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  1. My favourite mooring on the broads is always the next one I am going to Jeff
  2. So sad to hear this news. My thoughts are with his family Jeff
  3. Snap. My first week on the broads was on Gala Girl (Summercraft) in August 1984. Since then there has been the odd year now and again when I have not managed to visit Jeff
  4. Maybe the next thing that Mr Johnson and his cabinet of experts will come up with will be that all new houses will have to be fitted with built-in charging points at no additional cost to the buyer. Also anyone living in a house already built will have a charging point provided free gratis !!! There would also have to be guaranteed maximum charges for the power. Jeff
  5. I would have thought it was very easy and not complicated to not click on anything that you don't want to read about. Jeff
  6. We've just had a phone call to tell us that the breakdown insurance we have for our washing machine has expired and that they could renew it if my wife gave them her bank account details over the phone !!!!!!!!! They said that they were ringing from Domestic & General but when my wife said that our insurance was not due to expire they promptly put the phone down. My wife rang D & G and was told that this would be reported to their fraud department and praised my wife for not giving any information Jeff
  7. A Happy and Healthy New Year to all Wishing you all what you wish for yourselves Jeff
  8. Seasons greetings to everyone. Hope you all have a wonderful time and get whatever you would like. Enjoy a drink if you fancy one but don't go overboard Jeff
  9. For anyone interested I have just found out that Swallows and Amazons is on BBC2 now Jeff
  10. wouldn't you think there could have been a warning light on the dashboard to tell you the car was about to explode Jeff
  11. I've just spent over 30 minutes reading through this thread with no mention of the subject in the title. Do we seem to have deviated away from the original post? Jeff
  12. You should have put them in the filing tray under "X" Jeff
  13. Maybe they had grown bigger and can no longer get under "that" bridge !! Jeff
  14. Wish I could be as fortunate as you !!! Jeff
  15. Is there any chance of getting them to change it back again ? !!! Jeff
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