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  1. I've had no problem with Richardsons, was due out 30th May for 14 nights on Silver Gem, an email to change to 29th May 2021 sent,agreed to, invoice issued, & covering email back within 15 minutes.
  2. You are correct, the hostelry at West Somerton is the Lion, I'll be there from Easter Sunday for 5 nights!
  3. Used to work at Ferranti Wythenshawe, about 1/2 mile from one end of Manchester airport, all machining had to stop at certain times, this was when the BOAC Super VC10s were winding their engines up for full throttle take off, after a few days working there you didn't notice any noise, even Concorde, not because you'd gone deaf, but you just got used to it! Went to Coltishall one year with my family, I was the only one not woken up by the engines!
  4. Try the Lion at West Somerton, O.K. for Potter, Horning & Wroxham.
  5. Return to school January 1956, notice on "School Information Board" about a school holiday on a boat on the "Norfolk Broads". Comment from Dad "Where's that?" Further advice sought from school & signed up. So Whit Saturday set off from a dreary, damp Flixton on the 200+ mile treck to Percivals at Horning, no M ways or bypasses so route was Manchester, Chesterfield, Mansfield, Newark, Sleaford, Spalding, K.L. Norwich, Wroxham & finally at about 16:00 Horning!! Shown boat Panther 11 & got on board, the teacher who was in charge was shown the bits & pieces that were to be attended
  6. Yep Rain Shadows sure do strange things, this one has moved the Pennines from North of Cannock Chase to mid Wales, wonder what it's done with the Southern bit of Snowdonia?
  7. If anyone fancies a drop in to the Lion at West Somerton, I'll be there from the afternoon of 21st till evening of 26th September. Martin(2000pi)
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