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    Lads Week

    Great photos. Can you tell me when you moored at Geldeston (village) are there posts or is it rhond anchors ? Cheers John

    Locks Inn

    What a shame The Locks Inn is going to be closed for maintenance when we usually head down there on 20th / 21st Oct. It is usually the highlight of our week having the Sunday afternoon in a great atmosphere with musicians doing their own thing while we have a few jars. We have been visiting the Locks for many years....hope it doesn't change too much if at all.

    Beccles Quay Returned To The Town After 44 Years

    I hope the lads that work in the yacht station will be staying, I have always found them to be helpful and friendly.

    Petite Magnum

    Great memories of holidays on this boat sitting out on the aft deck watching the sunset with a glass or two. Looks like she could do with a bit of TLC but not looking bad for an old girl. I still think there would be a call for this design in a few modern Broads boats. I for one would look to hire something similar.

    I Want A Sign

    Years ago I can remember approaching Norwich and we crept over the speed limit inadvertently, a river police launch was coming towards us and he held up a sign about the size of a tennis racquet that said 'SLOW DOWN' then as we got closer he turned it round and it said 'THANK YOU' ...I thought that was brilliant

    Petite Magnum

    We used to hire this boat from Easticks many years ago, fond memories. I remember it was one of the first hire boats to have a video player and you got to choose 4 films from their library. she had a spacious forward cabin / lounge and a double 4 poster ! cabin. The main attraction for us was the rear open deck with table and chairs to sit out and have meals and a few sundowners...ah the memories. Just wondered with all the new builds going for sleek looks and all the mod cons whether something like dear old Petite Magnum's layout would be popular today ? ........
  7. Sorry there has to be a better way to fund moorings so we can keep the charm of the Broads that we all love surely the answer is not PARKING METERS lining our beloved waterway. THEY JUST DON'T LOOK RIGHT !
  8. Please no.... http://www.edp24.co.uk/business/parking-ticket-machine-on-broads-mooring-causes-stir-amongst-boaters-1-5211488

    Geldeston Moorings

    Thanks Griff we will definitely make that one of our overnights next time we hire. We love that stretch of the Broads and we had a great Sunday afternoon at the Locks there was a great band playing (The Gutterboys) and the atmosphere and beer made it another memorable days on our wonderful Broads!. John

    Geldeston Moorings

    Having moored at the Locks quite a few times over the years I just wondered are there any mooring for hire boats at Geldeston village. Are you able to moor after the Cut / Bridge to get to the Wherry pub ? I seem to remember years ago rhond anchoring to the bank just before the Cut / Bridge but this year we had a look and it is too overgrown to moor against that bank. Thanks for any advice. John

    Broads & Technology

    Just thinking about technology and the Broads.... Who can remember the blackboards that were placed at the junctions of the main rivers that were used to leave emergency messages for boaters to phone home. I think they must have been operated by the Broads rangers (bit like baby crying in chalet 234 ! ). John


    The dreaded red stripy "official tape / ribbon" we saw quite a bit of it out and about last week !!


    We were at Cockshoot when these signs and tape were put up...

    The Dog at Ludham

    Thanks for the update Nog,

    The Dog at Ludham

    Hi all can anyone give me an update on the Dog , as I thought I read somewhere that it may be changing hands ? Thanks John

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