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  1. Paws

    Boat Names

    We call ours paws away as we take two dogs with us
  2. Paws

    A (sort Of) Voyage Of Discovery

    You could use the a17 from Peterborough to Spalding the on to kingslynn on the a47 from Spalding to Horning takes us two hours
  3. Paws

    New Boat From Herbert Woods

    We have all that too wouldn't be with out paws
  4. Paws

    Web Cam

    Does anyone know when Barnes brinkcraft web cam will be back please
  5. Paws

    New Boat

    We are looking to change our boat which ones have the engine under the back deck we would also like a shower over a bath or not in the loo not bigger then 40 ft two beds would do thank you paws
  6. Paws

    Mid 70s Bounty Hull Help And Advice Please

    We had no problems just shop around get the gas checked as you go look in caravan shops if you are lineing the bottom with carpet get the shop to cut it height and length it is easier to handle it's so much fun I would love to do it again
  7. Paws

    Mid 70s Bounty Hull Help And Advice Please

    We have a bounty37 we had it all painted in two tone it cost £7500 3years ago then new ropes fenders etc inside new kitchen plus oven hob fridge work tops and loo new curtains painted all the inside wood new mattresses new carpets in all we spent about £15000.00 we loved doing it all we got the kitchen from b&q hob etc from midland chandler its cheaper in the canal shop and you get 10per sent off if you spend £1000.00 in one go then the same for the next 6 months go for it we use ours every other week it's the same age as yours
  8. Paws


    Yes they are the ones we just wanted to know if they would be alright thank you paws
  9. Paws


    Dose anyone know any thing about bureside mooring at oby we are thinking of moving there from Horning thank you paws
  10. Paws

    12v Table Lamp

    You can get 12volt bulbs from boulters marine they are also called bus bulbs just buy a normal lamp
  11. Paws


    Yes we have about two weeks ag at south walsham at the moorings in the morning and again in the evening
  12. Paws

    Silverline Wisper

    We have a caravan most of the big sites make you pay for dogs so we don't use them I don't see what you get for £40.00per week when lts my van apart from some water yours paws
  13. Paws

    Afloat This Weekend!

    Yes they do by the tills we are on the boat as well after we have been to Horning show have a lovely time
  14. Paws

    And Our Survey Says

    My son is looking for a boat can you give me any details please paws
  15. Paws


    I wish it would be that price it will work out to £1885-00 i think paws

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