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  1. Oh my god Izal. I’m still having nightmares of that awful stuff. One false move it was up your back. I’m not going to sleep tonight now.
  2. I expect it be like carry on camping when the farmer comes out and says “That be a Fiver””. “I’m only stopping for lunch”. “ ””Yes but it’s still a fiver”. “Yes but it’s £5 for 24 hours I’m only stopping for a sandwich” “ yes sir but just think how many sandwiches you can’t eat in 24 hours for a fiver. It’s still a fiver are you staying or paying ??”. “ No I ain’t got a fiver”
  3. Dam insulting tell you the truth. Just think the BAs money paid to build the mooring in the first place and now this lot taking over and charging for it. Is this the future now?. BA moorings going into private hands and they can charge what they want. I hope north cove doesn't go that way or others on the rivers north or south.
  4. Personally I would go for the Volvo D12. Bomb proof engine. same engine as they fitted in there trucks.
  5. Yes but majority of Brooms are high boats so they won't pass under low bridges. They do have a couple of low ones called bolero but I'm not sure what the height on them are. We have it booked in the spring so we can get under Beecles low bridge at low tide.
  6. Has it closed again?. I thought it was up and running again well the cafe side of it. They seemed to work hard to get that up and running then it went quiet. Sounds abit spooky that someone is there who pops out to claim mooring fees for the night. Count me out we will not be staying there.
  7. I do not want to dampen down your dream at all but I would look at the reality of this. This is a long project and a very very expensive one. I have had 2 sea boats Princess and sealine both with twin caterpillar engines. Dam right expensive to maintain and run. You need all the proper servicing and oils and lube. Yes you think I will just plod along at 10 knots. You won't be able to because this little thing clicks in your head telling you full throttle because your at sea.. ask anyone who owns or had a sea going boat. Lets put it like this if you run your 12.000 hp your only get between 5 to 7 miles per gallon on a calm day. Also some early Caterpillars was fitted with out the oil cooler. Before you make the plunge have a very good think of what you are buying. I wish you well what ever you decide. Jack
  8. Well done for making the plunge there Robin. It's a crazy motoring world out there. I would be very concerned about the condition of the car tho. I would inform the website about it. And let them know you wasn't happy as you had no feed back at. Personally I would ask for a refund and shop about. Good luck with it all tho.
  9. If enough has been said. Close the thread down.
  10. Hang on there one moment Grendel. Hitler mass murdered millions of innocent people. Genocide I call that. That has nothing to do with what these idiots are doing to our country and the innocent people they are killing. Oh so what your saying is keep your mouth shut don't say nothing you might upset them because they might get other idiots to join them. And carry on terrorising this country of ours. My god I've heard it all now. I've 2 sons who Serverd in the Armed forces. One who has PTSD post traumatic stress disorder from his time in Iraq and Afghanistan trying to stop this evil terror and try to make this a safer place watching his friends and colleagues blown up by these selfish evil people. I'm not staying quiet about it. I'm not brushing it under the carpet. This is my country I'm proud of my country. If people don't like our country they don't have to stay in our country. Oh go on tell me I'm not aloud to say that, I might of just offend someone.
  11. The reason why these 12.000 are still free to walk about and cause terror is thanks to your good old human rights people. Oh sorry you can't hold them it's against there human rights. They are human you know. They make me sic, there just as bad. They've got blood on there hands for sticking up and helping them, So it's ok for them to let those evil 12.000 to go out radicalise others to join and inflict terror aswell. If they fill that strong about hating our country we are not asking them to stay. simples leave and go somewhere else. We don't want pure evil like that here. If it was me I would shoot the lot of them and those human rights lot aswell.
  12. It's a good little tax loss for hoseasons to keep. You always have a little division of a company that makes a loss. And truth been known blakes is on paper. Saves paying the greedy tax man all the profits from hoseasons. So I expect your see the name around for abit longer yet, until they buy up another subsidiary and then find another loosing part of that. That's business folks.
  13. Very disappointed about countryfile. No boat action at all. I suppose they class the southern rivers as Norfolk Broads. Never mind can't win them all.
  14. Rich tea or custard creams hmmm.
  15. AOL say no more. They went down hill when Swauk Swauk took over AOLs uk side.
  16. I have plenty if you want one Poppy. But don't tell the EA.
  17. All signed my end. And I have spread the word to Grace.
  18. Very Very true. That's why I came over here. I'm glad I did. Best site on the broads.


    Name and shame them. That's the best way. Post there pictures on broads websites.
  20. It's nice to hear the old place is back up and running. Is this long term or a short term? Or just for the holiday season? Sorry for all the questions. I mean what will be on offer for us boaters is there beers and lagers on tap? Hot and cold food? Pub grub or rolls and nibbles?. It would be nice to hear some feed back from boaters over the weekend what they thought of the old place?
  21. My my someone has been busy over the winter months . Very nice, looks a lovely boat you have there. What type is it, I'm more of modern boat man now. So out with the old and in with the new. When are you going off in it. Any when soon?.
  22. That was a really enjoyable holiday write up scrumpy. Great pictures of your every move on your trip. Will enjoy reading and seeing your next trip. Well done.
  23. So sorry to hear of your loss Robin. Sincere condolences to you and your family.
  24. Thank you all for all the great replies on this post. And giving me the correct answer to my question. It will make a good discussion later in my local watering hole. When I shell bring up this topic knowing I'm right. Thank you again.
  25. At lunch time in my local watering hole. I was chatting with the usual crowd I drink with and the subject came up of Night time navigation on the rivers. Wait for it on a hire boat. My reply was no hire boats are fitted with any navigation lights. And not permitted to to move after sunset. Then one of the crowd piped up and said what if you fitted your own nav lights. I couldn't answer the question to that. Then he showed us on Google a light that he had purchased and stuck it on a hire boat on the Thames last year. So is this right or wrong.
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