!!!!!! Jeff
  7. Maybe Clive will see this thread and feel that he should save everyone guessing what is happening and give us the full details. We all know how informative he can be when he wants. Jeff
  8. Just wondering if it's my computer or has anyone else had the same problem. When I try to expand the picture to full screen using the arrows at the top right it does not expand and it reverts to the blank page. Is it just me or does do the same for anyone else????? Jeff
  9. There is another way of looking at it. If it may come in useful one day why get rid of it now and have to buy another new one when you need it? Jeff
  10. To solve the problem of your "substantial meal" going cold why not order a salad and then ask for a doggy bag so you can then convert it to a takeaway !!! Jeff
  11. Griff, can you name all 44 yards shown on your tray? I remember having one of those trays many many years ago but have no idea if it is stashed away in the loft somewhere. Jeff
  12. Sad news indeed. Thoughts go to the family and friends at this time Jeff
  13. My guess is either off Lime Kiln Dyke or off Womak Water Jeff
  14. Could never understand why , if you want to watch a programme on any channel on your hard earned telly you are only allowed to do so if you pay an extortionate amount of money to a company that is not supplying you with what you want It's like saying "if you want a McDonalds you must pay Burger King first !" Jeff
  15. Having had another look at the photo reminds me of the first impressions of the "new look" Ferry Inn at Horning when it first had a change of outside colour scheme a few years ago although that was not as severe as this one. Jeff
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