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  1. tonplus

    First Run

    Well made to to Potter Highem 😀. Bit blowy.
  2. tonplus

    First Run

    Well the boat is now back in the water and seems to still be floating! First run later on today to see what falls off .
  3. Been a long winter but hopefully little Tropez will be back in the water on 4th April! Still a bit to do, especially after I took Anne's seat out to build a new fridge housing! But got all the windows in, she's all polished up, legs been serviced, will be replacing the prop on Saturday. Did suggest that Anne could sit on a picnic chair for a bit, didn't go down too well .
  4. It's a big no from me, let the hire yards do their stuff.
  5. There is definitely space at Acle Dyke for your size boat, you'll need to speak to Russell Marine at South Walsham. Paul
  6. Polishing day today, compounding and polishing the hull on little Tropez. The gusts of wind down at Acle at the moment are incredible, can feel the boat almost lifting off it's supports! Rivers are lovely and quiet though and I've finished the port side. So should be home for tea
  7. But if vessel A is traveling at 6 knots and vessel B is traveling at 5 knots how many oranges do you have left over??
  8. I would think that the main river had the right of way, so if you were heading towards the Thurne then give way. Must admit I've seen alsorts of goings on at the Thurne mouth, I tend to slow down and give everyone as much room as possible with a smile and a wave.
  9. I always leave mine down, but them I'm right common me !
  10. The frames are already on my bench being stripped, cleaned and polished! Just waiting for the new perspex to arrive now. Going for tinted.
  11. Hi all Am about to refurbish the windows on Tropez. Am interested in peoples experience/opinions with bedding/sealing Perspex into aluminium frames. What sealant did you use and how did it stand the test of time? I'll be using Arbomast BR inbetween the frames and the boat but it only comes in grey, at a push I could use this to bed the Perspex as well but would prefer black. Considering CT1 or Arbomast Autograde ( waiting to hear back from Arbo regarding suitability for acrylic and aluminium). Any thoughts? Cheers, Paul.
  12. tonplus

    Stern Only

    We have moored side on at Ranworth out of season mainly because we can't stern moor! #boats with legs ?. Other than that we can't get in when it's busy.
  13. tonplus

    Boat Survey

    Depends on the surveyor, you best bet would speak to one directly and find out exactly what checks they carry out before you hand over your hard earned cash. Good luck.
  14. Ah, the Sherpa van...the black Mariah, when we all used to be scared of coppers!
  15. tonplus

    River Wensum

    No! We had already gone back to the Northern rivers by the time we had a reply. Next time we will though.
  16. tonplus

    River Wensum

    Not sure if this will link or not, I asked the same question in June! Generally everyone said yes you can go further up, can get a bit shallow in places.
  17. So it was your fault then? Anne does things that are my fault as well
  18. Have just heard about a boat being untied at Gay's Staithe last night whilst people where on board! Has anyone else had this happen to them? Must have been quite scary to be set adrift whilst you are asleep.
  19. Where do you shoot Griff, is it in Norfolk? Been up here a year and haven't picked my gun up once. Have almost forgotten which end to hold at my shoulder ?.
  20. Luckily nobody was hurt, maybe they could use some sort of chain in future?
  21. I was referring to the original post. Maybe it was an off day then. I have always found the rangers polite and helpful.
  22. We were at Reedham the other day and the ranger on duty did come out and have a look as we moored up but when it was clear we were ok he went back in. I saw him help others though, maybe it was just an off day.
  23. We were tempted to pop in when we cruised past on Sunday. Sweet freedom was the first boat we hired.
  24. We have an air draft of 7'2 so may have a slow run up and see if we will fit. Went under Beccles old bridge today, looks like it's had a bit of damage from that boat getting stuck the other day.
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