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  1. Here is some info on the Handy Billy engine Scan.BMP
  2. This mention of the Thornycroft 'Handy Billy' engine reminded me of a boat my Grandfather owned in 1959 Wyvern 2. she was built by Husk and Son of Wivenhoe in Essex, 1928, The engine was easy to swing with that big flywheel. (even for a 14 year old!). For several years it had been on a mooring in Folkestone, and when it had a For Sale sign on it grandfather did not hesitate, a rather rash purchase as it turned out, we moved it to Dover where there were berths available (where the Marina is now) The first winter, craned out, rather a lot of planking needed replacing. A couple of cabinet maker friends and most of the family helping. Back in the water looking very smart, a decision was made to sell. The replacement was a new Freeman 22 how different! unfortunately the new owner replaced the Thornycroft with a BMC diesel, and built a wheelhouse over the cockpit, which I thought spoilt the lines. I wonder if it is still around? Photo taken in Dover harbour, just back in the water, me at the helm. The steadying sails (I think they were termed?) were put up just to see how they went. I often wonder if She survived.
  3. I can see that Jocelyn has a different stern treatment to the usual Martham designs. very interesting.
  4. Keep up the good work, very interesting to see your video and uncovering lots of nasties! I think that the deck covering you mentioned was made by Dunlop and called 'Trakmark' and was available in different colours.
  5. Ref the Easticks Falcons, Their yard at Acle dyke was always quite busy, with hired cruisers and Yachts being available. I did once hire a Falcon, it was in 1975, and quite a new boat. I seem to remember that it did not handle very well, and there were a lot of air gaps around the sliding canopy. It was my wifes first holiday on a boat, and being pregnant at the time, the sight of a Falcon after that made her feel quite sick! We visited Potter Heigham, and the bridge pilot took one look and said " Thats not Bridge shaped, and it is not even b----y boat shape" a comment I often recall even more nowadays.
  6. 3 (adults) in our family have read the latest book, 'Time Cruiser' aimed at children, but we all found it a good read. all the books seem to be available at a lot of Broads side shops and information offices.
  7. What is wrong with a wooden shed of a reasonable size with a nice thatched roof? Does it have to be futuristic looking and why so high? I suppose they have money to spend.
  8. Came across a 1961 Blakes catalogue, I had kept from back then because of this picture taken at the Pleasure Boat at Hickling, my family were on Calm Waters from Fowlers of Oulton Broad, and friends on the 'Windboat' in the forground, so assume taken in 1960. It now seems amazing that most boats could get through the bridge back then but not now, Obviously the boats are bigger, and many of them are not 'Bridge shaped' and not even ;Boat shaped' as a Potter Heigham bridge pilot once told me! Recently we hired an Electric day boat from Phoenix to explore the upper Thurne, which was much more peaceful than the usual noisy Diesel offerings.
  9. Reminds me of a Boat my Grandfather owned in the 1960s 'Wyvern 2' built in 1928 by Husk and Sons of Wyvenhoe. she had a Thornycroft 'Handy Billy' engine, Later a new owner fitted a BMC diesel and started to build a wheelhouse, never saw it again. Lovely old boat, but lots of maintainance! when the photo was taken she was just back in the water after lots of attention, and the sails went up for show! Me at the helm.
  10. Where we are, Talking Pictures is on channel 81.
  11. Interesting 1940s, I assume amateur film first shown on Sunday, but repeated on Thursday 24th May at 1.30 p.m. for 10 minutes, I think every river on the Broads was featured, not just the Ant. The boat used is quite distinctive, with its varnished hull, and registration number on a white oval plate, but could not read the name.
  12. This has been a most interesting few days watching and hearing all the comments on the action, and could not believe that bridge not opening right at the last moment. Big congratulations to all of Indy's crew. What do they say about volunteering! This was a massive effort with all the wrong weather situations. Just a proving trial? well it certainly proved something. I expect we can now look forward to an epic 'Captains Blog' production.
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