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  1. garryn

    Web Cam

    I did wonder myself earlier who all the cars belonged to. Looking at the bridge gauge theres 7 feet clearance under the bridge. If it stays like that for easter weekend plenty of boats will be able to get up to Coltishall. I WISH ......
  2. Yes please I bet she's dying to tell all.
  3. I used to enjoy following the Janet Anne restoration thread on the NBF forum. Any chance of resurrecting it here or at least some updates. Hopefully things will have progressed in over 5 years.
  4. garryn

    New Inn Horning

    Sid told me about it a couple of weeks ago although nothing had been signed then. The good thing as far as I'm concerned is that dogs will now be welcome.
  5. This is Oscar who is a goldendoodle and will be 3 year old next week.
  6. garryn

    Subsiding House

    Yes I would think that one has been demolished to build something better.
  7. garryn

    Subsiding House

    Another one disappeared in Horning
  8. garryn

    Subsiding House

    The house has now been demolished.
  9. Is that Wendy from Horning cars. If so its 01692630856 or mob. 07751544761
  10. Looking on the database Luna has been on other waterways twice before so I shouldn't think this was her original registration. It would of originally started with a letter first.
  11. garryn

    Stalham Staithe

    The road is closed to to traffic from the beginning of the Staithe. No sign of any work been done yet thou.
  12. Its a long time since I've seen the Staithe with no boats moored.
  13. Saw her on Saturday heading towards Acle.
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