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  1. I have contacted Bridgecraft and the gentleman there has said he will keep a look out for it. He will also have a look in the wetshed to see if it is in there. Hope he has more luck than RSPCA Jeff
  2. I've just been looking at some of the available webcams and found the new one at Herbert Woods. I find this one very interesting as you get a good view of all the area and not just a set location. Full marks to HW !! Anyone else found it yet? Jeff
  3. jeffbroadslover

    Web Cam

    Just been having a look at the HW webcam.........it looks a bit like an extension to Porter & Haylett's yard Jeff
  4. Fantastic photo Simon. Would look good on next years calendar Jeff
  5. Oh dear J I did not realise you were a dreamer Jeff
  6. SWMBO has just added this to our "Must Visit" list !!!!! Jeff
  7. Don't know why but I am thinking of Rockland Staithe prior to the moorings being extended. Jeff
  8. That's why I have no idea of what's happening as I have never used faceache and have no intention of starting now or any time in the future. Jeff
  9. Wondering if anyone has any recent information regarding the progress (or not) of the new sedan being built at Richardsons. In view of the recent purchases from NBD is it progressing or has it been shelved for the time being? Jeff
  10. Lovely to see that you are back again Gracie. You have been greatly missed. We are going to get back to normality now. Jeff
  11. I am amazed !!!!!!! I have received the new brochure as promised. Took only 24 hours !!!! Jeff
  12. Just been promised one being sent out by 1st class post. My local travel agent ordered one for me about 3 weeks ago but it has not arrived yet. A matter of see what happens but don't hold my breath !! Jeff
  13. Thanks for that Marshman I have found it now Jeff
  14. Is anyone else having a problem getting on to this webcam? I just get a message of item not found when I try this week Jeff
  15. There is a site near ludham bridge.. About 5 mins walk from the bridge towards the Dog Inn. Jeff
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