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  1. Essential winter cruising kit. Sadly the bottles the glasses and the wood burner are empty and restrictions prevent cruising.
  2. I once worked with a man once who was employed in lowestoft building fast boats for the military during world war II. He claimed that when testing on the river as the throttles were opened the water was moved enough to expose the muddy bottom. It could be an old boatbuilder's tale. I wonder what the wash was like!
  3. I remember seeing a grain ship on the end of Beccles quay probably in the sixties.
  4. I think it may have changed since my last visit, I'll nip in this afternoon to be sure.
  5. Just read the post again. Sorry for the daft question!
  6. I thought I'd visited all the pubs on the broads but no idea where that one is. Please put my mind at rest, where is it?
  7. dredger

    The Locks

    Didn't Gt. Yarmouth Port and Haven Commission own the locks (they kept it original) before ex farmer Mr. Coe? Perhaps that's the answer to the locks future (never going to happen is it?)! Is that 'cheeks' menu the locks?
  8. dredger

    The Locks

    Read what you wish into my lack of comment.
  9. dredger

    The Locks

    What have they done to the locks (pub)???
  10. Spotted this last week, must also have gone under 'Bishops' Bridge" and the weird rusty one but didn't witness it . Poor pic as lens dusty, sorry.
  11. Loynes of wroxham always flew the red ensign even on the day boats (I think), not seen it on any hire fleet these days! Memory fades though.
  12. How can anyone visit the area and not include Norwich. The moorings are a bit near the nightlife but it's worth travelling to visit from somewhere, truely a 'fine city'
  13. This one went under in a territorial dispute when a large number of swans were congregating around Wroxham bridge area disappeared completely and came out of the water and I believe took to the air polaris style.
  14. Did anyone know that swans are capable of swimming under water, could be a good way to get injured by a prop! seems unlikely i know and I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't witnessed it myself. I saw it near wroxham bridge so though unusual it's a possibility. Please don't tell me i'm wrong 'cos I've seen it!
  15. Not rhond anchors I know but you have to be impressed by that puny crane jib and what look like unravelling rope strops. I hope the boat's not being lifted out further.
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