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  1. Sad news indeed. Thoughts go to the family and friends at this time Jeff
  2. My guess is either off Lime Kiln Dyke or off Womak Water Jeff
  3. Could never understand why , if you want to watch a programme on any channel on your hard earned telly you are only allowed to do so if you pay an extortionate amount of money to a company that is not supplying you with what you want It's like saying "if you want a McDonalds you must pay Burger King first !" Jeff
  4. Having had another look at the photo reminds me of the first impressions of the "new look" Ferry Inn at Horning when it first had a change of outside colour scheme a few years ago although that was not as severe as this one. Jeff
  5. Having read the report at the link given by Bluesman54 back in July I think it does apply Jeff
  6. Looks like it belongs at Alton Towers or Legoland Jeff
  7. Sounds like a very easy way to lose a lot of future bookings. Goes to show that Hoseasons is nothing like the company many of us know from many many years ago. Jeff
  8. How many of those 12 million schoolkids are wearing masks in shops? How many of those 12 million schoolkids are required to take any precautions against catching or passing on a man made virus which is blamed for everything that happens? Jeff
  9. I feel really sorry for you having to stay in Norfolk for an extra week! You must feel terrible at the thought of having a full month in such a lovely place. lol Jeff
  10. Anybody got any information about where the boat was from and what was the cause of the sinking? Jeff
  11. If you are going down to Horning then Boulters or Southgates are about the cheapest I believe. Jeff
  12. It only takes 15 mins to walk to the pub if you do it at a brisk trot !!!! lol Jeff
  13. Now that everyone seems to have finished bitching about everyone else does anyone have any up to date information about the real subject of this thread........THE BERNEY ARMS? Jeff
  14. I wonder if there would be any legal repercussions if the boatyards were to put an entry in their "skippers handbook" telling hirers they must not moor outside a certain establishment on the southern rivers. They can tell you not to go through certain bridges without a pilot and to go round a yellow post at Gt. Yarmouth so why not "DO NOT MOOR HERE YOU ARE NOT WELCOME" ?????? Jeff
  15. I cannot understand why the noise factor is seen as such a huge problem. Some years ago I worked for the local council and remember having to visit establishments which had entertainment licences. some of these establishments had restrictions placed on the licence regarding the time when the playing of music ( live or recorded) had to cease and some even had restrictions re the level of the noise allowed . This involved the fitting of equipment which monitored the noise level and if it got above the permitted level it automatically switched off the speakers for 5 minutes Could t
  16. Can't understand why anyone would want anything "fast" anywhere near the slow, rambling, very peaceful and relaxing Norfolk Broads Jeff
  17. It amazes me that it has taken so long for the government to decide that everyone should be wearing a mask or alternative face covering. Very easy to sit in an ivory tower and decide that this is what everyone should do. It would be easier for me to accept if the government official who decided this would be the latest requirement also said that everyone would be supplied with masks so that we could carry out the latest (very late) idea. As a pensioner whose wife is disabled and under "house arrest" we have not had any sort of help either practical or financial at all but we are exp
  18. Hi Tony and welcome Do give us some info on yourself ( location, have you been on the Broads often, likes & dislikes etc) Jeff
  19. Has anyone contacted HW and mentioned it to them? They will not repair it if they don't know it's faulty Jeff
  20. I was told several years ago when Buccaneer boats at Brundall first introduced Willow Lodge that the only way you could introduce a new houseboat to the broads was as a replacement for an existing one. Not sure if this is still the case or whether the BA will now allow additional new ones Jeff
  21. MM, I would have to be so hot I would be melting before I even considered drinking lager. Can't understand why people think it is so wonderful. Give me a proper ENGLISH (if I am allowed to say that) pint of bitter any day Jeff
  22. For me Sky is like Faceache. Never had any interest in paying rip off prices for something that I can quite easily live without Jeff
  23. Has anyone else noticed that they are showing football with recorded crowd noise. Is this so that the blokes kicking a ball across a patch of grass get a reminder of why they are there.......can't do it without instructions !!!!!!!!! Jeff
  24. It seems to me that a lot of people would enjoy an extension to the "voluntary" ban on the use of the "C" word (the one which occurs every December). Could we impose a ban on the use of another "C" word which is more current? Getting bored with statements being made and then being told that it don't mean what you think it means. Jeff
  25. Rumour has it that they have started to put real meat in the burgers !!!!!! Jeff
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