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  1. Anybody else noticed a face in the wood on the last picture?
  2. I took this picture before the boat gets its normal Nyx patina.
  3. Is it taken from where the yachts moor to demast.
  4. It looks like Potter Heigham taken from Herbert Woods.
  5. It does make you wonder were Clive is going to moor this growing fleet of hireboats unless he manages to get the basin extended or loses some of the private berths.
  6. The last of the hire boats was taken through this morning. That just leaves me waiting for the water to go down, only about 5 inches to go.
  7. 3 boats went under wroxham bridge this afternoon, 2 from Richardsons and 1 from Herbert Woods. The Richardsons ones got through but the Herbert Woods one got stuck but then got through. Must of been some damage though.
  8. garryn

    Trees Down

    Another one closer to Wroxham
  9. garryn

    Trees Down

    As well as the high water levels there has been a fair few trees blown down in the strong winds over the last few days. We are stuck the Coltishall side of Wroxham bridge waiting for the water to go down. We had a trip to Coltishall today. There were 3 trees blown down which were well across the river although still navigable. This one going through Belaugh.
  10. It would be to much of a coincidence to happen 2 days in a row.
  11. Lovely pictures. Do you know which one is Purdy?
  12. Thats OK I'll leave it back on the post when we depart and one day the rightful owner may return.
  13. Does that cowl on the back of Water Rail in the first picture belong to her or you as we are moored in the same mooring tonight and the cowl is on the mooring post or it was until I took it off to tie our rope on it.
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