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  1. jeffbroadslover

    It Is With Regret That I Have To Inform You Of Tan's Passing

    Alan, I was so shocked to hear your sad news. My thoughts are with you. Jeff
  2. jeffbroadslover

    Hoseasons Brochure Is No More

    Clive, I have a copy of your 2019 brochure and find the information in there is extremely useful even as a seasoned hirer ( over 50years ). It must be VERY helpful for first timers. Please carry on producing them every year. Jeff
  3. jeffbroadslover

    Hoseasons Brochure Is No More

    Just had a look at Hoseasons site and all brochures are available to order with the exception of the boating one. Are they dropping the boating holidays but don't want to tell anyone??? Jeff
  4. jeffbroadslover

    Missing Flag Poles

    Has anyone got any idea what happened to the flagpole/s outside the pilot's office at Potter? I would check them on HW's webcam to get an idea of how windy it was and what direction it was blowing. Jeff
  5. jeffbroadslover

    New Boat From Herbert Woods

    I notice that Richardsons have mentioned Thorpe railway bridges. Can't say that I have seen them mentioned anywhere else. Jeff
  6. jeffbroadslover

    Houseboat Sinks.

    Is this the one that at one time was moored in the basin now redeveloped next to BB in Wroxham? Jeff
  7. jeffbroadslover

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Well done Robin ! Have you ordered the blue fendoffs for each corner of the car ? Jeff
  8. jeffbroadslover

    Rip John Wilson

    Very sad news. I have enjoyed many hours watching and learning from John. Jeff
  9. jeffbroadslover

    BA In Planning Dispute

    If the cladding is replaced with wood in line with the BA's instructions will they cover the cost of replacing it when it rots in years to come? I suggest that the planning committee ( or 5 of them at least ) pay a visit to Specsavers. Might help them see sense. Jeff
  10. jeffbroadslover

    BA Get It Right!!

    Fancy investing in this piece of kit just before bonfire night ! Jeff
  11. jeffbroadslover

    Fair Marquess - Under Starters Orders For 2019

    Early in this thread it says that these "floating boxes" are what the hirer wants. I wonder how many hirers have been asked "What would you like in a new boat"? I know that I have never been asked. Jeff
  12. jeffbroadslover

    Griff's Wedding Anniversary Today!!

    You can tell he's a true Yorkshireman.............Built to last !!!!!!! Congrats Griff and Mrs Griff Jeff ( another true Yorkshireman)
  13. jeffbroadslover


    Thanks for the update Jay. Next time you are in touch with Gracie please pass on my kindest regards. I hope (along with many others on here) that her dad is soon fit enough to get her sorted out herself. Hopefully he enjoys a challenge. Jeff
  14. jeffbroadslover

    Wroxham Angling

    If Wroxham is left without a tackle shop I can imagine the size of the queue at the maggot machine on a busy Saturday in mid summer!!! That is assuming that it still has some stock left in it !!!! Jeff
  15. jeffbroadslover

    Robert John Richardson

    Sincere condolences to the whole family and all the crew members . A true gentleman will be deeply missed. Jeff

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