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  1. Welcome to the forum. if you take note of all the above comments I'm sure you'll have a great time. happy cruising Andy
  2. Now that's what I call Wild Mooring!
  3. Drewby

    Barton Turf

    I spent a lovely evening at Barton Turf last night , there was a band playing at a house near Coxs yard could have been a party as there was a lot of cars at the staithe car park. This morning I woke at 5.30 , looked out of the window to a nice day but had to take a second look, it was a different view ,I was at the end of Paddys lane on the opposite side, if I hadn't woken at that time l may have made it to the Ant. One ore two of the party revellers may have thought it was a good idea to make a bit of room at the staithe or to give all the boats and dinghys a head start in the morning , luckily they didn't release the boats on Paddys Lane or it would have been chaos. Before setting off I deemed it wise to check the mooring ropes as to avoid a tangled prop but to my surprise the were placed remarkably tidy on the boat. i found it quite amusing and no damage was done to my boat but I suppose it could have been more serious had I drifted to the Ant. just thought I'd share this with you all. Andy
  4. Drewby

    Barton Turf

    It's my favourite place too.
  5. Drewby

    Barton Turf

    I'll have a look in the morning . Which one is it?
  6. Drewby

    Barton Turf

    Absolutely lovely and peaceful at Barton Turf this evening Andy
  7. Hi Gareth welcome to the forum Andy
  8. I'm down at the weekend to do a bit to the boat and hopefully move up the Ant for a day or two Andy
  9. There is a clue if you look close enough Andy
  10. Drewby

    Our Boat

    I'm hopefully coming down on Friday morning so may have a trip up the ant to Dilham , if I see you I'll give you a wave, look out for the black and white and orange dog, he's usually on the bow or in his case "bow wow" keeping watch. Andy
  11. Drewby

    Our Boat

    I'll look out for you we love the river ant andy
  12. Drewby


    I took this photo in August last year surely it has moved since then. Andy
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