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  1. So many famous people are model railway enthusiasts who would have thought it. Well done to Sir Rod Stewart for his generous donation and lets hope he can talk Jools Holland and Rodger Daltry to help out as well. The scroat's that did it need stringing
  2. A big thank you to the organizers of the Spring Meet. It was really great to renew some friendships and forge some new ones. We really enjoyed it and HI to all those we spent time with
  3. Thanks to Arthur's tireless work on the chat room we had a great quiz last night. In fourth place was Polly with 12 points In third was SteveO with 13 points In second was Nigel with 17 and the winner with 18 points was Mike. It was all down to the last question !! As it is the Spring Meet next weekend I would imagine Mike will be hosting the Quiz on 24th instead of next week. Thanks again to all who took part and see most of you next weekend with the thermals
  4. Thanks for fixing the chat room Arthur. I will now post tomorrows topics 1. Literature 2. Animals 3. TV Detectives Break for whatever 4. Shakespeare? 5. Norfolk based 6. Odds and Sods Hope to have a full house 8.30ish tomorrow night in the chat room link below no password needed http://www.nbnquiz.co.uk/chat
  5. So the last quiz of 2018 results as follows in fourth Janet Anne in third Wyndham in joint second Grendel and NikO and the winner by three points is Mike so he will have the honor of setting the first quiz of 2019. Thanks to all that took part and Happy New Year to all
  6. Just to remind you all that the last quiz of the year will start about 8.30ish. Would love to see you there http://www.nbnquiz.co.uk/chat/ Enter username (no password) click login.
  7. So these are your final quiz topics for 2018, and I have tried to take it easy on you by using kids quiz questions to give your poor "old" brains a rest and allow for the excess over the festive week. TOPICS 1. Literature 2. History 3.Entertainment Break for a power nap etc. 4. Science and Nature 5. Sport 6. Geography I hope that there will be a huge number there next Friday night No excuses accepted lol http://www.nbnquiz.co.uk/chat/ Enter username (no password) click login.
  8. I would just like to say thank you to everyone for their support and patience over the last four years with my battle against the Big C. Due to other issues I will be dropping out of the forum for the foreseeable future so I wish you all well and again a huge Thank you for all you have done for me. XXXX
  9. Sounds like a great quiz Steve. I will not be there this week or any other Friday in the foreseeable future. Thank you to all for your support especially over the last 4 years with my health problems. I will miss you all xx
  10. Sorry I find it increasingly difficult to deal with people swearing all the time. In my mind damn, bloody and bugger are swearing. I will no longer be taking part in the Friday night quiz as I appear to have been seen as being harsh for asking the member to "keep a lid on it"
  11. Last nights quiz had four people in joint third place, and a tie break for first between TigerHawk and SteveO. The winner of that was SteveO but as he is otherwise engaged next week TigerHawk will be in the hot seat.
  12. After Steve's great quiz last week I have decided this week to do something slightly different. There will be two rounds of twenty questions with a break after question 20. All are general knowledge and all have been taken from quiz's I have set over the last five years! I hope to see loads of you there on Friday about 8.30 pm. For those that need it the link is here http://www.nbnquiz.co.uk/chat/?logout=true
  13. Looking forward to it Steve
  14. How do you know there aren't any lurking in space
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