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  1. Personally, I really love the 'bathtub cruiser' style boats. They're ideal for the missus and the dog who can both chill in the front well. The first boat we ever hired back in 2014 was the Solerno and while we loved it...it was a tad small. Same thing in 2015 when we hired Gold Gem. When I first saw the Broadlander (RL 45) it was love at first sight for me. Although I haven't been on it yet, I get the impression that it's quite roomy inside. If I could own a boat that would be the one for me. Pity Richardson's don't allow pooch's on it :-(
  2. Fab story Timbo It just makes me curious now to see Grandma's bungalow though haha!
  3. Thanks for all the info Jonzo I might consider broadening the FB group out a bit in future...for now though, I kind of just want to stick with the Broadlander. Took a look at some pics of those new builds you listed and they look fabulous don't they
  4. Hi CheshireCat No problem my friend Yep you're right, there are a good few...I'm a member of 3 as far as I can remember. The difference between those and my own though is that mine is just themed around one particular boat...the Broadlander. So it's quite a niche Facebook group whereas the others are more general.
  5. How do peeps! Hope you're all well. I recently set up a non-commercial Facebook group for fans of the Broadlander Leisure Cruiser from Richardson's boatyard. I'm interested to know of anybody here who has either hired the Broadlander or is interested in it, and would like to join the group and share information on it. Feel free to post pictures, videos, information or anything relevant. I set it up purely for fun and because I just LOVE this boat design and want to get as much info as possible on it. The group can be found over at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Broadlander/
  6. Spanish City? That rings a bell. Is this what Mark Knopfler sings about in 'Tunnel of Love'?
  7. Hello Jonnie, Welcome to the forum...I'm quite new here myself. Do you have any old pictures of your time on the Broads in the 70's 80's that you can share with us? Love seeing old photos
  8. VetChugger - Ayup! Will keep an eye out for you
  9. deebee29 - We've just come back from a weekend trip to Whitley bay, first time (apart from stag do's but we don't talk about those haha) ...another fave destination of ours now. Going back there in September as well, can't wait. Enjoy your weekend!
  10. JawsOrca - HaHa! Goo on lad...have a stab at the Yorkie accent Will keep an eye out for you that weekend and you can do it for me in person.
  11. Griff - Ayup there mucka! Finningley ay! I used to go to school just down the road from there, St Peters/McAuley. Enjoy your time on the Broads.
  12. Ian - I'll be sure to keep an eye out for you and the 'Orca'
  13. Hi Siddy - Nice to see another Northern lad on here. Yes the journey down and back is a bit of a gruel-er isn't it but well worth it. Have a great time!
  14. Vanessan - Thanks for the recommendation. Always great to find a place that allows pooches, yet another reason to love the Broads
  15. TheQ - Thanks for that info. Not been to that one before so will definitely be heading there. 4 dogs on a boat!!! Wow I bet that's fun. I think the Broads has to be my fave holiday destination up to now. Just so tranquil and everyone seems to be in a great mood.
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