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  1. Has anyone contacted HW and mentioned it to them? They will not repair it if they don't know it's faulty Jeff
  2. I was told several years ago when Buccaneer boats at Brundall first introduced Willow Lodge that the only way you could introduce a new houseboat to the broads was as a replacement for an existing one. Not sure if this is still the case or whether the BA will now allow additional new ones Jeff
  3. MM, I would have to be so hot I would be melting before I even considered drinking lager. Can't understand why people think it is so wonderful. Give me a proper ENGLISH (if I am allowed to say that) pint of bitter any day Jeff
  4. For me Sky is like Faceache. Never had any interest in paying rip off prices for something that I can quite easily live without Jeff
  5. Has anyone else noticed that they are showing football with recorded crowd noise. Is this so that the blokes kicking a ball across a patch of grass get a reminder of why they are there.......can't do it without instructions !!!!!!!!! Jeff
  6. It seems to me that a lot of people would enjoy an extension to the "voluntary" ban on the use of the "C" word (the one which occurs every December). Could we impose a ban on the use of another "C" word which is more current? Getting bored with statements being made and then being told that it don't mean what you think it means. Jeff
  7. Rumour has it that they have started to put real meat in the burgers !!!!!! Jeff
  8. Magic, thanks Jeff
  9. Maybe , but they applied for the job they have Jeff
  10. The thing that sticks in my mind is the fact that they applied to do that job (nursing, cleaning the wards etc). Not one of them has been FORCED to do it. Jeff
  11. I feel that you may be opening a huge can of worms with such an idea. We will finish up with not enough days in a year by "thanking" bus drivers, postmen, taxi drivers, pizza delivery men, dustmen etc etc etc Jeff
  12. Cannot see a problem with stern on mooring. After all with the design and width of boats you would be further away from other people than some of the "KEY WORKERS" on "clap for something night". Photos in the press and on the TV and social media of these super elite people who should know better virtually holding hands with workmates really amaze me. They are obviously immune. Jeff
  13. I have an idea it could be Rockland Staithe. Jeff
  14. We had a short break booked with Haven which because of this virus had to be cancelled. We were contacted by Haven and were given options of 1) a full refund of all the money we had paid ( we had paid in full) 2) Rearrange our holiday for a later date this year 3) Rearranged our holiday for a date of our choice at a later time For choices 2 and 3 they would hold our cash as payment towards the subsequent holiday We were then informed that if we chose option 2 or 3 we would then receive a £50 voucher to be spent on site during our holiday Who could ask for anything fairer than that? New holiday dates now arranged Jeff
  15. Thank you. Looking forward to many more...........soon I hope. Jeff
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