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  1. Sad news, Lauda was totaly focused on his goals a real aspriational figure.
  2. Often see them on the Ant, upstream from Barton, usually just a blue flash as they fly across the river. Stunning shot, well done.
  3. Dropped the boat off at Richardson in Horning yesterday for repairs, I will let you know how they do. Fingers crossed!
  4. Black Horse broad (Hoveton little broad) is lovely place to mud weight over night in the summer, just wish it was open all year round. Very quiet and sheltered.
  5. He said transport Griff and don't think he meant in your bladder.
  6. For mud weighting, I tend to only do it when the forecast is for light winds. I find a nice sheltered spot, drop the bow weight reverse off leaving loads of scope, more that needed, then drop one off the stern, again with loads of slack then tighten up the the bow line so the rope are both at about 30 to 45 degerees angle from the water. Never had a problem with drifting, just make sure you are well away from any boats that may swing round. Using this method the other half watch x-factor-come-dancey-sing TV rubbish, keeps her happy and I can fish in peice. lol
  7. Wild moorings are for us on of the things that make the broads so special. Nothing beats it, middle of nowhere maybe a BBQ, or simple home cooking on board. A meal in a pub for us is ok some nights but cooking on boards is part of the fun. Its amazing what you can rustle up when supplies are getting low and fun. I have even baked my own bread in a cast iron "Dutch oven" on a BQQ al-a Ray Mears, my wife love simple fresh cooked damper bread, it never lasts long and usually doesnt even have time to get cold! Its all what you make of it.
  8. Thurn dyke or Womac, are good options, close to HW's yard for a first night if you need to go back for anything.
  9. No mobile phones to take your "selfies" while driving in those days instead on looking where you were going? :D
  10. The world has lost the plot. I am going to go hide on my boat, SHE is even called Miss Conduct!
  11. We have been hit by the best of them in past Herbert Woods, Barns Brink Craft, NBD and now Richardsons I dont think any yard is worse than another TBH. But this one way by far the worst damage we have incured. I am not eager to collect the full set though!
  12. Just to add a note thanks to the hirer moored about 100 yards up river who witnessed the incident and offered to act as an independent witness and gave us his details should there be any doubt.
  13. A recored written warning, sort of like caution, but from the BA not the police.
  14. Spoke to Richardson’s, fortunately the hirers held their hands up and admitted the incident, the Richardson’s are going to call me at some point today to sort out repairs. Closer inspection there are 1000's of scratches all the way down the hull a broken fender eye, broken window hinge in the head, a burst fender and a great big dirty black mark from the rub strip hitting us not to mention a very shook up wife who had me checking the bilges all evening for water ingress. BA have also spoken to the helm and given them a blue book warning. For anyone reading this remember this, if they had not stopped after I had called them back the BA were prepared to prosecute them for leaving the scene of an accident, so if you should hit another boat please don’t just drive off, stop and exchange details.
  15. Moored on a wild mooring just north of Acle bridge, we were T boned by one of Richardson's finest, full of lads more interested in taking 'selfies' than driving the boat. Not happy. They were not even going to stop if I had not called them back. BA and Richardson's rung and messages left with both. First trip out this season... great
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