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  1. A great turn out for the quiz tonight and it ended in a five way tie for first place which was won by Geoff who will will be the QM next Friday. Thank you all for taking part and stay safe
  2. Don't forget the quiz tonight starts in about 30 mins. Hope you can make it
  3. Well I won the quiz last Friday so will be QM this week, the topics are 1. Post Codes 2. Nursery Rhymes 3. V E Day Break for whatever you wish 4. A Rose by any Other Name 5. Book Characters 6. All Sorts I hope you will join me in the chatroom at about 8.30 for an hour or so of brain exercise. To join in, go to: https://www.nbnquiz.co.uk/chat/ Enter your forum username but no password needed.
  4. Thank you to all that took part tonight. The top results were joint third on 10 were SteveO and NikO, joint second on 14 were Tiger Hawk and JanetAnne and the winner on 18.5 was Mike. Well done all, Mike will be QM next week
  5. Just to remind you all that there will be a quiz tonight at about 8.30 in the chat room. You can join us here ;-https://www.nbnquiz.co.uk/chat/ looking forward to seeing lots of you there.
  6. So as I won the quiz set by Tiger Hawk last week I have decided on the following topics for this Friday. 1. OLD BROADS 2. 1970'S AND 1980'S TV SERIES 3. THROUGH THE KEYHOLE BREAK FOR CUPPA WHATEVER 4. NUMBERS 5. WORDS 6. WHAT DO YOU KNOW? Hope to see you all in the chat room about 8.30 on Friday. Don't forget you can drop in any evening from 7.30 for a chat https://www.nbnquiz.co.uk/chat/
  7. Last nights quiz results are as follows; 4th on 12 points Mike, 3rd on 13 points Grendel and tied on 17 were Polly and Speedtriple. The winner after the tie break conundrum was Polly but as she is otherwise engaged next Friday Neil has agreed to host. Congratulations to all and thank you for taking part.
  8. So Friday's topics are 1. BRAINTEASERS 2. BOATS AND SAILING 3. FOOD AND DRINK BREAK FOR A DRINK ETC. 4. SWEET TREATS 5. BRITAIN 6. GENERAL MADNESS TIME 8.30pm Friday night PLACE Chatroom Chat Room;-http://www.nbnquiz.co.uk/chat/ No pass word just enter a name and login Hope to see oodles of people there
  9. we must have been there on the same night lol
  10. Thanks to those who took part. The winner was Polly but as she is busy next week SteveO will step in and Polly will do a quiz the following week .
  12. So many famous people are model railway enthusiasts who would have thought it. Well done to Sir Rod Stewart for his generous donation and lets hope he can talk Jools Holland and Rodger Daltry to help out as well. The scroat's that did it need stringing
  13. A big thank you to the organizers of the Spring Meet. It was really great to renew some friendships and forge some new ones. We really enjoyed it and HI to all those we spent time with
  14. Thanks to Arthur's tireless work on the chat room we had a great quiz last night. In fourth place was Polly with 12 points In third was SteveO with 13 points In second was Nigel with 17 and the winner with 18 points was Mike. It was all down to the last question !! As it is the Spring Meet next weekend I would imagine Mike will be hosting the Quiz on 24th instead of next week. Thanks again to all who took part and see most of you next weekend with the thermals
  15. Thanks for fixing the chat room Arthur. I will now post tomorrows topics 1. Literature 2. Animals 3. TV Detectives Break for whatever 4. Shakespeare? 5. Norfolk based 6. Odds and Sods Hope to have a full house 8.30ish tomorrow night in the chat room link below no password needed http://www.nbnquiz.co.uk/chat
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