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  1. We have a fan heater with stat and three heat setting so is very economic on electric. The low setting doesn’t seem to dry the air to much. Last thing you want is something that makes you cough. A convector type may be a better option for you. We have a 500w one that is more than enough to heat our bedroom (cabin). We also have 12v car blanket which is great to put over your legs on cold evenings. We also use it on the the fly bridge on fresh autumn morning going up river. Second to that we also found two car seat heat pads in a charity shop which work well too. You could also try on
  2. So, do you make a rule that E boats can ONLY moor where electric posts are? I may be wrong but the production of lithium is far from green or environmentally friendly. If you want to charge cars and boats with our current level of generation then we need to stop wasting it on unnecessary luxuries. Just have a look round at home and see just how many items sit on standby for hours on end just so we can have instant whatever or use a remote to switch on various items. Colin p.s. What about heating or are these new boats going to be summer days only.
  3. Thanks for the link Peter. I had just found that supplier and they do click and collect too. Being as we live on the island at Thorpe the likes of Hermes are not very reliable. I think one of those will be going inline with our solar charger. We already have aNasa BM1 but that shows the net charge and battery %. I shall look forward to seeing the finished model. Colin
  4. I must admit I agree. There is little to be gained from the added complication but these clever little devices would mean almost any battery pack could be used. I about to use one for the Mrs portable sewing machine. It's 6v and she wants to use it of 12v. The price of these boards are so low there is no point in me designing and building one. By the way I do like your power meter. I will be looking for one of those on Fleabay. Colin
  5. Unless you are building to MOD spec ( ministry of defence not moderator of de forum ) to please Griff, I would say the lithium wins hands down as far as stamina goes. The lead acid, in theory, may win a drag race but the lithium will win the marathon. DC to DC convertor wise, I thought something like this may have been useful and the weight, I would think, is quite low and well within what you save by using lithium. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DC-DC-Converter-20A-300W-Step-up-Step-down-Boost-Power-Adjustable-Charger-P8T4-/224038775789?_trksid=p2385738.m4383.l4275.c10 All in all
  6. Why not use a DC to DC convertor. You could either boost or drop and no need to change your motor controller. Colin
  7. Just found this in the instruction manual. Sidepower. The maximum continues run time of the electrical thruster is approximately 3 minutes The primary purpose of the thruster is to manoeuvre/ dock the vessel. Forward/ reverse speed must not exceed 4 knots when operated. These thrusters seem to be very well made to operate upto 3 mins. I don't think I've used mine for more than 3 or 4 seconds. Colin
  8. Am I right in thinking the lady that runs the Ferry House use to run The Woods End ( now waters edge). Surlingham Ferry over Waters Edge by reputation but Bramerton Green is lovely, room for the kids to run around and a wooded area to (woods end) but as for the Waters Edge it's a pub if they want paying up front and a restaurant if you pay for the meal at the end. If they are bust be prepared to wait for your starter and between courses if busy. By the way, we always stop at Bramerton even though we moor on the outskirts of norwich. I would say bring food enough to feed you an
  9. Hi Paul, I was typing this while you posted yours and won't change anything now. Once upon a time these bridges were 100% and had to be for the ships that went to the port of norwich. Any way here's my little rant. We recently had the situation where Reedham bridge could not open but somerlayton was ok. Within hours of Reedham working again and somerlayton was unable to open. Why on earth they can't just get on and start the repairs to Haven bridge is beyond me. Most of the work allegedly is electrics which could be done, one would imagine, with minimal inconvenience to jo public. W
  10. Then he will have already spent a tidy sum in the area what with toll, mooring costs, diesel and servicing. Colin
  11. I wonder how much they will spend while they are here. Colin
  12. So are you saying he shouldn't have access to the broads just because he has a high airdraft whether it be radar arch, super structure or a mast or two. Colin
  13. I think the radar arches that can't be lowered are no different than a large yacht that cannot demast without a crane. Let's not forget that access for boats to Goodchilds is necessary otherwise it would effect their income and jobs. If haven becomes unserviceable then Breydon bridge becomes redundant. No local/regional gov will have surplus monies to upgrade any of these bridges and need to be financed by central gov. Colin
  14. On the whole you 99.9% safe with no incidents. It's better at the weekends at the moment because the nightclubs are closed. Being cast off is unlikely but some little oiks think it's fun to run over the coach roofs or rock your boat. I would recommend Thorpe green or commissioners cut and take the bus or taxi. 2 or more people it's cheaper by taxi unless you have bus passes. We recently took a taxi from the station to Thorpe green and cost £6.60. Colin
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