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  1. So, what would raising it achieve? Just to make that area no different to every other area of the Broads. You do have the option to visit the place, as we all have. Do what we did a couple of years ago and hire a day boat, or as Grendel has shown, hiring above the bridge is still possible. It’s special, why destroy that? By the way, when we had almost completed our day boat outing and were returning to Whispering Reeds boatyard, we passed Broad Ambition as she was reversing out of the pub dyke on Hickling. (Dare I whisper...Wroxham Bridge?)
  2. Thanks for posting this Griff.
  3. I cant see that raising the bridge would be allowed due to its protected status, and even if it was allowed I can’t see where the funds would come from.
  4. Thanks for posting Warren. Have a good week!
  5. Well, they can’t be solitary all the time... otherwise we wouldn’t have any little otters would we. Sorry...couldn’t resist.
  6. Thanks Griff, that was a delight. Mind you I’ve got a bit of a crick in my neck now after viewing it. You do realise that you’ve now made Irstead an even more desirable mooring, if that’s possible.
  7. Brilliant post Tempest. Lots of options, and lots of different reasons why they are good in their individual character. I must put in a word for the wild mooring near the entrance to Womack Dyke. We also love overnighting in Hunter’s Yard (sorry, only sailies allowed).
  8. LOL. That’s what I do too! Remind myself how good the Broads are (not that I need reminding, but any excuse). Have a good week. Hopefully the weather will behave itself, and the heating!
  9. That’s what I do too, except as a Word table. It’s so handy to be able to check out high tide at a glance when planning to go somewhere on the far side of a bridge.
  10. YnysMon

    Acle Bridge Inn

    Yep, I know he would! Have been told off more than once for even referring to the low alc stuff. LOL.
  11. YnysMon

    Acle Bridge Inn

    Low alcohol stuff on tap? Is that a first? Must tell my Graham. He loves the bottled low alc Ghostship.
  12. Check out the tides before your visit. http://www.norfolk-broads.org/tides/tide_report.asp?
  13. YnysMon

    Road Works 2020

    I find the RAC site quite good. Started out using it to plan out routes but found their warnings of planned roadworks good. Our SatNav has a mind of her own on roadworks. Occasionally helpful, but more often not!
  14. I’m not keen on stern mooring either. We haven’t done it much, as we didn’t have the best experience on one of our first Broads holidays. Womack Staithe in May. The people who squeezed in next to us went off to the pub, returned after dark and promptly fired up their engine. Grr. Love wild moorings up the Ant. Irstead is special too.
  15. YnysMon

    Acle Bridge Inn

    We moored on the north bank BA moorings at Acle last summer over lunchtime. They are near the new cafe. The moorings used to belong to the old Bridge Stores but are now BA moorings, and I gather from recent news that they are being extended and electric posts are being installed. That’s good news! In August we also had a wild mooring between the Pedro’s moorings and the Yacht Club hut. It had access to the footpath that passes along the Pedro’s moorings, but no fee. It was also very peaceful, being further away from the road.
  16. I’ve been wanting to get onto the Whiteslee mooring. It’s a bit like Irstead though...even worse in fact...hardly room for more than one boat. Must be bliss if you strike lucky.
  17. Thanks for all the contributions so far. Not surprised that Mark thinks his home mooring at Brundall Gardens is the best, having been past several times. We like the Brooms mooring that Moonlight Shadow is on too, with stern facing the river. I’m with Grace though, those first impressions of the Broads never leave you. Our first ever night was mud weighted on Hickling Broad on a very warm and still midsummer night. That was in 2014 though, not until we were in our mid 50’s. You could say I had a deprived childhood. (Not really, just as far as the Broads are concerned!)
  18. There are so many lovely places to moor on the Broads. I’d be interested to know which you think are really special and why. It might be because they have good amenities close by, or maybe are quiet and peaceful, or maybe have some special memory for you. Please share your favourite moorings with us.
  19. I’m bored too. Worse, I feel this thread, and others like it will put people off NBN. It’s just relentless. Same old. You are not doing yourselves any favours in potentially engaging new people in a serious topic.
  20. Ooh, ChrisB! How can you insinuate sewage onto my holiday thread. Yuk! Hope it doesn’t happen though. Brundall might become a bit smelly. The people that planned out Milton Keynes thoughtfully placed the sewage works not far from junction 14 of the M1. Just where we normally get off the M1 to go home. In summer that’s the ‘welcoming’ smell we get when we are almost back home.
  21. Lovely and quiet in March, and no problems finding a mooring. We had our first (motor) experience on the Broads in March 2015 and got hooked. What week do you have in July? We are on Lustre (a sailey) the first week. Helen
  22. Hi David...obviously not, I can’t resist either. OBB- I had a lovely and apologetic phone call from the guy who forgot about the cleaning. He didn’t move the boat, at all, fished during the day, pub in the evenings and used an electric heater. So,I’m sure he didn’t use any fuel.
  23. Friday 14th February Our final day, as Graham wanted to go to agility classes with Seren Saturday morning. Awoke at 5am this morning, a big improvement on yesterday. Once Graham got up, we had a short trip downriver to the BA moorings on Short Dyke via Rockland Broad so that Seren could have a good run around. Fleet Dyke Rockland Broad Short Dyke Unfortunately, this week the Brooms fuel quay was out of action as they were replacing the shed on the quay, so we had to find another place to re-fuel and get a pump-out. Silverline and Swancraft had been suggested. Before we left Short Dyke, I tried phoning Swancraft, but as there was no answer, I tried Silverline. The lady that answered said she would have to ask someone and took my phone number. We waited around for a while, but then started off back toward Brundall without having had a call-back. I was getting a bit worried that the wind was picking up again, and I was worried enough about going up an unfamiliar narrow dyke lined with other boats without having to contend with the wind as well. As we still hadn’t heard back from Silverline, I tried Swancraft again, this time successfully. Jay had thoughtfully provided me with a map; however, I almost went past the Silverline basin. I managed to manoeuvre in okay though. They were expecting us and helped with our lines. Very friendly couple. They even got the water hose out so that we could refill our water (otherwise we would have had another tricky operation getting down a dyke to the only 'winter' water point available Brooms). I was expecting to pay more per litre for fuel, as we normally get a discount from Brooms, but we were surprised at how much fuel we had apparently used. We paid as much as we did at the end of our August week, despite not travelling far and not being able to use the heating for two days whilst it was fixed. I was too cautious reversing out of Swancraft and made things difficult for myself. I should have reversed out further. Still, we didn’t hit any other boats and once we were out in the dyke again it was plain sailing, or it would have been if getting back on our mooring hadn’t been slightly tricky. I aborted the first try as the wind and tide were both pushing my stern out (should have reminded Graham to tie up the stern first). By this time, it was almost mid-day. Shortly after we arrived back, I had a call from Silverline explaining that they couldn’t do a re-fuel for us as they had no room on their quay. So, it’s lucky that I managed to get hold of Swancraft! Rather than have lunch we decided to just get on with cleaning the boat. As we were cleaning, we noticed the barge with the tree cutting equipment coming around the corner. It started clearing away dead/cut wood from the bank opposite. We left the boat about 3pm and made our way to Wroxham to hand the key back to the BCBM agent. In the blog from earlier in the week I mentioned that the door key cut by Timpson’s in Sainsbury’s didn’t work. We got a refund and got the (excellently stocked and friendly) hardware store in Brundall to cut one for us instead. A very late lunch/early dinner was had at the Station Smokehouse in Wroxham. We had a platter for one of brisket, pork belly, chips, corn cob, coleslaw and beans between us. The meat was beautifully tender and we enjoyed out meal. The portion was plenty for the two of us. And then we got on our way home. Here's a final glimpse of Wroxham as we crossed the bridge. It’s been a mixed bag of a week, what with storm Ciara and the heater playing up, but we have enjoyed it. Very relaxing (apart from the trip up to Swancraft!). Just what we needed.
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