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  1. Well, I just glad I’m over here and not across the pond. Graham’s brother phoned him yesterday. His brother lives somewhere south of LA. At the time he phoned he was in a queue (nicely spread out I gather) outside of Costco. There were a couple of cops keeping an eye on things. Apparently sales of guns and ammunition have gone through the roof, and they sell those things in Costco and Wallmart. So, worry not about bog roll wars given we don’t have to contend with anything (potentially) worse!
  2. I don’t know...that one on the left has a real mean expression.Either that or it has indigestion from consuming too many sheets of loo roll.
  3. I’m with you Jean. I’m working at home too, but the project that I’m working on has been a bit slow getting off the ground. I’m sure a lot of people would think that’s great, less work, I just find it depressing as I like to be busy. I’ll just have to use the time constructively. Most of our staff training is available online now anyway. On a more positive note, eldest son has just arrived back from an extended shift in IKEA. They have sent employees who are at risk home. He works in the restaurant, which they closed early today, and I gather will remain closed. The remaining staff have spent their time deep cleaning the place. Chairs have been put through the dishwasher, tables upended and cleaned underneath and their legs cleaned, and then wrapped in protective covering. He’s going in for an extra shift tomorrow too, presumably to cover for other staff. It’s not perfect (no company/employer is) but I do like IKEA.
  4. Lots of empty shelves in Sainsburys this morning at opening time. No flour, pasta or loo rolls etc. Not many tinned goods either.
  5. I work friend circulated this earlier...
  6. Excellent advice. We are trying to keep in touch with my father in law, living by himself in Anglesey. Today my husband phoned his Dad (who’s 88 next week) to offer to bring him down to live with us for a while. I must admit, I had doubts whether that would be the best plan, given MK is much more populated than Anglesey, and we have our son who works on checkouts, so in contact with a lot of people, living with us. Dad says he’s fine for the present. Hope it stays that way!
  7. Looks a lovely boat Jean, I can understand why you’ve hired her several times. Thanks for commenting on your experience all round. The Maltsters is an interesting one. We’ve been there for a few meals, some really excellent, some not so good.
  8. It does feel unreal. At least I’m well set up for home working, with laptop and good secure networks. Must be really difficult for people like Ian in other more ‘hands-on’ industries, and I really feel for small business owners. The latest this evening for us isn’t unexpected but slightly depressing. Dog training cancelled, band practise sessions cancelled, stained glass evening classes cancelled and even church services cancelled. That must be a first. Elderly people without family around them and who aren’t connected with people over social media will be isolated.
  9. I appreciate both Paul’s intention in setting up this thread (though my ‘ol brain still refuses to engage!), and also Wussername’s concern. We all react differently to times like this.
  10. The OU is now advising staff to work at home if possible, and that it’s okay to take monitors, laptop docking stations home. I notice that I and my colleagues are quickly getting more savvy about how to hold meetings via Skype. No.2 son has been in contact today to say someone who has visited their student house in Bournemouth has been confirmed as having Covid-whatsit. He has has cold symptoms since the weekend. As a household they are self-isolating. He’s reporting that they have plenty of food but are running short on loo roll. He also added he shouldn’t go hungry as he’s sharing a house with 5 other people. He’s always has a wry sense of humour. Elder son has meanwhile been trying to calculate roughly how many people he came into contact with on the till at yesterday’s shift in IKEA. He’s been wearing disposable gloves and trying to follow other advice. One of his online friends is a bank manager in Wisconsin and has been talking about her worries about the number of elderly people continuing to visit the bank. She and her staff keep cleaning down surfaces. It’s a weird old world, but hopefully we can look after each other.
  11. Thanks Jean. Lovely photos and I loved the YouTube video too. Great photo of the daffs...was that down Horsefen Lane, the road toward Hunter’s Yard? Sounds like you had a grand relaxing time.
  12. Loved Wusser’s post in the concern expressed, but have to agree that we need some distraction. I still can’t get my head around this one though! Just got back from church, just about all our frail and elderly members were still present. We have been told not to shake hands etc. though, so we’re taught how to say ‘peace be with you’ in sign language.
  13. I notice none of the clever clogs have chipped in yet. Probably all retreated for deep thoughts. Me, I just think ‘what!’ and the ol’ brain shuts down. Good thing I’ve never had to apply for a job that involves phychowhatsit tests! Had an interesting time recently as a volunteer observer for part of a recruitment process. They had almost 60 candidates, divided into teams of 6 and subjected them to a type of escape room exercise, except it was the opposite as they had to guess the clues that enabled them to break into a safe. Observers were asked to score a couple of people on team working , problem solving etc. I was a bit sceptical beforehand, but afterwards thought it had worked quite well. The jobs they were recruiting to were to join a team piloting a new IT system, so anticipating needing to work together as a team on solving problems if all goes pear shaped!
  14. Hmm, my husband’s niece is planning to get married in early April. We have already bought a train ticket for my father in law (who’s in his ‘80s) to travel down to stay with us. I’m starting to think that it’s not a good idea for him to travel down by train. Worse, my brother in law is due to fly in from the States, also to stay with us before his daughter’s wedding. Well was... So many unknowns.
  15. Well, it might be easy for those who like cryptic crosswords, but for us mere mortals!
  16. I’d heard that kids are less likely to have serious symptoms, but that doesn’t mean they don’t catch it or won’t pass it on...bit like chicken pox, where their more elderly relatives could get something more serious.
  17. How sad. My condolences to Mags.
  18. So, today’s lesson. Never combine car mechanics and cooking. 😂
  19. Is it somewhere on the Ant?
  20. Made me chuckle too. Seriously though, the idea of actual detectives based at Wroxham!
  21. I can just imagine the burning smell. You obviously weren’t working on something near to the kitchen/cooker.
  22. I think David might be right. The cottage in the background looks like that house that’s on the opposite bank from Cantley.
  23. Yep! Managed to get a couple more books on a visit to the chandlery in Wroxham last month. Not read them yet. I might save them up for our next cruise.
  24. Roll on summer! You never know, we might get an Easter heatwave. (Hope springs eternal!)
  25. That takes some doing. How did you manage that Peter? Nodded off during the cooking?
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