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  1. 40, now life begins, so we are told. Have a great birthday. Regards, Colin and Ruth.
  2. Great news Steve. Hope you get the mooring you want. Not all moorings have showers unfortunately but if all else fails get a cheap gym membership or find a local swimming pool. The rag and stick bit, I'm told, is like getting back on a bike, you will wobble a bit but not fall off. Colin
  3. Hopefully Breydon will be fixed today. Colin
  4. Lets hope the judge is a model railway enthusiast. I know this won't happen but I'd like to see all their tech,I.e. PlayStation,Xbox, mobile, bedroom tv and laptops sold at auction, with them watching so they see how little they will fetch, and then, after commission of cause, made to hand over the money to the club at one of the meets. These kids lack values and ambition. Everything they have comes ready to use strait from the box once plugged in. No effort required. I was lucky enough to have a father teach me how to tap a thread, cut a tenon and solder a joint when about ten. Later to watch him scratch build a 5" gauge Britania class live steam loco. Sadly, I doubt, the parents of these lower life forms will be able to pass on anything of value and the social worker will say it's because they come from a deprived background. Deprived, my ar5e. Bring back borstal Colin
  5. No purge here yet. Just as well. There I was working on the foredeck and somehow managed to knock reg plate off the pulpit rail. It all happened in slow motion. Unable to catch it. It hit the water and slowly sank. Oh bother I said, I'll have to make another. At this point the weather turned so gave up working outside. So off I toddle to BA offices to get another. Now I decided to get 2 so as to have a spare. Nice young lady asked if I wanted them sent by post but I said I'd wait. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. 20 mins to make 2stickers. Let's hope they don't have a rush of owners wanting to comply with contravention notices. Colin p.s. Discovered the cable ties (3) had degraded. The ones on the opposite bow are fine but I think I'll replace them anyway.
  6. What with the Rushcutters closed fo refurb until Friday week it's getting a bit dry on the green. Hopefully we will see The Buck become a free house. Colin
  7. Suggestions on a postcard as to where this rocket should be placed Colin
  8. We bought the boat we live on some 18+ years ago. At that time she was called Jackie D after the owners wife. We wanted to change her name to The Green Lady but found there was one already, so we named ours The Green Lady Too. That way the other owners could still use no,s 2 3 or even 4. Back to the main thread. 2 years back, unnoticed by me, we had lost our stab bow reg that was fixed to our pulpit. Andy Cullum pointed out that I was in breach of regs and to replace it, which I did. No paperwork necessary. So why the need to make it so officious with this current purge. A simple note ' under the windscreen wiper' would have sufficed and maybe using the word should than must would have been a better option and caused the hairs on the back of Griff's neck and several others, to rise. Colin p.s. One of my boats doesn't comply with the guidelines.......I'm not saying which.
  9. Islander


    How about one of these. Its a hover craft that flies. Great for over mud or water. Can hold 4 people. If they are going to waste my money then this would be fun to watch. Colin
  10. Why not place new marks on a nice hardwood plaque and use 22mm push fit pipe clips to mount on the pulpit. That way they can be easily removed for shows, photo opportunities etc. Everyone should be happy with that. I do wonder why one of the ten most well known boats on the broads needs further marks added so the BA can recognise it. Out of interest just where were the toll discs displayed on Broad Ambition before the BA went 'paperless'. Colin
  11. Maybe the BA should get their own house in order before they pick on the little people. Are SOB's reg marks the correct size? Hard to tell in the picture. If it was just the wrong ink then why didn't they make the printers correct it? The system worked fine. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Colin Back to the rubbing down. Hope it stays dry.
  12. Bylaw 19 and 22 require me to display my receipts! Mine is an A4 sheet with 4 boats on it. Just where do they want me to display it. Colin
  13. On the other hand. We've lived on ours for the last 19 years and have not become bored yet. Still lots to see and do. It all comes down to what rocks your boat really. Colin
  14. Hi Steve, if you are keeping your place in Waltham, continue to have post delivered there and remain on the electoral roll then I don't see you will have a problem with the boatyards. Just explain you will be spending a lot of time on your boat as semi retired. Colin
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