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  1. On the other hand. We've lived on ours for the last 19 years and have not become bored yet. Still lots to see and do. It all comes down to what rocks your boat really. Colin
  2. Hi Steve, if you are keeping your place in Waltham, continue to have post delivered there and remain on the electoral roll then I don't see you will have a problem with the boatyards. Just explain you will be spending a lot of time on your boat as semi retired. Colin
  3. Hi Robin, so how much did you spend in Halfords this afternoon. I saw you folding the roof back on the silk just as I was passing the entrance. I would have stopped if I could but someone too close behind to brake and swerve in . I hope you enjoy your Merc as much as I have done. We have only had estates as I quite often need the roof bars for sheets of ply etc. Maybe we get to meet another day. I don't know if the SLK is similar to the C class but the cabin air filter only requires 2 Spring clips to remove the cover and the filter just lifts out, at this point the fan is easily visible. Careful spray of WD40 to the top bearing of the motor may just quieten the motor for a while. The other option is have the top down and turn the bl00dy thing off . Colin
  4. At least, Paul, that would be inside budget and being nearly all recycled materials, much greener than the proposed structure. Colin
  5. That's why you should never moan about over packaging . As you can imagine, getting these people to deliver to the island is a nightmare. You get one of them trained then they change jobs or they move them to a different round. We now have everything sent click and collect if possible and we will even pay a little more for an item from suppliers that use this service. It's much easier to pop into sainsburys to collect at our convenience than wait in all day. I hope your packages were OK after their double trip. Colin
  6. Have just looked at webcam. Bow line looks to have come away. Holding on the spring only. Colin
  7. Mark. Not as extreme as you think. There could be four of us wishing to share 50 ft (25ft either side of the ladder). The mooring will need a few more posts or just rings so that all boats can be moored for n aft. Not rocket science. Thanks for the offer to moor but the idea is not to have to motor to the other end of the green or lug shopping that far. It will be interesting when Pub and Paddle start hiring again as they always have to be told to leave the ladders clear. Blue, I've always like blue. The point of the tatty looking dinghies is that no one wants to nick them. A Catch 22 as far as the council is concerned. Nice dinghies are stolen. Colin
  8. Hi Mark. I wasn't sure as to the present situation but it doesn't surprise me that things move so slowly. I have not as yet approached them over renting a space next to the ladder near us otherwise it will mean taking our dinghy down to your end of the green and then walk back to the church end to get our car. This may not sound like too much of an inconvenience to some but with Ruth having arthritis and my back not going to get any better that is a long trip in wet and freezing weather. Should they come up with a sensible contract and statement of their obligations to the leaseholder I may sign on the dotted line. That's if my dinghy is pretty enough, if not I think I'll paint it blue with pink spots. Red with black spots seem OK . As you know, there are likely to be security issues with boats left overnight, especially at the weekends and a webcam with recording is of no use to the west end of the green, in fact I see the webcam as nothing more than a PR exercise. Colin p.s. When will you bring your fleet back this year.
  9. I don't think we will see the webcam until the conversion of the Ladies into an 'Information Centre' has been completed. They haven't even started on it yet. By the way, the Gents will become a unisex so the Ladies won't have to wait till they get home . Don't hold your breath on this, we talking local council here. Colin
  10. Hi Andrew, the old bylaws are still being used, I.e. Stay 24 hr with no return for 24 hr. The new bylaws are still being rubber stamped as far as I know but boat reg numbers are being taken twice a day even at weekends. Time will tell if they ever get their private mooring scheme off the ground. Colin
  11. Ok, I'll live with the increase ( what choice do I have other than removing the boats from the broads to somewhere more costly ), it's not much above inflation and a least the workers are going to get their pay rise. I did think that Broad Sheet was a bit skinny for my £800+ toll this year. I would like to hear more about improved moorings and that the work at Hicking will be more than 'hopeful' for the boats that use it. We are too big to get there but have friends that sail there a lot. The only thing I found disappointing is the proposed campaign over having the correct markings on your boat. I.e. size and location. Not long ago the ranger only needed to see the colour of your toll disk to know if you had paid. Now they have to read your registration number and then check on a website to confirm this, all because a printer used the wrong ink one year. I liked the old toll disk and I'm sure it's cost was vectored into the toll charged. Well, that's my annual moan about tolls over for this year . Anyone else want to have a go. Colin
  12. Here's a simplified version of what you should have. The chances are you have an accumulator tank somewhere but may be isolated. Possibly because the diaphragm in it has perished and adds a funny taste to the water. Colin P.S. Whoops, just got home. Had forgotten to add image
  13. Hi Robin. I think you will find the small tank on the hot is an expansion tank not an accumulator. I suspect you will find a non return valve in the cold feed to your calorifier cylinder. Don't remove it ( the expansion tank ) otherwise every time the system heats from cold the over pressure valve will dump water. I would try fitting a large accumulator tank just after your pump and things should work fine. Hope this is some use. Colin
  14. We've found puppy training pads very useful for minor leaks and condensation drips. Cheap as chips. Colin
  15. Welcome to the forum and hope you are ready to be on the water for spring. Don't ever expect to finish your boat. There will always be something to put right or repair. That's the fun of boats. Where are you going to berth, north or south. If you are south, keep a look out for Lady Linda and give us a wave. Colin
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