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  1. Hope this will put a smile back on some faces. Stolen from twit. I think Miley Virus might stick Colin Thought this was needed here but please move it to jokes if necessary
  2. Ok so my work may not be as good to look at but rather than be idle with the nice weather I decide it was time to fix the leak I had in the shed roof. How hard could it be. I had a roll of felt and a bag of clout nails so of I go up the ladder and start removing old felt. Was this such a good idea? Needless to say in true boating style it was going to be a bigger job than just new felt. So here I am, self isolating 10ft off the ground with crow bar, claw hammer and pincers removing rotten t&g and what seem like thousands of felt nails. I must point out I made this shed out of one that was to be pulled down from behind the bungalow on the island and what I rescued from it built one a third of the size but still 8x12 and that was 12 years ago. Meanwhile back on the roof. I think there were 5 layers of different felt on it with lines of nails for each. Having removed said nails and some of the planking what it really needed was a new roof. Not going to happen due to isolating as per Ruth's doc instructions. Back down ladder again ( I've lost count ) to measure what I might have to repair where I can. So remains of 12mm osb3 sheet found and although nothing like enough for the side I'm repairing it would replace some of the rotten wood. So I have a patchwork roof which will holdup for hopefully a good few years. Total cost £22 for felt and nails. The osb3 was left over from another project. Now I can spend a while getting this corner of the shed organised and remove the rust spots off some of my tools. Next job will be service the lawn mowers. Colin sorry pics a bit fuzzy, taken in haste.
  3. Interesting how much some will save by not travelling. Working from home could mean people not requiring child care or even a second car. Office buildings won't need to be so large with less cost to the company. Interesting times ahead. Colin
  4. Hi chap. You could try Freedom cruisers . They may be able to do pumpout but not diesel. Couple of cans and a trip to a garage could be your only option. Goodluck stay well. Colin p.s. Welcome to the forum
  5. Sadly Ruth can't knit anymore due to arthritis but crochet is possible, also cross stitch. Dolls house carpets come high on her list of hobbies, most her own design. All this allows me to work on our boats......or is it she lets me play boats to get me out of the way. Colin
  6. Thanks Peter, so far we are both ok but don't want to take any chances. A longer lockdown will not be a problem here on the island but fresh food will be replaced with dried and tinned. As long as Ruth doesn't run out of wool we will be ok. Colin
  7. We fortunately have a few bottles of gin as our kids keep sending them to us.I've still got about 20 cans of lager and a few bottles still on Lady Linda. This is just as well as Ruth had a call from the doctors telling her/us to isolate due to Ruth's medical history. Looks like we are going to be in lockdown for at least a month if not a great deal longer. Stay well everyone. Colin and Ruth
  8. Some years back we had a lady on the island whose man friend was connected with the TA. We had a shipment of boxes full of just out of date '10yrs' tins. you name it, it was there including rice, sugar, jam, curry, stews etc. It was really good grub too. The tins were much thicker too, made to last though army handling. Ruth went through our cupboards yesterday and has found, among other things, a gluten free pizza base that is vacuum packed. Its 18months out of date!. The sniff and taste test will be used when I open it. I think Ian that you may end up with a Ready Steady Cook type challenge from some of us in the near future. Hope you are keeping well Colin
  9. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-mots-for-cars-vans-and-motorcycles-due-from-30-march-2020 if Mot on or after 30th Mot will be extended by 6 months. Stay home Peter if you can. Colin
  10. Not sure if Roger is self isolating at the moment but Rebecca and her mum Ellie who live in the bungalow I'm sure will help. I'm not sure about pumpout but water and possibly gas bottles too as we have an account with Calor. Stay safe everyone. Colin
  11. Hi grendal. Have to agree. I can get through 3 tins of plum toms in less than a week. In like people in houses we have limited storage on board but we have stores on both boats and haven't even touched what's on Lady Linda yet. We haven't stockpiled but think we could go at least a month or more without leaving the boat. One thing that we will all notice is just how long some food will keep. Food for thought .......... Colin
  12. Sadly there are still a lot of people still crammed in tube trains this morning. Maybe the idea of an ID card was not such a bad idea as I'm sure most of those were not essential workers. London is going to get so bad. Colin
  13. YnysMon, I would stick to the allotment if I was you. It's exercise all that digging.If you are worried about your boat then call the yard where you keep it and get them to check on it for you. After all isn't that part of what you pay for? Fortunately for us Lady Linda is moored alongside The Green Lady ( our residential boat ) otherwise she would have been on our mooring at St Olaves. This does mean we only have to step from home to holiday without any travelling but, presuming we can stay well, I will use the time to make further improvements to Lady Linda and as for our mooring at St Olaves, the grass will just have to grow. Colin
  14. At least turn a blind eye to it and have the Rangers keep a good stock of electric cards as most of the outlets will be closed including the BA offices. Colin
  15. EastCoastIPA.....
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