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  1. tonplus

    Mud Wherry Cast Off

    Luckily nobody was hurt, maybe they could use some sort of chain in future?
  2. tonplus

    Why Does Reedham Have A Quay Ranger?

    I was referring to the original post. Maybe it was an off day then. I have always found the rangers polite and helpful.
  3. tonplus

    Why Does Reedham Have A Quay Ranger?

    We were at Reedham the other day and the ranger on duty did come out and have a look as we moored up but when it was clear we were ok he went back in. I saw him help others though, maybe it was just an off day.
  4. tonplus

    River Yare In Norwich

    We were tempted to pop in when we cruised past on Sunday. Sweet freedom was the first boat we hired.
  5. tonplus

    River Yare In Norwich

    We have an air draft of 7'2 so may have a slow run up and see if we will fit. Went under Beccles old bridge today, looks like it's had a bit of damage from that boat getting stuck the other day.
  6. tonplus

    River Yare In Norwich

    Will have to a search on that one. Doesn't seem to be any bridge helght info just the no hire craft sign.
  7. tonplus

    River Yare In Norwich

    We had a trip into Norwich yesterday, turned around just past the yacht station and wondered has anyone been any further past the hire craft limit? It says shallow water so we didn't chance it. Can't find any info. Cheers
  8. tonplus

    3 Rivers Race 2018

    There's still quite a few boats not moving at Acle Dyke.
  9. tonplus

    Acle Webcam

    We came under Acle bridge a couple of hours ago 😀
  10. tonplus

    Penalty Notice Glue Removal

    There is a product called label remover on the market which is orange oil based.
  11. tonplus

    Pump Outs On Sunday

    Sorry been busy, yes it was 99p a litre! Am I too late
  12. tonplus

    Richardson's Horning Marina

    I rang Statham and they just gave me the same phone number I already had. Left 2 messages and emailed but no joy.
  13. tonplus

    Richardson's Horning Marina

    Is the Richardson's Marina at horning still open for work? Tried ringing a few times but no answer. Cheers.
  14. tonplus


    Hi all. I've got a Volvo Penta 100B leg and want to change the prop. Where is the best place to buy a volvo fittment prop or is there a conversion for the leg shaft so I can use a different prop? Next question, I'll need to drag the boat out of the water to get at the leg, don't fancy leaning off of the bahing platform! it's only a 23foot boat where is the most resonable place on the broads that can either lift on take out on a trailer? Thanks in advance.
  15. tonplus

    Pump Outs On Sunday

    Boulter marine it was, pump out and 108 litres of diesel!

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