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  1. Paul, thanks to you, I've just gained some brownie points. Other half didn't know about Sewsimple. Today was our chiro appointment and as we were just leaving it started to rain ( no varnishing today or cutting the grass ) so we went to Taverham. So an hour or so later and plastic suitably spanked we come home with a dozen or so balls of yarn, book, cross stitch needles etc etc. I now have a very happy camper onboard and I have enough brownie points to continue work on our boat for a bit longer before we join the mayhem on the river. So, as you can see, some good has come of you being conned Colin I owe you one of these.
  2. If in the future the trend moves to smaller more manageable boats the marinas will loose out over revenue for Stearn moorings. I do wonder if moorings will become a set size I.e. You pay for a 35' by 12' space and anything over that by arrangement with the yard. If you think your moorings are a bit high then have a look at Coastal moorings, these start at about £3500 + vat for a 10m finger berth and some of the best marinas can be three times that. Colin
  3. We shan't be out on the river just yet as yours truly is still repainting and varnishing. In the process I decided I didn't like the look of the screws in the midship cleat as they were steel. 10 mins later all 4 were out. 3 sheared and the last rusted away. About half an inch of each screw was all that was holding . I have now replaced them with 4 1.5" x 12 ss screws until I can replace with through bolts. Needless to say I will be checking all the other cleats. I don't know who originally fitted these cleats as the boat was exhire and been in private ownership. Anyway, on to a different subject. There seem to be a lot of these on the river this year. Not a reg no in site. I do wonder if the BA are missing out on toll monies here. Thats it, back to work and a beer on deck later Safe journey all of you travelling this weekend. Colin
  4. Hi Griff. Just send a text to MrsG at 00:01 on the 4th. Proof Colin
  5. Let's see what people can read into this. SNOWFLAKE OK, I'll go back to rubbing down my varnish Colin
  6. I don't know about other people but when you get to a certain age you need to know where the next toilet stop is going to be. The closing of public toilets is only giving the local council an even bigger mess to clear up. Colin
  7. 46. Showrooms and other premises, including outdoor areas, used for the sale or hire of caravans, boats, or any vehicle which can be propelled by mechanical means.”. I don't know how other people are reading this but to me it says car showrooms, boat brokerage, caravan sales areas etc can open for viewing re: future sales or hire not that they can hire out dayboats, camper vans or caravans. I'm sure the likes of NYA and others will be able to make sales but boats may have to be delivered for clients while the overnight rule remains. Just my thoughts. Colin
  8. Yes minister comes to mind. Colin
  9. Hi Andy, just to add to the fogging method I gather Uv-c is becoming popular including a walk through system for aircraft. It may be worth investigating as there would be no consumables other than electricity. https://www.uvc-lightproducts.com/product/uv-c-mobile-room-steriliser/ Colin
  10. Quite agree SteveO. If you feel the need to debate this go to Twitter. Colin
  11. I think his shed has a need of an Expelair. Colin
  12. The best dive ladders are made that way MM. Having done a bit of diving in the past, that form of ladder is the easiest to climb in full scuba kit. You can climb out even with your fins on( not flippers, that a dolphin on tv). Now I know not many people are going to fall in wearing full scuba on the broads but soaking wet clothes are blooming heavy when you get past shoulder level climbing out. If you have never had to climb back onto a boat soaking wet you will not believe how difficult it can be. It's worth asking at your local swimming pool (when they open again) if they will let you try. They usually have lifesaving classes or even a local scuba club night. We use to have training nights once a week at B'Stortford and additional bodies were welcome so as to practice rescue techniques. Colin N.B. Please remember this is a very serious situation and once you start laughing you'll never get them out
  13. Time to look for another dentist. Sorry Peter I should have pm Wombat about this. Like the stem head roller, looks brilliant but what about a nice brass bolt rather than the s/s one or am I jumping the gun. Colin
  14. Hi wombat, go back to your dentist and ask him how long you can take ibuprofen before it effects your kidneys. ???? It's not a pain killer you can continue to take without some form of negative response. Colin
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