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  1. Quest , Bob and jo , may see you Saturday morning , , our dear little CG4 has been sold on by Richardsons , so a new boat for us to try out , sorry it's been so long , setting up a business has been tough going . toodle-pip for now
  2. Bob48


    question, what amount of truth is there that Herbie woods at potter are now charging £10 to stay over night in the boat yard ?
  3. bad news i'm afraid, our I.M. Pennant won't be with us, however being as " I.M." are the initials of " The Iceni Meadery ", we will have a few bottles of our fabulous 17% abv mead aboard with us .
  4. we'll be out on Crown Gem 4 , and may do a cruise past and wave , who knows we may even moor up and say " Hello " to you all complete with our new I.M. pennant flying. that'll probably be Sunday. :)
  5. thankyou more beer it is then .
  6. hi John, is Nyx still able to pass under the bridge ?
  7. sorry , we have been rather busy , is there room for us at Salhouse , Bob & Jo/Crown Gem 4 /Sunday. ?
  8. Bob48

    Oh Dear

    she is very comfy , galley is very usable , the sliding roof is heavy though , the sun roof is a bit stiff , but other than that she is a good boat and her engine even though she has a hydraulic drive is very quite and economical ( £150 deposit £103 returned , and we went all over the place), the minor issues I had with her will no doubt be put right long before you get aboard .
  9. Bob48

    Oh Dear

    to start , some very sad news . the Rising sun at coltishall is not as once it was , now on to some more interesting stuff . We hired our boat Majestic gem 2 from Richardsons and as normal everything was fine and dandy , we left the boatyard at about 2pm on the 22nd of September with high hopes of a fine week away , we we're not disappointed . the sun shone and shone. we headed for our first mooring , this time it was St BEnets abbey moorings , we had a grand evening on our boat , the following day we headed to Womack water , another fine clear day we saw a barn owl and managed to get a rather shaky video of him , we ate out at the Kings Arms in ludham , great food , friendly staff ,and a warm welcome . so thoroughly stuffed , we headed back to the boat .sunday morning and yet another fine warm day , we headed off to Salhouse broad , where the good lady cooked a fabulous sunday lunch of pork loin wrapped in stuffing and bacon with veg and mashed potatoes. one of our crew left us this evening , so that left 4 of us . Monday and off to Wroxham for passage to Coltishall , moored up here over night at Hoveton St John moorings , topped up on provisions from Roys , and then had a pint .Tuesday morning and things became incredible firstlyour other friends got caught in traffic on the A14 , so we were held up for an hour and a half , and our lad lost a pike , 3 times , he was not happy at all . our friends arrived just before mid day and we headed for Coltishall. it was here that the incredible happened , for some time I had been telling everybody about how wonderful the rising sun was and that its' fish and chips could not be beaten , sadly this is no longer the case we were rather disappointed , the chips were quite obviously of the frozen kind and the fish was quite boney , the once fabulous onion rings were over cooked and dripping with oil that had not been changed for some while , a very sad day indeed . Wednesday and we were off back to Wroxham where we saw out first , and second otters' , we took a whole bunch of photos and managed some video footage as well . topped up on provisions at Roys and after calling the pilot for passage , we headed off to Ranworth , we arrived just before 3pm to a full ( surprisingly ) staithe , so I threw caution to the wind and went down to see if there were any moorings anyway , , fortunately as we swung about to leave a gentleman on another boat was just leaving so ,with careful throttle control we squeezed ourselves onto the mooring .( second time this year ) . we ate at the Maltsters this evening and we were not disappointed at all there was steak and kidney puddings and veg , a hunters chicken dish , a lasagne that looked incredible , and a superb chicken and bacon salad , all good portions and very reasonably priced , still one of the top venues for food on the broads . Thursday dawned grey and a little damp ,but not to worry it fitted our " last day " mood very well, we left Ranworth about 2 pm for the slow cruise back to Richardsons boat yard ,once moored up I had a glass of wine and reflected on the wonderful week that had been when , from the corner of my eye I saw a Fortune house Chinese takeaway menu , we finished our week with a feast that could have easily fed 10 , that was two meals for two and cost £40. all in al a great time was had by all , and so our thoughts now turn to May and our next trip aboard the fine little ship Crown Gem 4 also from Richardsons . if you have been thanks for reading , stay safe . Bob
  10. Bob48

    The Rising Sun

    i shall do that, we'll have our poster in the front portside window
  11. Bob48

    The Rising Sun

    we may see you on the rivers , we are on majestic gem 2 :)
  12. Bob48

    The Rising Sun

    there was a post earlier re the rising sun at coltishall being closed ,i have spoken to a charming young lady this evening at the afore mentioned hostelry and can confirm that it is not closed at all, which i must say has pleased me no end, as we are looking forward to our fish and chips at the end of the month.
  13. we only manage the second one as we hijack our friends to come along for the experience, that way we can keep the costs down.
  14. cracking video John thoroughly enjoyable , it makes me think about doing a boat review myself . keep up the good work . stay safe .
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