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  1. JonC


    you can get 10% off any Hoseasons holiday if your a member of CAMRA.
  2. JonC

    Pensioners Discounts

    Not pensioner discount but it might be worth checking to see if any organisations you are a member of give a Hoseasons discount, I CAMRA members get a 10% discount. There might be other organisations doing the same.
  3. JonC

    Windows 10 Word Processing

    If you want to write letter and do basic word processing in win10 (04 7/8) just use wordpad, its free and built in. If you want to do more intensive stuff Libre Office seems to have overtake open office as the go to free office suite. If your really desperate for MS office then its often on offer for £50 a year, its also discounted for NHS workers, people in education, etc.
  4. JonC

    This Could Upset The Applecart

    Think the most fuel we have used in a week is about £60, we always get a refund from Richardsons.
  5. JonC

    Olympic Hopeful...

    That 4 bore is rather nice, John Forsey is the North Kent specialist wildfowling shop, tends to have a lot of big stuff in there. Which reminds me I have to take a 10 bore up to him at some point to see if he is interested in it.
  6. JonC


    all that the edp24 article says is that the planning officer advised that change of use is required, it does not say if it was applied for. If it was applied for has anybody got the reference as I would like to know if the planning officer supported the change of use. Change of use obviously cannot be approved under delegated powers if its not applied for.
  7. JonC


    The planning officer has not used delegated powers to oppose this, they have used their training and knowledge to interpret the law. Planning officers generally have a degree in planning, somebody sitting on the planning committee might have done a day or two on a course (if they are lucky). The planning officer has a legal responsibility to apply the law, just because its a parish council doing something nice does not mean they can ignore the law. Change of use concerns the use a building is put to, not what it looks like.
  8. JonC

    Dartford Tunnell Paying

    the crossing has not been sold to a French company, they just collect the tolls, it stilled owned by the Highways agency. Consultation has begun on another crossing scheme.
  9. Get a cheap android tablet and run this https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=psyberia.alpinequest.full&hl=en_GB it has a variety of maps, including full OS maps that can be downloaded free. Works on android phones and tablets. I use it on a very old tablet, displays a moving map, speed, location, etc.
  10. Richardsons do supply all hirers with a rather good map, I prefer it to the OS that we also have on any boats we hire.
  11. JonC

    What Pc? Need Some Help Please?

    Scan and PCSpecialists both do custom and semi custom PCs that are more than capable of doing what you want, but certain hardware setups might benefit you more than others, I did notice that Scan do pre configured sound, video, and rendering configs. I build me own rigs, but I get the info on the config from the computer forum Hexus http://forums.hexus.net My advice would be to join there, do an intro post, then post in the hardware section detailing the software you use, and your budget. There are several professionals on there doing CAD, video eiting, sound editing, etc. Scan specifically will be anything you want, PC Specialists will probably have a better price on a pre-configured rig.
  12. JonC

    Our Week On Concerto 4 (22-29 Apr)

    Good idea about the foam Fred, might try that next time. With a few minutes work the boat was fine, I would be happy to hire Concerto any time of year. Just in case somebody else is looking at hiring this boat and reads this, there is no 12v power socket near the helm, the nearest power socket is 240v, its just behind the seat but would need a long cable to charge any kit used at the helm. I had a tablet mounted on the windscreen providing a map, it also has the speed on it. The software I use is called Alpinequest (android), and you can download 1:25K OS maps for free, and store them on the device. The software will display your location, record a track, distances, speed etc. To be honest Concerto was quietest at around 3mph, so thats the speed I went at most of the time.
  13. JonC

    Our Week On Concerto 4 (22-29 Apr)

    Tuesday, woke up early ish, had coffee, sneezed and my back went. I just about managed to hobble back to bed, spent the next couple of hours curled, up, managed to straighten out a bit around mid afternoon, this is the bit where I really appreciated the type of bed that's fitted in Concerto, spent all day in bed, pretty unable to move. Early evening got my back together enough to walk with a stick, but moving around helped so we set off towards the Recruiting Sargent, slow hobble down there and very impressed when we arrived, nice range of beer, think I had Grain and Humpty Dumpty. We just about managed to get a table, lots of people phoning being told no, and a few walk ins, but they were very busy. Everything about the food was excellent, one of those times where I really felt price was well worth it, not cheap, but excellent. Ended up overstaying the 24hrs moorings, purely because I was unable to safely drive the boat or assist with mooring, was worried that if it went on too long we would have to phone Richardsons to come and get us. Wednesday. Back had improved enough so that I could drive the boat so we headed back towards Wroxham and the bridge!! Lovely journey back down river and moored up near the bridge, had a chat with some other holiday boaters who had gone up river the previous day, the river level had been so high the bridge pilots had worked in teams of three to get the boats under, and had warned that passage on Wednesday might be an issue, luckily we had turned up at the low water, even then the gauge showed less than 6 1/2ft, Concerto is 7ft eekk. Had an interesting chat with another hirer, he was on one of the newer Ricos boats that also had a sliding roof, he had resorted to filling gaps with newspaper to keep the boat draft free, so not just the old boats then. Bridge pilot came over to look at who was waiting, decided to take us as one of the higher boats and off we set, again a very close pass under the bridge, going at speed seemed to help. By this time the weather had improved, lovely sunshine and the journey down to Horning was beautiful, we decided to carry on to Ranworth. Claire is more than happy to take control of the boat so she spent a couple of hours at the helm, this game me a chance to get the camera out.
  14. JonC

    Our Week On Concerto 4 (22-29 Apr)

    The original plan had been to book one of the similar boats that lack the sliding roof, but I wanted 240V and a Friday start date so it was Concerto or more ££. I had taken some stuff to insulate the boat, but the gaps were a bit bigger than expected, an investment of a couple of quid on bin bags (pack of 30) and 4 pack of kitchen roll and it turned it in to a pretty snug boat. I had meant to put the costs in above, will shove them in here Concerto £ 343.00 Non-Refundable Security Waiver £ 45.00 Fuel Deposit £ 125.00 1 x CAMRA Discount £ -30.90 Fuel refund £92 Total £390. On the fuel front, considering we used the heater more than before, but did slightly less miles due to my back, we only used £33 of fuel in the week. Did have to pay £12 for the bridge pilot, but well worth it to get to Coltishall.
  15. JonC

    Our Week On Concerto 4 (22-29 Apr)

    As we approached Wroxham I noted that the river level was a bit high, but we had already decided to moor up there for the night with the idea of getting under the bridge the nest morning and heading up to Coltishall. . We got off the boat, then back on, chased by another hail shower, then back off again and a stroll around Wroxham. Grabbed a takeaway then back to the boat for a glass of beer from my St Peters mini cask Whilst enjoying beer a Barnes boat moored up in front of us, crew included people in fancy dress, another boat tried to moor alongside them, bounced off thrashed around a bit, then moored up in an odd place. Have to say I did worry a bit at this point, but they headed off down the pub and were perfectly quiet when they returned. Monday morning we left the Barnes moorings at 8am and moved up to the pilot moorings. Grabbed the chance to get stome stuff from the shops, unfortunately the coffee place wasnt open so headed back to the boat. River level still looked a bit high. Phoned the bridge pilot, he came over and gave it a squint, thumbs up and off we go. Have to day I held my breath as we went under, there was not a lot of room. Soo off to sunny Coltishall Have to say the stretch of river heading to Coltishall is lovely, probably my favourite on the broads. Nice relaxed cruise up there, plenty of wildlife, and the weather improved. Not long after leaving Wroxham we had a deer swimming across the river in front of us, didnt seem that bothered about the boat, then again we tend to cruise at a lower speed than most people, aiming for quiet rather than speed. Once we moored at Coltishall I went for a stroll, checked out the Red Lion (very good) and purchased some kit to winterise the boat. Couple of minutes work with kitchen roll and bin liners and we had a nice warm, draft free boat, and the hail couldnt get in All the proper saftey vents were left unblocked, holes letting daylight, hail, small birds were all blocked. Back to the Red Lion later to meet up with a friend and to have a proper session, very good drinking pub, locals also make their own cider which was available in bottles and won the Claire award for outstanding cider. Headed back to the boat around 10.30 for some much needed sleeeeppp.

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