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  1. All the best to you from Germany, we are on the broads from next weekend on, should Tanja prepare a Gulasch which Inge liked in Beccles ?
  2. Hi, so far I know, after having done the five cuts and did your calculation, it has to be devided by 4, the 5th cut is just to get your peace to measure the alignmend. Than it depends how long your cut is actual to get the missalignment for 1 meter ( approx 3 feet ). that means 0.0125 * 1000/219 = 0.058 mm per meter. If you cut a peace which is 33 feet in lenght you will be missaligned 0,0023 inches. For a space station may be not ok but i think its harder to get it better. I think think you are really square
  3. Hi Again We made from Germany and now for an overnight at Berney Arms. I think will be in Beccles tomorrow afternoon. John the Mooring is booked from Friday or Saturday? Cheers Frank and Tanja
  4. Hi again, if you are not happy how your Tablet/Mobile performs i can help you changing the software of your android device. Just a Laptop and internet connection is necessary. cheers Frank
  5. Hi Paul, the tablet you may need depends for what purpose, just for entertaining the NVIDIA Shield K1 is a good one. Just for Internet or Mail the Aldi tablets are good choice. For more ambiitous its not easy since you dont like Samsung - for example see Huawei Media Pad, Lenovo Yoga Book or Asus Zenpad. Just a question, why you don't like samsung ? I am using Samsung Tablets and Mobiles since Years and I am happy using them.
  6. I arrive at Potter Heigham at about 04 o'clock am, I am old and need some rest after the travel from Germany. We leave the ropes long. And most important thing no rush and all will work fine. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  7. Thanks a lot John. See you there or on the way. Due to the tide we are passing Yarmouth Thursday evening and starting on Friday from Berney Arms. We look forward to see you again. Frank and Tanja
  8. That would be really nice, we are looking forward to meet you down in the south
  9. An E Mail was sent just waiting for confirmation. Fingers crossed
  10. Hi from Germany, since we will arrive at potter early morning the 11th of july we coming down to beccles fo the weekend. that means Tanja, me and our little puppies. Should we book in advance ? i would like to see our boat first maybe it needs some deep cleaning beforé heading to the south. Last but not least do we need some Whisky i've got some nice Islays
  11. Yes its written 7"4' but i will take a measurement for sure before coming close to that low Bridge.
  12. Thank you John, could be difficult ... Hakuna will not pass under the Beccles old Bridge. But anyhow i mark that date. BTW.. today is youre day, your premier is declaring the Brexit. We feel, Tanja and me, we are right to move to Britain
  13. Thanks for that wise I do know something about Aircrafts, not much about boats, that makes me asking a lot. If you would like to see Tanja and me on a research removing a cabin you are very welcome. we are at HW harbour and ready for a chat and a cup or a dram, depends on the sun position.
  14. Thanks for the tip, accordance to Herbert Woods the cabin walls are not neccessary for the structure. but i will keep an eye on it.
  15. Hi Boaters, just seen this topic. I had a hard time in some Hospitals. Just getting old i think - that's the reason we were absent for that long time. But now I am able to walk and ready to enjoy the boat and good company at the Broads again. We will be back on the Broads at the 07. of April. We need to clean the Boat and want to start with removing one cabin to get a more roomy cooking/eating area. Sadly we can not be with you at the Salhouse meet but hopefully the Summer meet if i got to know the date early in advance. I will look out for it. We really had a nice time at the last meet and looking forward to see you again.
  16. Hi Boaters, We made it safe to Stacey Arms. All of the Hakuna Matata crew enjoyed it very much. You made us feel to be very welcome and we found some new friends. Special thanks to John, it was perfectly organised good mooring, good foot and some really nice conversations. I hope we can be a part of it the next time. Thank you all Frank + Crew
  17. Hi Folks, We were lucky with tide and traffic Right now in oulton broad yacht station. Hope to see you all.
  18. Hi after all now we are complete and will be a part of the summer meet at the next weekend not this weekend. All confused now . I have seen that the harbour was full at the last weekend is it possible to book a mooring in advance ? Tanja, Alex, Christine yes like the Car and me accompanied by two Dogs looking forward to meet you all. It doesn't matter if there some alcoholics will be there .
  19. Hi Folks, after some mismatch confusion about continental and UK time I finally found the rest of my family. Now we made it to Oulton Broad, please give a shout if somebody is around. We gonna stay overnight at the Oulton Broad Yachtstation.
  20. Hi Folks, Just now of the Ferry in Dover now we can easily drive ( on the wrong side ) to Potter Heigham. Thanks for all the advices we will do our best to see you at the waterside. Cheerio
  21. Hello again Myself and Tanja will arrive tomorrow morning at about 2 AM. Than have sleep and try to be part of the Summer meet. We will be accompanied by 2 bottles of Single Malt. see you tomorrow
  22. Hi he will arrive in London at about 4 PM I call him on his mobile when he has got the Ticket to Norwich. I think it will take him 2 hours at least. As soon I got more details I come back to you.
  23. Hi, Tanja and me (Frank) will also come down but i think by car this time. We pick up my son from the Norwich Station Saturday afternoon so no time to come down with the Boat. I think will be early evening. Is there a special Place where we can find you ?
  24. Hello Boaters I paid my toll at the NBA in Norwich, the nice Lady handed a receipt to me. She told this year there will be no plaques, I should put the recipe in a drawer on board to show it on request. So however it will be controlled, doesn't matter to me, I am a legal boater that counts.
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