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  1. We had experience of double mooring with out asking at Stokesby a few years ago. We had had a meal in the pub and when we came out a hire boat had tied up to our friend's boat. He asked the occupants to move elsewhere and received a load of abuse in reply. He than informed them that we would be departing at 00.5 am and they reluctantly moved off with more abuse hurled at us. Carole
  2. Had a very busy day today. the family came for lunch. Daughter, son-in-law, Granddaughter no. 1 Granddaughter no. 2 and her boyfriend, who we met for the first time today. Lovely lad we thoroughly approve!. Lots of food consumed and wine of course . A walk over the park with the 2 dogs they brought with them. It was good to see my son-in- law looking so well having just recovered from pneumonia, I've told him if he worries me like that again I'll clip his ear! They've all all just left for the drive home to London. We thoroughly enjoyed our day. |It wouldn't have happened when we had the boat as we wouldn't have been here at this time of the year and in this lovely weather. Carole
  3. We used to moor at Ely marina prior to moving to the Broads and during the latter part of our time there the fairly new owner of the marina deemed it a good idea to allow a new paddle boarding enterprise which was independent of the marina to use the estuary from the main river Gt. Ouse into the marina basin as a paddle boarding area. This was so dangerous, particularly when approaching the basin from up stream as you had to turn sharp right round narrow boats moored 3 abreast on the corner of the estuary thus you didn't have sight of the estuary until you were virtually entering it. On the first occasion we encountered this situation being totally unaware of the arrangement, we found ourselves having just entered the estuary faced with 3 paddle boarders scattered in front of us plus one in the water. It was a very windy day and if we hadn't had thrusters both ends of our boat the outcome could have been very different. When we pointed out the perils to the chap running the show he shrugged and told us that all we had to do was put our brakes on! Now why didn't we think of that! Carole
  4. Sometime back we were between houses waiting for the building of our new house to be completed and having sold our existing one - we didn't have a boat in those days, so, needing somewhere to live we "borrowed" a house from a Farmer friend of ours who luckily had one vacant just when we needed it. It stood looking over a 100 acre field . On the day we moved in the farmer came over to us as we were unloading the van and imparted the glad tidings that,, to his intense amusement he had a schedule that day that included "dressing" the field with goodness how much pig manure. It was a hot August day and even though the house was like an oven the windows remained firmly closed! Carole
  5. Lovely pics Sam. Glad you are having such a restful few days. How I miss days like that. But all is not lost perhaps as Tony is now thinking that if we get a smaller, less onerous to care for, boat and wherever we choose for a permanent mooring there is a decent boat cleaning company then maybe we have a few more boating years left,. I think our day at Brundall marina last week was so enjoyable It caused him to do a rethink. I'm ecstatic. All we have to do now is find a buyer for Hot Gossip. Carole i
  6. Thank you Ray Carole
  7. Well yesterday was a very mixed bag it started well enough, my son-in-law had been suffering from particularly unpleasant flu-like symptoms for a week with high tempertature etc., so one obviously thinks the worst could it be covid? He went to get tested and when the result didn't arrive within the promised time frame and he chased it it seems they had lost all record of him! So he went on line,filled out a form and was given the advice to report to A and E within 1 hour! after various tests he was declared covid free - phew.It seems he has a very severe lung infection, nasty but not as dire as covid can prove to be. My daughter phoned with the news just as we were, leaving to go to visit friends on their boat at Brundall Bay Marina. We had a really lovely day spending time with them and seeing various old friends from our time mooring there. We arrived home about 10.30pm having had a really super day - the best for many months,to find a letter that had arrived after we'd left telling us the very sad news of the death of a very dear friend from our boating days at Ely marina. So the day didn't end nearly so well as it had started. Carole
  8. I too remember it well, having been self employed for most of my adult life, It wasn't the tax bill that used to hack me off - I used to take the view that if I'd earned the money then it was fair enough. What used to really annoy me was the bill for national insurance for my employees. Carole
  9. Had a friend who was very into clay pigeon shooting in fact back in the nineties was Berkshire county champion. He had a lovely golden Labrador bitch named appropriately Purdey Carole
  10. What a lovely story and what a gorgeous little chap is Syd! Well done for your rescue mission. My big canine passion was a Cocker Spaniel tricolour called Toby. We had him for 13 years and although he's been gone for many many years I miss him still. Carole
  11. Having run a pet shop in N. London for a very happy 15 years we have heard myriad sad stories that were all too often the result of buying a puppy from a non reliable source. The advice I would give is never buy a puppy if the mother is not able to be seen and verified, never buy from a pet shop (we never sold puppies), Where possible check the breeder's provenance with the Kennel Club and make sure that all relevant inoculations are in place. After you've done all that you should be able to look forward to many years of love from your chosen pet. Carole
  12. regarding fishermen and their very long rods I've often wondered why they don't get a shorter rod and fish from the other side .. Carole
  13. If your pensioner neighbour appears to be doing very well it's probably because they have lived their working life in a manner conducive to not having to live our their retirement in reduced circumstances - are they to be penalised for that? Carole
  14. Te first and only time we hired a boat was on the Canal du Midi in 2006. I had finished 6 months of chemo 3 months before our departure date and my hair had started to grow sufficiently for me to leave my wig off. To my horror it had started to come through curly! But in the absence of a hairdryer on the boat, it was an advantage.Fortunately, the curls were temporary but they were there just when i needed them with with blow drying not an option on the boat. Carole
  15. Oh joyful day as today I didn't need to use my hairdryer as MY HAIRDRESSER CAME! and she brings her own. I don't remember being so pleased to receive a visitor for a very long time. In fact I feel quite light headed Carole
  16. I had one of those dryers - absolutely useless it was quicker to stick your head out the window while cruising! Carole
  17. My daughter actually sells through Amazon therefore is very au fait with their working practices and tells me that Amazon definitely do not ever phone you. Carole
  18. Got another call yesterday purporting to be from Amazon joining me to their prime scheme I put the phone down after about 3 seconds of listening to the recording, Checked my account and it's still saying I am not enrolled in the Prime Scheme. The odd thing is that each time I have received one of these calls I have had a parcel delivered from Amazon that same day. Not a coincidence I think. Carole
  19. Yes I'm sure this was the case, If you had heard the load of tosh he gave me by way of explaining the noise you wouldn't have believed it and of course I didn't! Carole
  20. Some years ago a very nice person or persons smashed my offside front window presumably to access the car phone that had already been removed. I called the company referred to to get it repaired. They sent a young chap to the house to carry out the job. He was full of the chat and when he announced he had finished and was about to leave I tried the electric window to see if it worked alright. It did but accompanied by much crunching and grinding. | pointed out this and said it wouldn't do. Oh said flash Harry, that's not ,my fault it's because these cars with electric windows develop this problem when they get old. The car concerned was an 18 months old Jaguar XJS.! I replied Well is that so? You'd better be on your way then. I then phoned the office and very succinctly asked them to explain why they had sent such an unsuitable operative to work on my car. So succinct was I that the area director accompanied by the depot manager arrived half and hour later and carried out the job properly. Carole
  21. Back in the 70s a choreographer friend of mine was working with Dame Vera on a tv series she was doing and when his wife went into hospital to have her baby Dame Vera sent the most beautiful flower arrangement and card to the hospital. She was apparently a dream to work with. RIP indeed. Carole
  22. The person who advised me that it was called the Old barns has sent me a pm saying they were mistaken and that it was called the old Beams after all. I don't suppose it matters really after all " a rose by any other name" etc. Carole
  23. Apparently neither I am now informed that in fact it was called The Old Barns. Carole
  24. It was only in recent years that it was called the Lavender House. It used to be called The Old timbers and back in the day I'm told it used to be popular with the various show business personalities appearing for the Summer season in Gt. Yarmouth. In recent years The Lavender House closed and a somewhat indifferent Indian Restaurant opened. Which has now become an Italian it seems. Carole
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