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  1. Hi I had a 20ft last year which I kept at Coltishaw. I think I was paying around £550 for 12 months but there were no facilities but it was more than sufficient for what I needed. I belive that if you were looking at somewhere more central like Ranworth or Horning then you could easily be looking at double that figure.
  2. See this is my other issue.... My employer doesn’t want people cancelling annual leave. I work food can manufacturing with approx 200 employees. Like you said they don’t want everyone being off later in the year and people cramming their holidays in.
  3. So if there was to be a total lockdown as I have heard there is a good chance then what. I can’t defy government advice. I think it will just sit tight and see what happens over the next 5 or 6 weeks. We didn’t have a holiday last year due to my wife having to have a back operation which is why we are looking forward to it so much. What will be will be I guess.
  4. I have 25 days holiday a year. I have a 10 day holiday booked in Scotland next year and if I change my Broads holiday to next year aswell that would total 20 days. We have to keep 5 days for a shutdown at Christmas. This would leave me with days left for the year.
  5. My other issue is next year we have a motorhome booked for 10 days to do the NC500 around the very North of Scotland. I might not have enough holiday to do this and have 10 days on a boat. Decisions Decisions. 😞
  6. I have spoken to the boatyard and they have said they are open as normal and don’t plan to close. They have said we can change the date to later this year or next for no extra cost. I don’t really want to but public health is more important
  7. We are a couple in our 40’s and have a boat booked for 10 days from middle of May and I really don’t know what to do for the best. Apart from going to work we haven’t been out the house for a week and intend to continue to follow the government’s advice. We have been looking forward to our holiday for a long time. If we go we would cook on board for the duration and wouldn’t really have any contact with anyone. For me it would be perfect isolation. Should I change the booking or still go as planned? What are peoples thoughts. I appreciate the decision could be taken out of our hands by May!!
  8. Well it says £35 no vat.
  9. I have just purchased a 17ft CJR boat and looking for somewhere to keep it on the Northern Rivers. Im not to fussy as it is basically a day boat. I have been told Ranworth Island is around £35 per foot. I was going to contact Whispering Reeds at Hickling. Just need something cheap & cheerful
  10. Where are the other Webcams. I know theres one at Wroxham & Potter Heigham.
  11. Are the public moorings just the ones at the bottom on the left by the benches?
  12. Thats reassured me, Im going to give it a crack! Thanks
  13. Thanks Id appreciate that
  14. Is there anywhere to pullbover at all if you meet another boat or could I end up reversing half the length of the Dyke?
  15. Ive have hired boats on the broads for the last 5 or 6 years and have never been to the White Horse as I have been abit wary of Upton Dyke as it is supposedly very narrow. Its one of the few places ive not been to but want to. Can anyone tell me how long the Dyke is and would you advise not to go down there unless very experienced and confident. Thanks in advance Steve
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