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  1. YnysMon


    Yes, but what about his side kick Boo-Boo? (Yogi’s that is...).
  2. Did you mean ‘peel’ perchance? LOL.
  3. With great difficulty. I ended up with not very much carrot but lots of peelings!
  4. I excel at growing wonky veg. Think I’ve surpassed myself this time though!
  5. YnysMon


    Well, yes. hullabaloos indeed! A species of inconsiderate hirers known from the 1930’s onwards. (Check out Arthur Ransom’s ‘Coot Club’.)
  6. A warm welcome from me too. Helen
  7. Well, at least it shows that they are investing in improvements. Isn’t that a good thing?
  8. Steady on chaps! (Flippin’ ek...for a Welsh person to say that is just weird...). Just behave!
  9. Umm...Folies Bergere? Just noticed that one on Timbo’s phone photo. LOL
  10. ‘ hitched up his tights’ She’s sure about that one, is she?
  11. Jean, how could you! You’ll set him off again!
  12. Typing ‘ying tong’ with predictive text takes a bit of doing!
  13. Brilliant...though you’ve gone a bit Charlotte Bronte with your ‘Dear readers ‘. All together now... Ying tong, ying tong, ying tong... 😀 (iddle i po) More, more! (pretty please!)
  14. Hi Polly. We are probably wimps, but I find that trying to quant against a stiff breeze ain’t fun!
  15. What a pain! Our insurance is probably more expensive, but at least they are easy to contact.
  16. Do let us know how you got on. Hope you didn’t have a chilly night without a canopy!
  17. Near the mouth of Candle Dyke? (Or, as Arthur Ransom called it, ‘Kendal Dyke’.) The reason I think it’s there...we spent a long time on that stretch a couple of year back trying to tack up it. Got through eventually!
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