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  1. I think Horning village marina may have some spots availble, try the old Southgates boat yard in Horning they manage the marina.
  2. Last time we were there petrol was £1.55 a ltr and that was a few years ago.
  3. Gretzky


    A friend of mine had mice on his boat a few years ago. They got in under the floor and ate though some wiring. No doubt attrached by some other individuals leaving waste in bin liners around in the marina. We had both rats and mice about until it was all cleared up, remove the food remove the problem. I had mice get into my storage box not too much damage just chewed up a rod slip and a couple of cleaning rags. I ended up putting traps down until the waste was removed and the indiviuals who left them mess were moved on from the marina.
  4. Fabsil, I buy the 5 ltr cans, clean the canopy and use a garden spay on roof section with no windows and small paint brush to apply it to sections with windows. As said before do it on dry day as rain will wash it off if it rains before its dry.
  5. I use one of the hob top coffee makes same as in the photo, make great coffee for me anyway.
  6. A bolt action .410. What is it? never seen a .410 with a bolt. Nice work though on the stock. Google tells me it could be a Webley and Scott?
  7. I have in the past pulled 2 people out of the wet stuff, one was a young girl, pretty easy really just reached over the bank and lifted her out, the second was an older gent, that was much harder, took 2 of us to lift him out. both times fourtunatly there was no need to enter the water. I was once surfing in Lanzarotte, it was on a remote beach with no life guards etc, a poor guy was swimming and got caught in a rip tide. I rolled off the board and pushed it out to him to grab hold of, then begain swimming him back to shore, I swam across the current but after a while I noticed I was really stuggling to make progress with him, at the time I was pretty fit too but quickly running out of steam! The things that go though your mind at a time like are I will tell you are worrying. I was almost at the point of undoing the leg strap and just giving him the board when I managed to touch the bottom. I got him to saftey and just rolled back laid on the board and got the next wave in. I was totally exhaused. The aftermath was nightmares of what could have gone wrong for days after.
  8. Our old solar panel had a little blue blinking light when it was charging. Upon arriving at the boat one evening (dark) the wife said "the solar panel is broken", I ask why, and she said the little light is not blinking, I replired its dark, and her reply "yes I know but the solar panel isnt working....."
  9. We use them espcially in the winter, do we need them? No is the answer, but if we do need power to charge the batteries up etc, its cheaper, quieter and cleaner than running the engine. In the summer we like wild mooring and cope just fine, but we run the engine more to charge the batteries.
  10. A few years ago my boat was damaged by a Faircraft boat, we were told to bring our boat to Faircrafts yard in Wroxham and they would sort it. As soon as we turn in to the marina we had some bloke telling us we were not allowed in there! Took some explaining to him to get him to allow us moor up. Since then I have never even tried to get in their yard, pitty really as mid season its empty most week days.
  11. We have used Boulters for 10 years, until last year never had need to call them out! Last year had to call them twice, once for a rope around the prop in Salhouse, and a second time for a faulty starter motor, both times they were great, the starter motor fixed on the river. The rope needed a lift out but they were stright on it, the boat was back in the water within 30mins and I gained a nice almost new 30 foot mooring line!
  12. Wow, nothing else needed, just wow! Well done that man.
  13. Gretzky

    Lady Linda

    Its a Bayliner 2455 moored outside the first bungalow on the western bank as head up stream. The swim step is touching the water and she is listing to port a little. Spotted it as I was leaving Potter on Saturday, unfortunatly didnt get the reg number but accoring to Craigs database its 389S.
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