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  1. Just realised that I said ‘pursue Graham’ rather than ‘persuade’...doh! Maybe the end of February, when the days start lengthening and the tides through Yarmouth seem just right? Hmm...am getting carried away as I haven’t even asked Graham how he feels about a cruise so early in the year. We’ll probably go to Anglesey again as that’s a lot cheaper. I feel the pull of the Broads though.
  2. So appreciate having such a lovely detailed holiday write up this time of the year. Am starting to wonder if I can pursue Graham back onto the Broads in February!
  3. Also, Mrs Nog, we need your help!
  4. Weaker half!!!!! Hmph! Ooooh...Grace, where are you? Jay, if I didn’t know you were such a tease., you’d be in sooo much trouble (yes...that word!).
  5. Quite right Vaughan. (Hangs head in shame as Dad was a train driver in the days of steam.)
  6. What’s with the new avatar Jay? I see Mr Nog is also getting a makeover. Trying to confuse us?
  7. YnysMon

    Acle Bridge Inn

    We’ve had really good meals in Pedro’s too. It’s good to have the choice between excellent pub food and something a bit different.
  8. Love this thread...Robin, you are a genius in getting us all to engage. Have loved your learning to drive thread, you have a knack of showing a bit of vulnerability alongside your pride in trying to do ‘what’s right’ that is very encouraging.
  9. Ooh, er! Hope there weren’t any casualties! (Apart from the car and train.)
  10. Whooho! Speeded up or what! Actually, given the way you had speeded up the video I was impressed that you weren’t waving around more than it appeared. Normally when people speed up their videos it makes me feel sea sick, but I didn’t get that with your video, so well done! Really beautiful sky. More videos please! And I don’t do slapping. (Well maybe Trump is an exception.) Helen
  11. How come the video is now unavailable? Sooo disappointed! Helen
  12. This thread’s getting a bit political! (I’m with Grace!)
  13. Marshman, wasn’t sure to respond with a thanks or a to your post! Glad your daughter had good weather for the day,. I thought it was a lovely setting for her graduation. Bit amazed though that the graduation ceremony was so late in the year. Is that the norm nowadays? When I graduated from Bangor in 1981 (showing my age here) the ceremony was in July (brilliant weather). Same for Graham who graduated a couple of years behind me (long story...we met in school and he was a year behind me, then he did a four year course at Uni). Graham’s graduation ceremony was a week exactly before our wedding (July 1983). That was lucky, as we hadn’t really factored in his graduation in our plans. Given we had met in school aged 16 we had waited quite a long time to get married. Seemed an age as Graham had proposed 3 months into our relationship.
  14. Hi, yes thanks, loves Bournemouth. He seems to be getting along fine - socially anyway, though he's thinking of asking to switch to Politics instead of Politics and Economics. Thanks for asking. When we visited Bournemouth Tuesday last week to pick Alec up there was a graduation going on. Lovely to see lots of graduates and their families on the beach front and lower gardens. What a super setting for a graduation! Helen
  15. Hi Jean. Still trying to decide where to put it. I need a suction hook or something to hang it against a window. We’ll be starting on making fused glass tiles next week. I need to refine the design that I’ve come up with for mine. Thinking of doing a sort of seascape design.
  16. Lots of soldering this evening and I managed to finish off my butterfly suncatcher. To start with we had to apply a liquid over the copper to help the solder stick and then apply a couple of blobs of solder on the main joints before spreading the solder along smoothly (ish, in my case!) over the copper. Then we had to put a thin layer of solder on the outer edges before adding ‘bead’ solder (a thicker layer) over the joints. Final bit of soldering was to add a small loop to hang the butterfly and solder on the antennae...I almost messed up at this point as I initially only gave my butterfly one antenna and had to be reminded that it should have two...doh! We finished off by using another liquid to darken the solder.
  17. Love it...am a tinsywinsy bit envious (understatement of the year). Enjoy! And do keep us updated on your adventures on her. Those of us who can only visit the Broads now and again keep going through reading holiday blogs.
  18. I'm at the Open University campus in MK.
  19. The view a couple of minutes ago from my office window. It's a bit gloomy as the sun is already quite low in the sky. The River Ousel and a public footpath is just beyond the football field and before the belt of trees in the background...great for a lunchtime walk. Helen
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