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  1. Loved the 'mast gate pin thingy'... That's my sort of language.
  2. Yep Arthur...I agree. Well out of hand! Helen
  3. What a shame. Hope you get there another time.
  4. Thanks for the pics and write up. How did you find The White Horse at Upton? We ate there last year and were very impressed with their Sunday Roast and beer. We weren't that taken with The Dog this year though we loved it last year. Mind you anywhere can have an off day, and as I've said before what suits one person doesn't necessarily suit the next person. Does anyone know whether it's changed hands since last year?
  5. In response to Timbo's post...I think I'm rapidly running out of 'likes' this evening.
  6. Look, this is just getting out of hand now! It's lovely that people are joining in but I'm having difficulty understanding some of it. LOL! Part of the trouble with Welsh is that there's differences in vocabulary between north and south, and anyway...I'm rusty! Helen
  7. I thought you'd be used to Timbo by now...
  8. Thanks for the write up Grendel. It's lovely to hear about the weekend from different people's perspectives. Helen
  9. Lol! Great write up. Looking forward to the next instalment! I must try to get to the Weyford Bridge Inn in September. By the way I tried to reply to this lunchtime from my work PC but it would let me click into the reply box to enter text. I thought that I would message you direct from the staff listing but it wouldn't let me do that either. Was there a problem earlier or is it just my work PC I wonder? Helen
  10. Yes, sorry...got a bit carried away...
  11. That's a bit strong! I love this forum because they accept anyone...even me! As I have found Norfolk folk to be. (Is there a collective noun for Norfolk people?). I tried Norfolkitis..but that sounded very wrong. A few too many bevvies this evening me thinks...
  12. Yeh...but taffio's are from down south and I'm from oop north! LOL
  13. Sorry...translation - 'Is there a place for a forum in Welsh here?' (And that was firmly tongue in cheek.)
  14. Oes na lle am forum Cymraeg yma? I guess that would be the equivalent of walking into a bar in Wales...
  15. Dylan looks chuffed to bits. Another sailor in the making!
  16. Thanks Pete. If you see a Hunter's boat (Wood Violet) on the 2nd July flying a Welsh flag wave like mad! We'll be handing the boat back the morning of 3rd. Helen
  17. No, it's 'me doock' that you're called. Graham spent 4 years in Loughborough (Looga-boruga according to one Canadian student that he met) so he should know...and I joined him for his 3rd year. Wonderful year for our relationship, not so good for my putative career as a teacher, but alls well that ends well.
  18. YnysMon

    Thurne Lion

    Yay! Glad to hear that you're opening. Hope you'll be offering food by the end of June...?
  19. A big welcome to the forum. Hope you have a good time and have good weather. We've been on the Broads the first week of July for the past two years and have been lucky weather wise. We're hoping to be on the water for a week from 26th June, depending on how my 90 year old Mum gets on. She's recently out of hospital but not doing so well, so we're not really sure if we'll be able to make it. If we do we'll be on a sail boat this time, trying to get by those pesky chalets in PH that churn the wind up so much! What dates in July are you down in Norfolk? Helen
  20. So, Norfolk is the new Midlands? I must admit when I lived in Anglesey I thought anywhere south of Manchester was 'the south' (couldn't understand any of that 'Watford Gap' nonsense). Now I live in MK anywhere north of us is 'oop north'. Crazy what?
  21. Hasn't his thread meandered away from Irstead ages ago?
  22. I know I'm going to regret this...but what's Northern Nancy?
  23. I know...maybe we're hoping all the mods are away at the meet. You know what they say...when the cat's away... Lovely to meet you the other week Sue. (Hope I've got the right Sue?) Helen
  24. Naturally...maybe you need to get away from the coast though...
  25. Probably because there's a collective memory among Welsh speakers that they weren't allowed to use Welsh for any official business until the 70s, so there's still a bit of a grudge against 'the English' collectively but mostly its not personal. I can remember by Gran ('Nain' - who incidentally married an Englishman) telling me that she was punished for speaking Welsh when she started school even though she spoke no English. My Mum only spoke Welsh until she started school too and it was drummed into her in that she should speak English. Not excusing bad manners, just trying to cast some light on why people would behave like that. By the way, about the only time my Mum and I spoke Welsh when I was younger was when we were 'abroad' (and that includes England), not that we were doing it because we were criticising anyone, it was just instinctive. Helen
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