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  1. Islander


    Where did come from? I'm sure I didn't press that. Time for a drink I think Colin
  2. Islander


    We will be of to Goodchilds tomorrow for a pump out. Just the two of us onboard and last pumpout three weeks ago. Not sure if we are full but getting a bit smelly if you are outside when one of us pumps the toilet. It could be because it's been so warm but will have to fit a gauge. More money When we are in Thorpe, our other boat needs a pumpout every two weeks. This is a diy service but is included in our weekly services charge of £5 which include waste (rubbish) disposal, electricity connection and water. I will agree that it is not the best job in the world but approached in the right way does not have to be messy. As for giving tips. That depends on the service I get. I will be generous if it's deserved. We were told by Goodchilds man that some boats they now charge double where they have four toilets! (£32). Thankfully we only have two. Colin p.s. Forgot to add our pumpout at Thorpe has just been rebuilt at what cost, I don't know but it is driven by a 7Kw 3phase motor.
  3. I'm sure someone correct me if I've got this wrong but here goes. The BA bought the acle moorings for £180k from the Nav budget. ? The BA now want to develope the land with a NP visitor centre thus stealing moorings which they are struggling to maintain let alone increase. Should not the navigation budget be reimbursed to the value of the land annexed at commercial land valuation? If it is necessary to purchase more 'farm' land in order to build this....thing. Then surely they can buy more land for moorings to replace those that will be lost. Personally, this site seems far from ideal for the BA to build a flagship visitor centre when more appropriate sites must be out there. Colin
  4. Islander

    Reedham Ferry

    Should a safety/warning device be deemed necessary then a simple flashing Amber light that comes on when both ramps are up and a notice not to pass while lit. I've had no problem passing the ferry but sometimes holding station with high winds and a following tide can be fun. Colin
  5. Islander

    Reedham Ferry

    I can make no judgement here as I wasn't there. I will only pass the chain ferry if I can see the loading ramp is down or being lowered. The ferry being hard against the quay. I have had other boats pass me while I wait for this to happen! Regardless of bylaws, regs, whatever, it's me at the helm that is responsible. I reiterate, I make no judgement here. Just someone having a really bad day. Colin
  6. Islander

    Acle Visitor Centre Winner

    Be interesting to see the planning application for this. Colin
  7. Islander

    Acle Visitor Centre Winner

    Bit of a wind shadow. You may have to paddle a bit further in the 3rr. Try this link. Better than the edp write up. http://thebroads.tv/winning-design-selected-for-broads-national-park-visitor-and-education-centre-at-acle-bridge/ Colin
  8. Islander

    Someones Been A Busy Barnabee!

    Hi Mark, glad to see you are up and running. We were unable to stop on Monday this week and you looked busy too. We will be back for a few days come Sunday and will walk down for a chat. Wish you a very busy season. Regards from us both Colin and Ruth
  9. Islander

    Broad Ambition - TLC Time Again

    Thanks Griff, that looks almost a carbon copy of the one I have. It's basic but puts a good load on the batts. I always give the battery to be tested a good charge and then leave for a couple of days before testing. If it will hold a charge and handle a load I consider it serviceable. Fingers crossed you only have one iffy battery. Colin
  10. Islander

    Broad Ambition - TLC Time Again

    Which Sealey drop tester have you bought Griff. I'm working with a Machinemart simple drop tester with analogue meter. This is fine but a bit basic. Colin St Olaves 31degC
  11. Islander

    Broads Authority To Have A New Chairman!

    Hope Lana gets the chair but I won't hold my breath. Colin
  12. Islander


    If boats were fitted with battery monitors and a simple instruction not to let the batteries go below, say, 65%, then we may have less running of engines at moorings. Colin
  13. Islander

    Somerleyton Bridge Not Operational

    Adverse? We are having a proper summer like I remember when I was a kid. It,s just hot. Just sort it and fix it. Colin
  14. Islander


    £10:00 for a G&T and a pint of Carlsberg at the Bell Inn, st olaves. Think I'll stick to drinking onboard. Colin
  15. Islander

    Beware The Yare On The 31st May

    Still waiting to go through Yarmouth. Any news on the bridge. Colin

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