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  1. garryn

    Stalham Staithe

    The road is closed to to traffic from the beginning of the Staithe. No sign of any work been done yet thou.
  2. Its a long time since I've seen the Staithe with no boats moored.
  3. Saw her on Saturday heading towards Acle.
  4. Yes JF nipped in there. Kings Arms it is.
  5. I had the same problem this year too. I ended up moving my insurance to Alan Boswell. They let you self survey your boat, basically a list of questions to answer all fairly straight forward and that was it. The price was competitive as well.
  6. A certain broads pub were putting up their decorations on Tuesday
  7. As regards electric posts on the Ant there are now posts at Neatishead which are good sheltered moorings and The White Horse close by.
  8. Have you got isolation valves to each matrix. If so you can turn off the ones that are working and it will hopefully push the air out of the others.
  9. It was Aston Vanguard. It still had the blue hull when I hired her from Freedom.
  10. A few weeks ago the water was high and I took particular attention to the height gauges at Ludham bridge. There are 4 gauges 2 each side of the bridge. The first one heading downstream was reading 7 foot 9 inches the second 7 foot 8 inches the third 7 foot 6 inches and the fourth 7 foot 4 inches so 5 inches difference between them.
  11. I was watching the richardsons guys trying to pull her out of the mould in September. They seemed to be having a bit of trouble and I had to go in the end to catch the tide right at Yarmouth.
  12. Yes that's all that's left of the house next to the waterworks near Horning. I always thought that they had built the new house very close to the old but they were probably always planning to knock it down once the new one was built.
  13. Love it Chelsea14Ian your daughters getting married and you've got one eye on the cricket. I kept one eye on it then gave up when all looked lost. Kept looking back in for the inevitable defeat and suddenly the win was possible again. Unbelievable result.
  14. The 2005 picture is the same as the one on the Ebay advertisement.
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