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  1. Islander

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Here's a simplified version of what you should have. The chances are you have an accumulator tank somewhere but may be isolated. Possibly because the diaphragm in it has perished and adds a funny taste to the water. Colin P.S. Whoops, just got home. Had forgotten to add image
  2. Islander

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Hi Robin. I think you will find the small tank on the hot is an expansion tank not an accumulator. I suspect you will find a non return valve in the cold feed to your calorifier cylinder. Don't remove it ( the expansion tank ) otherwise every time the system heats from cold the over pressure valve will dump water. I would try fitting a large accumulator tank just after your pump and things should work fine. Hope this is some use. Colin
  3. We've found puppy training pads very useful for minor leaks and condensation drips. Cheap as chips. Colin
  4. Islander

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the forum and hope you are ready to be on the water for spring. Don't ever expect to finish your boat. There will always be something to put right or repair. That's the fun of boats. Where are you going to berth, north or south. If you are south, keep a look out for Lady Linda and give us a wave. Colin
  5. Islander

    Tv Panic!!

    What about Surlingham Ferry. Only a short hop from your pickup point. Not sure what the signal is like there but it was good from John Broom's yard when we were there. Colin
  6. Islander

    Mansion Guardshine

    These people may be worth a try if you can get into norwich. Worth giving them a ring. Colin http://www.classicfinishes.co.uk/products.html
  7. Islander

    Advice Please!

    I agree with the Danish oil with a wood reviver before to bring the colour back but beware the wire wool if this is going to be exposed to the weather. Tiny particles of the wool can remain in the grain and cause nasty little black spots after a while requiring the whole lot being rubbed down again. Use fine sand paper folded by a scotchbrite pad to apply the oil. IMHO the brass would look it's best polished but do what feels best as its not a valuable antique, it's a tool for a job. Colin
  8. Islander

    Bow Thruster Fitting

    Having lived on ours for nearly 20 years we are no longer as nimble as when we first moved on. Ruth suffers with arthritis now and my back and knees are not their best, none of which are going to improve. We fitted a bow thruster to Lady Linda when we bought her and in windy conditions it's essential also when leaving our St Olaves mooring where we have to back down a narrow chanel past 4 or 5 other boats. It really doesn't matter how much experience you have the wind can catch out the best of us. A bow thruster can save the day. Anything that will keep us afloat is got to be worth having. Colin
  9. Islander

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    We use to have a Reliant Rialto as a second vehicle as Ruth could drive it on her bike licence. Those lumps in the road were a nightmare if you didn't get the alignment right. Much better with the full width speed bump. At least with the motorbikes we could weave round them. Colin
  10. Islander

    Boat On Fire!

    Well I'm full of praise for the person that pulled the chap from a burning boat not knowing whether there may have been a second explosion. Colin
  11. Islander

    Boat On Fire!

    I think the Broom would have been too big but then the fire would have left very little showing. Still very sad whatever boat it was. Colin
  12. Islander

    Boat On Fire!

    Anyone have any details of the boat. Impossible to tell what it looked like before. A comment elsewhere says it was called Maggie2 but not been able to find it on Craig's list. The nearest is Maggie II but shown removed from reg 2013. Colin
  13. Islander

    Boat On Fire!

    Vandals a possibility but the edp and Norfolk fire service confirm it as a boat on fire with someone pressumedly injured trying to put it out. We can only hope for a follow up article when a reporter actually goes there. Colin
  14. Islander

    Boat On Fire!

    We had four fire tenders pass us earlier, two had boats in tow. I initially thought it was a boat in commissioners cut but could see from the footbridge at Thunder lane it was much further down stream. Lots of smoke was coming from the area near to the BA and Griffin marine. I do hope whoever was injured that it's not too serious. Colin
  15. Islander

    Royal Tartan Interior Plan

    Cor blimey, and I thought I had problems. Does your bank manager know. I must admit that's way out of my skill range. Now I see that Falling Leaves may have been a possibility even if only as a pattern. Colin

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