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  1. tjg1677

    A Serious Question

    Or you could just put angled scarf joints in with sliding fishplate joiners.
  2. tjg1677

    My Day

    Hells Bells Charlie. Have you walked under a black cat or something 🤔. Hope things get better for you mate and more importantly that the tiger comes off the critical list very soon. Cheers Trev
  3. tjg1677

    Bow Thrusters

    Go for it Ray. I consider myself to be a fair boat handler and have been doing so for many years but I have a BT on my boat and I use it, I know exactly what you mean about getting that bit closer as I too have arthritis quite bad in my knees and ankles and it had proved an absolute godsend, particularly when reversing into tight spaces in a wind, I had to have a pump out over easter and the space was almost impossibly tight. Had I not had the BT I would not have attempted it or if I had would have done a fair amount of damage to both mine and other boats. Mine was fitted by ferry marina about 2 years ago, they did a fantastic job and it cost just over the 3 grand mark but that was for a radio control 75 kg thrust vetus one. hope that helps cheers trev
  4. Hi All. Just want to say to everyone have a great time and I hope the weather is kind to you. We did the spring meet last year and it was ace, sadly cant make it this year for several reasons, so a tad disappointed. PS if braveheart or corsican are there, ask them if they can remember my recipie for sangria......actually on reflection, probably not as we consumed a 2 gallon bucket of the stuff between us last year and I dont think anyone remembers anything !! Have a wonderful one cheers trev
  5. tjg1677

    Help Needed Quickly Please

    see if you can find thermostat and turn it either fully down or off at the switch...
  6. tjg1677

    No. 1 When You Were Born...

    everley brothers - Temptation
  7. tjg1677

    1 Week Today

    Hi simon. We have been moored at brundall for just over 3 weeks, prior to that we were at horning. Best move we could have made. I arrived down here about half an hour ago and am sat up on the bridge just chillng out after the drive, its a beautiful evening!! Good luck with the move Cheers Trev
  8. tjg1677

    Brian Wards

    You could be right there in the last two weeks we have been over the crossing about 20 times and at least 15 times it was closed. Yes wards good chandlers got some bits from them last week...excellent and nothing too much trouble.
  9. tjg1677


    KUS marine gauges are very good and not silly prices either. I have used several of them, in fact have 2 rudder indicators and one sender spare if anyone wants them, i ended up using a davis rudder indicator, now they are brilliant.........
  10. tjg1677

    Boat Recovery Options

    Hear hear to that. Boulters are brilliant in fact now i have moved south I have to admit i will miss them. Trev
  11. tjg1677


    Hi paws. Ferry marina horning have some space but they are expensive. Hope that helps. Cheers Trev
  12. tjg1677

    Easter Honours List

    Hook line and sinker there JM, 15 love new balls please............
  13. What about calor gas though, do we do away with positive and negative and just have in and out instead ?
  14. tjg1677

    Hello All

    I thought my diesel was a bit low, saw some pikey swans in flat caps making a getaway on a reed island with a barrell under each wing. Thanks everyone for the input, much appreciated. It was lovely to meet you both today ian. The covers over your windows came loose after you went, we have put them back up for you. Cheers Trev
  15. tjg1677

    Where's Timbo?

    I second that, speedy recovery tim, your blighted views on life cheer me up no end. Cheers Trev

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