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  1. Yeh - walked away 😆.. Will let some1 else have it 🙄. Keep looking when I have time 😉
  2. Yes Clive, I can't believe someone would own a boat for 5/6 years & not look at the engines, but maybe some do & I am coming to think I could believe it of these owners 🤔.
  3. If I'd have noticed the clamp I wouldn't have gone back.. I rushed looking it over I suppose as I was going to look at another boat that day.. You're quite right.. Think maybe the owners have just run it into the ground (me thinking originally just the exterior & woodwork)!
  4. Had both engines fired up on first look at boat, didn't have a run then. I had to postpone River trial week later due to my work, & was to have a run after the survey last Friday, but I didn't bother after looking at the engine with the surveyor. To be honest the first Seamaster I looked at with 4107s had been better treated engine wise I think. I probably didn't look close enough at this boat's engines 1st time( should 've taken some photos, can't really remember seeing the clamp tho - so? 🤔).
  5. Yeh, I guess I rushed looking over it first time, or maybe the g clamp has been more recent than the owner said. Like I said to Graham at Maffett marine think boat has been neglected engine wise & been serviced pre sale & bodge of clamp onto starter been quite recent to get boat going.
  6. Thanks for the info guys & suggestions. Here are a few pics I received late on Monday evening from the surveyor. 1st pic is of st. motor on port engine I think & next 3 pics showing starboard eng with "incorrect st.motor" -(surveyor said that - which is facing wrong way secured in place by g clamp & plastic piece placed between main starter cable & stud foot). Sort of job you'd expect by Homer Simpson really!
  7. Thanks Speedtriple, I offered less than the asking price for the boat - as a Seamaster 27 nearer to my home with 4107s I could have bought was a nice boat but I wasn't sure about a boat with 4107s & interior had been changed to new teak finish. Boat with 4107s was better exterior wise - engines looked older but guy had looked after it. This boat I thought engines looked cleaner. Seller has come down more in price re st/motor, so I'll have to speak to someone who can look at it.
  8. No, I think both engines are proper marinised 4108s. I've asked Glenn to send pics to me. Think the owner or previous owner has not wanted to spend money for the proper part.
  9. Hi Vaughan, Thanks for your reply. By the looks of it the current owner or owner previous to him has fitted a cheaper starter motor & a g clamp has been used to hold the starter motor in place as obviously the incorrect motor's mountings don't line up. Glenn Lowman the surveyor said it was not the proper st.motor for the engine. I originally thought the exterior of the boat had been neglected - woodwork etc & engines looked decent, but think the current owners have not bothered with the engines really.
  10. Hi all, Thanks for the suggestions re my last post/ questions. I spend too much time on fb I think. I'm in the process of buying a Seamaster 27, had a survey done last week, and one slightly concerning problem that showed up was that the starboard engine had an incorrect starter motor fitted apparently on the wrong side & held in place with a g clamp. The seller has told the broker he wasn't aware of that, & didn't know anything about it - (owned the boat for about 5/6 years). This is on boat with twin 4108 engines. Don't think the boat has been used (driven) a lot apart from used for staying aboard, but not something I'd not notice if I had boat for that time. There is a st.motor & 2 alternators in storage under front v-berths; which seller did know about. Any advice, very grateful. Thanks.
  11. Hi all, I haven't been on to the network for ages. Just wondered if anybody had any advice.. I was considering buying a boat, have looked at a few & quite liked a couple. One was a Seamaster 27, the other a Lytton 850. I previously had a Seamaster 8 so know they're pretty good. The 27 is older than the Lytton but think the boat has been looked after & esp the engine (perkins diesel). The Lytton is a good boat but not sure as seems to be a lot of white fibreglass esp in the cockpit which I'm not too keen on & not sure if the engine has been as well looked after (Thorneycroft 1.8 d) tho it has everything I need - also thought the Seamaster seemed a stronger constructed boat. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks - Si.
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