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  1. I have never heard anything but praise for the excellent turnout of the boats from Silverline. Maybe part of the reason for this is the fact that they do not encourage taking dogs on board. I think that the yards that do allow dogs on board usually say that the dog should be kept OFF the seats and beds but watching some of the videos posted on here and youtube shows that a lot of people don't take any notice of this condition. A few weeks ago whilst moored at Ranworth the crew of a boat from Barnes Brinkcraft seemed quite proud of the fact that their 2 dogs had jumped up on to the bed and slept there all night. I am a dog owner myself but would not dream of allowing my dog to do anything like that. Jeff
  2. I went over Sutton bridge this afternoon and there was no sign of any work being done. There are some signs about saying that there is work to be done but nothing happening today. When we went west to east last Monday we were held up for about 10 minutes. That was mid to late morning. Hope this is helpful. Jeff
  3. Just wondering if anyone has an update on Sutton Bridge planned roadworks. We are due to travel down on 30th Sept. Is it likely to be a good idea to divert via Wisbech and Downham Market ? Coming down from Humber bridge area Jeff
  4. They would need the emergency services standing by just in case !!!!! Broken finger nails can be very painful and life threatening Jeff
  5. hI Grendel, Just tried to print the logo page and it works a treat !!!! Thanks very much. (just got to find my laminator now) Jeff
  6. Sad news indeed. Not only the river that will miss him but also many hundreds of customers and the New Inn will definitely miss him. A true gent who I have never seen in anything but a happy mood Hope he has a long and happy "retirement" Jeff
  7. Thanks Mike. Just got to play with it and then get my laminator out Jeff
  8. Is there any way I can print out a copy of the NBN logo onto A4 ? I am going to be afloat in 3 weeks time and would like to be able to display the logo in the windows of the boat. Thanks for any help, Jeff
  9. Thinking of where you saw that duvet remnant Stumpy I wonder if it came from the semi-submerged old houseboat that was a little further upstream !??? Jeff
  10. Just had a closer look at the photos.......I didn't know that the rangers were allowed to use "company transport" when they go on a week or weekend camping break !*!*! lol Jeff
  11. I wonder if the black and yellow tape is an attempt to stop anyone from using the mooring. After all it would seriously effect the view on a lovely peaceful stretch of water !!! Jeff
  12. Was just thinking it could be down south as the boat on far right looks a bit like Super Wings from Wingline at Brundall Jeff
  13. My first thought is just upstream from Ludham bridge Jeff
  14. Just been watching the distant storm brewing on HW webcams. Fascinating !!!! JEFF
  15. Is it recommended that you should avoid fishing in these areas and to wash hands thoroughly if you have touched anything which has been in the affected areas of water i.e. mooring lines etc.? Jeff
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