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  1. It was great to see so many in the chat room tonight for the quiz, thank you all for taking part, the results are; In third place with 11 points was Polly, in second with 13 was Grendel and the winner with 16 was Jean who will be Quiz Master next week.
  2. I have sorted out some topics for Friday night, they are; 1. Missing Links 2. Cheese and Wine 3. Brainteasers Half time break 4. Sidekicks 5. UK and US TV Trivia 6. Hotch Potch Looking forward to seeing you all about 8.30 pm in the Chat Room Enter user name - no password required; https://www.nbnplus.co.uk/chat/
  3. Change of Quiz Master for next week. Scrumpy Cheddar has been in touch and due to work and internet issues will not be able to host, but Jean has very kindly agreed to take over and will be setting the quiz instead. Thank you Jean
  4. Nice to see some more new faces in the chatroom tonight. SteveO was third with 17, Jean was second with 18, and the winner with 19 points was ScrumpyChedda who will host next weeks quiz.
  5. I have no problem with that Jay don't know about the others
  6. After a few days of deliberation I have chosen the following topics for tomorrow nights quiz. 1. Food Origins 2. Number Plates 3. Geographical Trivia Break for whatever you can manage in about 5 minutes (answers under a new topic in the BS Lounge) 4. First Lines of 1970's Songs 5. Chemical Elements 6. Pot Luck Looking forward to seeing you all about 8.30 in the Chat Room Enter Username - no password required; https://www.nbnplus.co.uk/chat/
  7. Thank you all for your good wishes. I was allowed home on Saturday and am on the mend so I am very pleased to say I will be there tomorrow evening to have a go at Nik's quiz. Be afraid, be very afraid I have been swotting up and intend to win
  8. It wasn't me honest injun I didn't send him away
  9. Thank you all who took part in tonight's quiz. The winner after a late flurry was TigerHawk who will be your QM next week.
  10. Topics for Friday 26th February are 1. 70's Hits 2. Defunct High Street Shops 3. Around England Break for imbibing of refreshment 4. Broads Churches 5. Fictional Schools 6. Bits and Pieces All are welcome - around 8.30 in the chat room enter user name - no password required https://www.nbnplus.co.uk/chat
  11. So Mike to scared to rejoin?
  12. Tonight's results were: In joint second on 13 points SteveO, NikO and Jayfire The winner on 16 points was TigerHawk Congratulations and thank you to all who took part. Sorry LuLu Jayfire beat you this week
  13. The topics for the quiz on Friday 22nd January are; 1. Also Known As 1. Animals in Music 3. City Nicknames Break for liquid refreshment 4. B A Moorings 5. Film Taglines 6. Bits and Bobs All are welcome, the quiz will start about 8.30 ish in the Chat room Enter user name - no password required https://www.nbnplus.co.uk/chat
  14. Thanks Steve a so next week you will have me again. I will post the topics later in the week. It would be really great to see OldBerkshireBoy take part in the quiz that he has such an interest in . And in answer to the question that he seems to have fixated on as a cohort that has over the last 20+ years members of the forum have met up and continued to do so and due to that we know each others birth names. Also just to make a point many people also give their names in their tagline, it's all about reading the information available
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