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  1. So for all these electric vehicles they will dig up great chunks of these so called parks just for some hair brained idea from some grass eating pen-pusher. I think that’s it. Colin
  2. it does say it’s a pic of a similar craft so the actual boat may not be the same colour. Colin
  3. So do we have pics of this bloke and the boat he now has? Colin
  4. Time to bring in customs officers from of the airports possibly but they may need retraining to understand the paperwork. We have, of cause, only had a few years to prepare. Is it just too much to ask that one gov dept operate efficiently. Colin
  5. Brass, a mix of copper and zinc. The ratio depending on purpose and manufacturer. Purity can make a difference as to how it ages and it’s scrap value. Then you still have bronze and gunmetal with all the variations and % of other metals. IMHO just polish it unless it’s comes from a historical ship. Colin
  6. Try brown sauce and then polish or just leave the natural patina and wash with mild detergent and soft cloth. The natural finish will please MM . Colin p.s. You can use malt vinegar and a soft cloth to start with but I prefer to save it for my chips.
  7. Hi Vaughan, merry Christmas to you all over in France hope you are keeping well. We were very lucky with the move. We have only had one day since when it would have been possible. Flipping COVID and my knee playing up stopped us bringing her back at the end of October. We’ve just been down graded to Flood Alert. Until it rains again . Colin
  8. https://www.gov.uk/sign-up-for-flood-warnings. This is worth doing. We get a phone call(recorded message), a text message and an email for each area you signup for. We had 2alerts and 2 warnings yesterday for the Yare and Waveney. Going to be pretty high again tonight. We really didn’t have a low tide in Thorpe. Colin
  9. Left home at 9:45am,it’s now 10:20am and we’re back from shopping. Home bargains, Aldi’s and b&m’s. If we haven’t got it we probably don’t need it anyway. No shortages, in fact, no empty shelves. Some overflowing in the fruit and veg section. So that’s it for this year. Time to slowly prepare for the big day. What times the sun over the yardarm. Oh, hang on. I’ve still to fit engine bay tube heater, put anti freeze in exhaust system, drain down the water system, put the dehumidifier on and vacuum bag the curtains and bedding once washed................... Oh well, Happy Chri
  10. Do I need extra fenders with socks on so as not to ruin the patina . MM you would be welcome anytime but the BA don’t like it if we triple moor. Colin p.s. no decanters on this boat. It doesn’t stay here long enough.
  11. They are on a timer so not on toooo long. Have a good Christmas allbeit a bit different this year. Colin
  12. Thorpe could mean you get stuck between the bridges but is doable. Our boat, Lady Linda is 8ft with everything folded and we came in last week with 3 inches to spare . You do need to get the tides right though. Less than an hour later and we wouldn’t have got under. Commissioners cut is your best option. Walk toward and cross over the pedestrian rail bridge, a short walk to crossroad. Turn left and bus stop a few yards toward town. Busses every 10 to 15 mins most of the day. Colin
  13. Hi TF89, depending on boat airdraft, Thorpe river green and The Town House PH (new quay heading) would be good options. If too big to get under the bridges then commissioners cut would be good. All have bus stops nearby and only a 10 min ride into the centre. Hope that helps. Colin
  14. Having managed at last to bring Lady Linda back to Thorpe for the winter. I spent yesterday cleaning both boats. Today was spent putting up the Christmas lights at last. Hopefully a few more people will do the same. B6D5550C-4209-4B90-BA05-94B62030A258.MOV Colin
  15. Keith, our cat (it’s a long story but he was a rescue cat)was 14 years old when we moved on to our boat. He had always been an outdoor cat but was more than happy on board. We would take trips around the broads and as soon as we moored would want to have a look round. He would often come for walks with me usually following close behind. He never got lost although we did manage to leave him behind on one occasion at our home mooring. We both thought we had seen him asleep on our bed. A quick turn around and as we approached the quay there was our Keith stood waiting. Just as we pulled in he dec
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