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  1. jeffbroadslover

    Where Might 2?

    Anywhere you might be on the broads !!!!!! Jeff
  2. jeffbroadslover

    Old Broads Boats

    Robin, Did you supply the blue fender? lol Jeff
  3. jeffbroadslover

    What Might We Reasonably Expect Of Nbn?

    Never been interested in using on Faceache and cannot see me ever wanting to. Too much bitching going on. Jeff
  4. jeffbroadslover

    I Hate.....

    All this makes me wonder why do English teachers get paid so much for NOT doing their job properly? Jeff
  5. jeffbroadslover

    Heatwave, I Wish It Would Cool Down And Rain Soon.

    Just to keep everyone up to date we have just had to close our windows cos it's STARTED RAINING !!! Jeff
  6. jeffbroadslover

    Fine Gem

    Thanks Vaughan I have already looked at Ultimate and the layout did not suit our needs Jeff
  7. jeffbroadslover

    Fine Gem

    Looking at hiring Fine Gem for next year's hols. I was wondering if anyone has hired her and if so what was it like and have you any photos different to the ones on line? Thanks in anticipation. Jeff
  8. jeffbroadslover

    Where Was This Taken?

    Looks to me as if St. Benets is hidden behind a tree Jeff
  9. jeffbroadslover

    Dare To Dream?

    Well Griff, it looks like Yorkshire ( under the assumed name of England) taking on the world. And us Yorkshire folk cannot do wrong...... coming from God's Country !!!!! Jeff
  10. jeffbroadslover

    Water Spraying Trial Somerleyton

    It sounds like the weather is only going to be hot at the weekends . They are only going to pump water on to the rails on the weekends ?????? Jeff
  11. jeffbroadslover

    England V Panama

    waiting to see what happens when they get some proper opposition Jeff
  12. jeffbroadslover

    Acle Bridge Vanity Project

    I would like to see the response if a private individual were to submit any of these three designs as a request for planning permission for a private dwelling !!! Jeff
  13. jeffbroadslover

    Acle Bridge Vanity Project

    It amazes me that architects seem to think that everyone wants any new building to look like it belongs in Startrek. Why can't they design something that looks like it "belongs" in the area it is to be built in.... i.e. The Broads ??? The answer may be that they feel there is a lack of proper craftsmen who can create a proper broads style and actually build it. Jeff
  14. jeffbroadslover

    The Sun Setting, But Where?

    river Bure near Cockshoot dyke
  15. jeffbroadslover

    King Kong

    Looks like someone has been monkeying around big style. Jeff

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