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  1. Ferry and the Waveny River Centre are by far the dearest for 10 or 11 day holidays unless you can get a large last minute discount.
  2. Hello Susan I am on Silent right now and twice the thrusters have failed on me.I called into the yard when passing today and of course they worked perfectly.Apart from that it's a great boat.
  3. If companies are having to discount to get boats out,dosn't this imply a problem with their pricing in the first place?
  4. Ferry are offering 30% off selected boats on holidays taken before July 25.Why would anyone book a boat with them outside of the school holidays.You could save a large amount by waiting .
  5. Who decides whats sensible?Other full members ?
  6. If this is the "friendly forum",why arnt all members ,full members ?
  7. MrBlueSky


    Surely the destination that ticks most boxes as a place to visit when on the Broads is Beccles, as stated by others Brundall has far too few public moorings, one could say the same about Horning and Wroxham is just as difficult unless you can get under the bridge.
  8. I hired Whisper Emblem last year which is very similar to Silent Emblem and there was a thread on it in late October.
  9. So the more you shower etc, the more pumpouts you need
  10. All the waste go,s into the grey tank.
  11. You can take as many showers as you like Matt ,as long as your prepared to pumpout every couple of days.My gripe is that this is not really pointed out in the boats description .However it is pointed out in the handbook for the boat when you get aboard.
  12. Makes you think twice about showering every day :)
  13. The shower do,s not pump out into the river,nothing go,s into the river.Its all kept onboard to be pumpedout,hence the need for regular pumpouts.We had 4 in 11 nights.
  14. I,ve been on a number of boats with thrusters,mostly Herbert Woods boats and i have to say i found the thrusters on Whisper Emblem to be far better.They made reversing into Sutton Staithe pumpout station very easy.As for the generator,we found it far quieter than running a diesel engine.In 11 nights we visited most places,both North and South and we were running on silent over 50% of the time. The one unexpected drawback with this boat,at least to me,was the number of times a pumpout was required.I could see this being an even bigger drawback in the summer months when i like to shower every day.
  15. That was us you to waved to Jean,we had the boat for 11 nights after Moosey.
  16. Me too ,looks interesting
  17. And your rubbish as the bins are at Nettishead ,none at Guys Staithe now.
  18. Its roughly a 15 minute walk along an unlit country road so a torch would be needed.Its a much shorter walk from Nettishead Staithe Ron
  19. MrBlueSky


    Intending ,or should i say, hoping to go up to Dilham for the first time in October,whats the largest size of boat that can be turned there?Hoping to be on Monaco from Richardsons. Ron
  20. Thats right Howard,you have no reverse visibility from the inside without sticking your head out of the side window ,which is easier said than done.These type of boats are brilliant for steering from up top but not so good from inside.Last October when the weather was poor i just wrapped up well and steered from the top,even when it rained. Ron
  21. Me and the wife had this boat for 11 nights last October.The only drawback i found with it was the visibility when driving from inside but this is the same with all these style of boats. Ron
  22. Its good news that the Quiz will be restarting on Mondays but i fail to see the link between the topic of this thread and the fact that a number of people were not that impressed with the calendar.
  23. The boat is around 900 in May except for the School Holiday at the end.Expensive but not extortionate.
  24. Must be an optical illusion in the pics.There are some internal pics now.
  25. There are many reasons why the Broads are struggling as a holiday destination ,which the continuing closure ,s of Boatyards and Pubs indicate.Smellyloo is correct in saying that anyone reading the various forums would in many cases be deterred from visiting the Broads by the many negative issues that the forums spend so much time discussing.Boat hiring is an expensive holiday and the last thing a potential customer wants to read about is all the negativity. In an ideal world there would be double the number of boats available for hire,thereby reducing the price hopefully,from many more yards as used to be the case.To go with this the Broads Authority would have to provide three times the number of available moorings,even if they charge a nominal mooring fee. Will never happen i know.
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