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  1. garryn

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    I believe it's the 15th November.
  2. garryn

    Hi Everyone

    Welcome from me Debs we are around the northern broads on Daisy Chain this week. Will give you a wave if we spot you.
  3. garryn

    Stern Only

    At this time of year midweek is quiet. There are a few more boats about at the weekend. Last night there was 3 boats at Womack water (1 side moored) but not us. Tonight we are on the staithe at Horning and there is 1 other boat. I can only recall seeing 1 boat moving on the river today although we saw a few yesterday including quite a few Herbert Woods boats. It would be very annoying if you went to Ranworth and couldn't get moored because of boats side moored. That big boat in the photo must be taking up at least 5 stern on moorings.
  4. garryn

    Rhond Anchors

    Easy when you know how. I've been boating over 50 years and never knew how to do it properly. Will have to try it this weekend.
  5. garryn


    It's from the first mooring looking towards Horning isn't it?
  6. garryn


    From St. Bennett Abbey moorings
  7. garryn

    Beccles Wooden Boat Show

    The New registrations comming out now have 4 numbers and a letter. A lot of the new Richardson's boats have them.
  8. garryn

    Beccles Wooden Boat Show

    Originally Y251 Admiral 4. I believe the owner is trying to get that number back.
  9. garryn

    Where Might?

    What about the building next to the Kings Head in Wroxham.
  10. garryn

    BA Moorings Just South Of Thurne Mouth...

    Yes it's about a twenty minute walk. Probably a bit longer on the way back.
  11. garryn

    River Bure Dredging To Start 24th April

    I think you are correct but it could mean they will start 300m upstream of the swan and then do sections between the swan and cockshoot
  12. garryn


    I think that will include VAT but there may be a minimum length.
  13. garryn

    Another What's Not Right

    Part of the windmill is missing

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