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  1. Islander


    Snugtopz Richard is always busy but has made quality covers for us in the past. He is also making a windscreen cover for us at the moment so you will have to wait a little longer. I do know Richard is short of staff but works untold hours. Try calling into the shop. Face to face is often better. Colin
  2. Islander

    Broads Toll 2019

    Marshy, I forgot to add it wasn't the BA's remit to become a National Park but if they want to play that game they can have the whole job and not just pick the bits they want. Colin I'm of working, you'll have to play amongst yourselves.
  3. Islander

    Broads Toll 2019

    Morning all, back for a few mins. I have a bathroom (boat) to refit. New bulkhead and floor. It's then these very villagers that complain about the piles of rubbish left by the bins. I'm so glad I mentioned bins (not), maybe I should have said canoe slips and fishing platforms OK, I'm sure we all know we've flog the bins one to death in an older thread and it's the councils responsibility but I do feel that if the BA are going to promote tourism then they need to also put pressure on those responsible to get something done. Meanwhile back at the lack of moorings and all the extra power posts we need to run our vacuum cleaners and gel coat polishers Colin
  4. Islander

    Broads Toll 2019

    MM, it may not be the the BA direct responsibility but maybe a cost sharing between the local council and the BA would work. We all know the locals used the bins at Bramerton as there were often items you would not expect to find in boat waste but then there will always be abuse made of anything free. The rubbish bins on the green here at Thorpe often have large black bin bags left by them yet are clearly marked ' No Boat Rubbish'. Tourists will create rubbish and the 'Broads National Park' are trying to encourage more of them to the area so the BA must take some responsibility. Regardless of my previous comments, I would rather see the money spent on MORE moorings and some sense over the rubbish situation. Is that too much to ask? Colin
  5. Islander

    Broads Toll 2019

    Thanks Poppy, I tried to edit but lost my connection and was too late. 2.6% not too bad but would rather see mooring and bins. Colin
  6. Islander

    Broads Toll 2019

    Well, 6% equates to about £50 extra for us . I'd like to see it spent on replacing and adding to the number of moorings or at least rubbish disposal points. Colin p.s. 1 less can of beer a week isn't to bad.
  7. Islander

    Boat Archive

    Back again!!! It's one of those gremlins. Colin
  8. Islander

    Boat Archive

    Just tried. All working ok at the moment. Colin
  9. Islander

    My Day

    What a waste of a good car. I blame leasing. Put him in an old Fiat 500 and they will think twice next time or receive a Darwin Award Someone else's bad day yesterday too. https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/barton-turf-boat-fire-in-staithe-road-1-5784752 Think the Sunday morning fry up didn't go well. Report says no one hurt. Colin
  10. Islander

    New Web Cam Coming On Stream

    Morning all. Can't stop as of to have lunch with friends as its Ruth's Birthday. Vaughan, the new steel pole now provides the power to the island. The old pole was not going to last much longer. There is a story about Roger and the electric which I will relate when I have more time or next time you and Suzi are here. The trees have been reduced or removed to protect the wall and old gaol but while the quayheading was being replaced they caught the wall with the digger bucket and half of it fell down. We had lots of bods with clipboards discussing what was to be done but in the end just a flint wall was put there and no gaol. As Mark has pointed out we have our share of undesirables who during the warmer months think it's their right to mess with the boats moored on the green. Several have been taken only to be recovered in the city. There are many improvements that could be made at the green. The webcam is a step in the right direction but I would not want to moor my boat overnight without being onboard. Anyway, the sun is out and the green looks a picture. The fishermen have moved in and people are feeding the ducks. What more can you want in the middle of November. Colin
  11. Islander

    Steering Wheel Centre

    Hi Smitch6, welcome to the funny farm. You may be lucky to get a sensible answer on here but don't hold your breath. I think you will be very lucky to find an exact replacement for your wheel centre but here is my offering. You could try chatting with a very nice copper who does wood turning and make you a bespoke centre that would look well posh. There is also the possibility of getting someone to 3D print something to do the job. There are a lot of people here with many talent, sadly not me. Colin
  12. Islander

    Let's Try Sailing - What Can Possibly Go Wrong?

    Sailing. The most expensive way of getting from A to B for free. I learnt to sail as a boy up at Barton Turf and with my father on the Essex rivers and loved every minute of it. Even the odd problem of demasting. I haven't sailed for some years now but there is a Mirror dinghy needing a lot of restoration at the end of my garden which I intend to get back in the water again. Last sailed her in my mid teens, now I'm 65. Robin, you and the lads must have another go, if only to post another video. Colin
  13. Islander

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    Looks like you picked a good week. Getting warmer as the week goes on. Have a great time. Hope you left some beer in The Bell as we hope to be back on Lady Linda Thursday or Friday. Then off towards norwich. All the best Colin and Ruth
  14. Islander

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Sadly you had loads of room, maybe next time. better drop those aerials. Suppose I'll have to drink all this beer myself. Colin
  15. Islander

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    We are not in the pub yet! Take me 10 mins to get there. Crown waters mooring river end of our cut just big enough for Indy. C

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