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  1. We were returning back to our riverside shack last night at 11.30 pm and there were several boats around up river from Potter Heigham bridge, one crew paddling like crazy even in the dark...dedication? Or just a bunch of nuts?
  2. Good luck, Mr. & Mrs. HemsbyPie, hope all goes well with the little one! The idiots responsible for this cyber attack should be charged with the most serious offence possible, as it has affected the most vulnerable people, the sick and the elderly. Doctors have been unable to check patients' medications, etc. This is no joke...it is threatening lives! As Regulo said, lock them up...a fine is certainly not enough!
  3. The fact that they have a pre-printed letter ready to send out to people regarding this certainly speaks volumes!
  4. Looks to be very interesting! I wonder if it is dog friendly...we've got four?
  5. I can't even manage to copy and paste properly, Andy!
  6. I reckon with a bit on ingenuity, you could rig this up to some kind of motor...... I reckon we might be sadly lacking in the necessary ingenuity...
  7. I must admit, that was my first thought! In our case, easier and cheaper to gaffer tape a sponge to the end of a stick and reach round the side of windscreen!
  8. The windscreen wiper motor has burnt out on our little Norman 20 and while trying to find a replacement, came across this... https://www.asap-supplies.com/electrical-components/windscreen-wiper-systems/hand-operated-windscreen-wiper#menu
  9. Hi, Christie! Welcome from me, though I haven't been on here all that long myself, I am finding the helpful advice most useful. We have never hired a boat, as we bought an old cruiser so that we can float off whenever we please! Always wear a life jacket and of course, your children too! We have four small dogs and insist they always wear one, when on the boat. I've lost count of the number of times my husband has almost slipped into the river, while getting onto and off our boat! It looks really funny at the time and has been the cause of many chuckles, but wouldn't be so funny if he actually did fall in, as swimming fully clothed in very cold water would not be easy! I'm fairly sure a hire company would supply life jackets? Have fun and enjoy your holiday!
  10. Isn't it strange, the number of people (myself included) who are gluten intolerant? All the larger supermarkets now stock a range of gluten free products, so it must be a huge and growing problem! What is being added to wheat these days and why? When did 'they' decide it was ok to add whatever it is, without any warnings to us unsuspecting consumers? I am so relieved that gin is gluten free!
  11. I would like to add a HUGE thanks to NBN members for all the free help and advice they have given me. In the short time since I joined the forum, I have been really impressed by the kind and friendly attitude, mixed with a little crazy frivolity...long may it continue, please!
  12. I've been without wi-fi for weeks (feels more like months) so have missed this sorrowful news, R.I.P. Iain.
  13. MauriceMynah...you make me giggle!!
  14. In fact, I like all the above posts and many thanks to you all for posting them!
  15. MauriceMynah, I'm not allowed to like your post, but being the rebel that I am...I do like it!
  16. Might seem a silly question to some, but we wish to do the right thing so... Yesterday, the river was so calm, it seemed a shame not to take advantage of the ideal conditions and take a trip along to Hickling Broad. We have only managed part of this route once before, but had to turn back, due to the high winds. On the way there, the channel was clearly marked by port and starboard posts, but as my other half isn't too competent yet, we didn't go right into Hickling, but turned around before things got complicated and headed back. Here's the question... If we are supposed to keep the green posts on the starboard side, which we did, this means we are not returning down the same channel and was that the correct way to do it? The boat trip to Hickling took us one hour each way. We later went by car, to have a look around and that took ten minutes, plus fifteen minutes walk each way along the river bank to and from the car!
  17. Well, many thanks for all these helpful remarks and suggestions, also for the sex change, which happened without me feeling a thing...ginbottle, i.e. me, is (or was last time I looked) a female person! I will be using my rowing boat purely for pleasure and exercise, not clambering from the Norman 20, down into the rowing boat! The reason for me wanting a different type of life jacket, is because the old fashioned type are very bulky and I would imagine, quite restrictive when rowing. There has been such a lot of interesting advice and comments and I have heeded the warnings given. I agree that the most likely times that I might fall in the river will be getting into the boat and out of the boat, particularly if I have no one around to hold it steady for me! I was born and brought up by the sea, so was taught to swim at a very young age, but realise that fully clothed in icy water, is a different kettle of fish altogether! I absolutely dread falling in, so will be very, very careful. However, accidents do happen, so I will certainly be wearing a life jacket of some sort and keep everything crossed that if I do fall in, that I don't receive a bang on the head and am fully conscious at all times!
  18. Talking of being 'mildly irritated' as MauriceMynah was...who decided that we are only allowed to 'like' 10 posts each day and why? Just wondering!
  19. I have an old fashioned type of life jacket, which I find comfortable for use while on the Norman 20. However, as I am soon to be taking possession of my long awaited rowing boat, I am thinking that a newer, less restrictive life jacket, the kind that easily pop over your head and (hopefully) instantly inflate, should the worst happen! I was wondering if anyone on the forum has ant thoughts on this, please? Any experience of the newer type would be interesting, as I know very little about them.
  20. Thanks for this reminder, JennyMorgan! Being a dogs owner, I dread one of them falling into the river, as the temptation to jump in after her would certainly be strong, but foolish!
  21. Thanks again for all the helpful advice and comments! We decided to give the planned Christmas Day trip a miss, mainly due to the wind and the fact that I had a meal to cook! Boxing Day seemed a bit calmer and as our family were returning to Cornwall on 27th, we thought a short trip would be fine. The weather was lovely, sunny and a bit on the chilly side, but for the time of year and all that... We donned our life jackets, even the 5 dogs who were with us and set off, a mass of orange! Headed down, or is it up (?) towards Hickling Broad. Got past the sign that said "Hickling Broad" and took some pretty photos. However, the wind seemed to increase and not knowing what might be ahead, we decided we had better turn around where the river was wide enough and head back to the shack! Well, that was the plan, but when we arrived there, the wind was blowing us sideways and made it very difficult to moor along the front of the property ( we never attempt to drive it into the very narrow mooring dock). After a couple of attempts, narrowly missing the neighbour's boats, my other half decided we would be safer going to Potter Heigham, where there is more open mooring space. We did this ok-ish, sat in the boat for a while, discussing our options and decided we would be likely to freeze to death, if we didn't take some sort of action! There is no heating on the boat, but plenty of warm throws, which the 5 dogs were curled up on! Eventually, it was settled, the skipper would swallow his pride and go and ask for help from our neighbour in the next shack, who we had spoken to a couple of times and who seemed like a nice guy...fortunately he is! He came out on Boxing Day, without a grumble and guided us safely back to our mooring, giving us some very helpful tips and advice along the way! It felt good to be back in the safety of our little shack, but we weren't daunted by our adventure and next day, took our daughter, her husband and his guide dog, together with huge amounts of ballast (MM), in the form of 3 heavy suitcases and endless carrier bags ( my daughter doesn't understand the concept of travelling light) back to their car, parked at Potter Heigham. They said they will be back for their holidays in the Summer, so by then, we are hoping to be much more experienced in this boating lark! Happy New Year!
  22. Thank you ever so much for this amazing sketch with explanation! I have been showing it to my family, as we are all bowled over that someone who doesn't even know us, would go to so much trouble to help us out! You are so very kind. I have taken a photo of it, to make it easier to locate while out and about, as I struggle greatly getting any wi-fi .
  23. Thank you so much for your sensible and very helpful reply, Vaughan. We will wait and see if the wind drops a bit. We have our daughter, her husband and his guide dog staying with us in our shack over Christmas, so are hoping to treat them to a trip along the river, but won't take any chances! We all wish you a very Happy Christmas too!
  24. Please can anyone offer some advice? As most of you will know, we are old, but new to boating! We have a little, old boat (Norman 20) and as it seems to be a bit breezy, we are wondering what are safe conditions to take to the river? We are moored on the Thurne. The motor is a 9.8 hp?
  25. Very merry Christmas to all NBN members and a huge thanks to everyone for all the helpful advice in 2016! Stay happy and healthy in 2017 and enjoy boating!
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