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  1. Islander

    Sad Sight

    I speedy. I'm pretty sure she was listed as a Colvic but I can't find my photo with the reg on. She is def a woody and rare for the broads, more likely to be seen on the Essex rivers but without the aft cabin. Anyone passing that way today should be able to read the reg. Lets hope they get her up soon. Colin
  2. Islander

    Sad Sight

    That boat is on the south side of Thorpe island. It was a very pretty little woody. A Colvic as far as I know. I do know who owns it and they are intending to recover but when ??? Colin
  3. Is that the one at St Olaves? Thought it had been sold as it had gone off the forecourt. Colin
  4. We will try to make the effort. Shame some of you have to leave so early in the day. Sunday looks to be the better day with the wind easing, should we miss you I hope you all have a safe journey to home moorings. Colin
  5. Many thanks Berkshire Boy, was thinking of going tomorrow but will go Sunday morning instead. Either way it will be a nice day out and a chance to put faces to names. Colin
  6. Is that 10am on the Sunday? Colin
  7. So, are you all safely moored at Beccles now. It's a bit breezy here at St Olaves. Hope to come and see you all on Sunday for the jumble. Colin and Ruth P.s. What time does the jumble start. We need a fat fender!
  8. Hi Bill, just to say that similarly my response is not to have a go but with a smile.Life is too short to waste what I hope I've got left on silly arguments. I'm glad to say that your health and agility are far better than mine even as my senior but there is no way I could have got out of my tender at the time that pic was taken and anyway why bother putting yourself at risk when there is a perfectly good ladder to be used. Just to add to the pic I posted earlier. This was taken on the same day( check the exif, I don't remove them). I do know who owns the boat you refer to, they are a lot younger than us and do occasionally spend the night ashore ( both work) as for a couple of the others, well yes they obviously belong to those that work. If they are who I think they are one works for The Environment Agency and the other the UEA. The boats nearer to The Rushcutters I can't comment on as they are quite often shared. Should someone be away for a while then usually they get a lift across or their tender is brought back over. I know it doesn't happen every timeBut on the whole that's what happens. We bought Lady Linda through Richardsons Boat Sales about six years ago now where, I believe, she had been used as a liveaboard. I don't have the paperwork with me at the moment so can't say for sure. We are about half way through the five year plan to try and bring her back to her former glory so another six years, with luck, we may complete her. Then it's just maintenance . We no longer add up how much we had spent when we passed £15k and you can't see half of it. The proposals for the green will be for all boats otherwise it wouldn't be fair. All the tender will be forced to use the 50' next to the staithe but a few of us are willing to lease 50' near the church end as long as we have use of the ladder. Internet was available via The Buck but sadly closed and up forsale at present, as for the other pubs I don't know. The island of cause has its own and Ruth and I have our own. Colin Now off for food and beer. Nothing sensible from now on.
  9. Item 44 should anyone be interested. http://www.thorpestandrew-tc.gov.uk/documents/TCPAPERSAUGUST2019.pdf It would seem to have been left out of the 'paper' bundle. It doesn't look like I will make the meeting. I would have liked to hear what was said. Colin
  10. Hi Bill, ours is directly opposite the church gate. During the winter months Lady Linda (our other boat) is moored alongside. While I accept that there are those that moor without concern for other users on the whole most of us try to cluster near the ladders which is the only way to get on land. Have a closer look at the pic, although an extreme low tide in that image, it's not unusual to find the quay at chest height when stood in a tender. Now I don't know about you but I'm 65 and not getting any younger plus my wife suffers from arthritis so the ladders are essential. Now we come to the problem of clustering the tenders. Much as it seems an ideal solution it's ok until your boat is third from the ladder and you have to get it past two others at low tide. Not an easy task and do you then take the responsibility of untying and moving other people's boats just to move your own. If we add into the equation some thing in the region of 15 PubnPaddle canoes spread around the ladders too. Plus all the other day boats and hires. Just to top it all off you then have the fishermen who, for some reason, seem to congregate next to the ladders. Now where possible I will always try to moor away from them so as not to spoil their enjoyment. Now I don't know what boat you have Bill but we recently had to take our 31' boat across to take delivery of a washing machine and had no trouble finding room but this was 9 am. We also take Lady Linda across when preparing for a trip and she's 35' but I will admit you do have to pic your times of day. Same as anywhere else. Try Bramerton green around lunch time or after 4pm and the you will get those that moor a 25' boat in the middle of a space fo 2 40' boats and won't move. So if you see me come across the river in our 10' tender directly to a ladder can you blame me. No intending to upset anybody here but it's the same as anywhere else and that is ' first come first served'. So let's look at your other options..The Rushcutters have nice new quay heading, excellent food and beer, I'm told, and easy walking distance to a bus stop. The River Garden room for a few boats and of cause The Town House with brand new quay heading too. So at present there are quite a few options. As to the future. You do realise the council are intending to lease private moorings from the church end upto the war memorial. The next section will be a 24hr mooring with no return in 48hrs upto just short of the staithe. The rest commercial for the island service vessel and Bishy Barnaby Boats. Anyway Bill and anybody who wants a chat over a beer pop along to the green and if you time it right you will have no trouble getting in. Just as a footnote I'm not responsible for other people's actions but do try to influence them if possible. Colin p.s. This is Pyes Mill at 11am today. Busy spot so I'm told. Following is the new signage for the green, not, as yet, in use but watch this space. L
  11. Thanks Fred, as you say if this was not a one-off the evidence will be mounting up . I will make some discrete enquiries . Colin
  12. Morning Vaughan, just to add to your comments. The pumpout system extends as far as the barge and boats do not have to move to use it. The system was extended many years back now and recently been overhauled. Colin
  13. Fred, maybe this will help. Sorry for the pun but I really want to get to the bottom of this. This is the most recent pic I have. Can you identify the boat you saw this couple leave or is it not in this image? Colin
  14. Fred. Bushes, what bushes, are we talking about the same place. There are no bushes on the green. There is, what I'm told, a good clean public toilet? Did you bother to report what you saw and take the number of the boat or take a photo? Can you substantiate you claims? Colin
  15. Glad to see you said some of those Fred. The issue with the boats is both the BA's and councils fault as Roger wanted to install our own ferry. Secondly not all the boats belong to our part of the island. A couple belong to people in houses opposite and then there is all the 'Pub and Paddle' canoes, the Canoeman's boats, Thorpe island boat hire boats plus all the visiting day boats and that's before those that want to moor an rc45 arrive, so please before you blame everything on the few that live on the island have a closer look at the boats tied up there. Sorry if I seem a bit ticked off but we are fed up with taking the blame for everything that happens in Thorpe. Colin
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