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  1. Just been promised one being sent out by 1st class post. My local travel agent ordered one for me about 3 weeks ago but it has not arrived yet. A matter of see what happens but don't hold my breath !! Jeff
  2. Thanks for that Marshman I have found it now Jeff
  3. Is anyone else having a problem getting on to this webcam? I just get a message of item not found when I try this week Jeff
  4. There is a site near ludham bridge.. About 5 mins walk from the bridge towards the Dog Inn. Jeff
  5. I am guessing that he was not a newbie and must have been on his own There is no mention of anyone else on board unless they were deaf or unconscious following a very good night in the pub !!!!! Jeff
  6. Was the chap reading an English paper or was it foreign? If it was English was he just looking at the pictures ? It seems to me that he either could not understand English or had a hearing problem OR was he just an inconsiderate ********! Surely if he wanted to "race" the engine at that time in the morning he should have found a wild mooring miles from anyone! Or was it a matter of "I'm on my holiday and will do what I want without a thought for anyone else"........Would he sit in his car outside his house at that time of day revving the engine for half an hour? Jeff
  7. It is such a shame that there is not a son/daughter or grandchild who is willing and able to carry on the business in the manner it has been run over the years. Jeff
  8. I remember the days when the old chap would come round in his green punt and ask for the mooring fee (" Half a crown for your mooring please" ) For the younger members that was 2 shillings and 6 pence , equivalent to twelve and a half pence. Jeff
  9. I am sure I heard somewhere that there is to be a cycle race passing through Wroxham > I think it was at the end of June but not certain of the actual date. Jeff
  10. I am confused. How can you charge over the odds for a 4 berth boat and then say it will not go under many of the bridges and by the way you can't go down one third of the rivers in the system? Jeff
  11. Pleased to see that you enjoy "God's own country" Robin How did you like driving in proper open countryside? Jeff
  12. We have a boat booked with Richardsons for September but it is still shown as available on their site. I checked this with them and the reason I was given was that there are three boats in that class and not all of them are booked for the date we have booked so another boat of the same class is still available. Jeff
  13. Why is it that these "experts" that do all the shouting and horn blowing and NEVER do anything wrong are always in such a hurry that they cannot slow down for a second ,...wait for a second ......and then carry on with NORMAL blood pressure? After all you are on holiday so take it easy and ENJOY yourself Jeff
  14. It seems quite simple to me. Finance dept says "Let's set the prices for next year.......When are the school holidays and bank holidays so we can charge extra for those weeks? Oh look , Easter is late next year so we may not be very busy before then. Let's make those early weeks more tempting by making the prices as low as we can making sure we still make money. This means that we will have to add a bit more on to the 'always popular weeks. Sorted !!!!! We will hopefully get plenty of early bookings and will not have to try selling discounted weeks. Jeff
  15. Just shows that nowadays people do not have the same sense of "adventure" and certainly don't know how to "enjoy" it ! Thanks for bringing back a lot of memories Jeff
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