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  1. I read a few reviews saying the Royal Oak Beccles is still dog friendly despite having converted to a pizza place. Good reviews for the pizza too.
  2. This is one of the more unusual thread drifts I’ve seen on a holiday blog for some time. Curry...diets...old age. Has anyone tried a takeaway from the Thai place in Wroxham?
  3. Yes, the Swan in Loddon is dog friendly. I think the bar area was quite spacious. At least it was when we visited a few years ago.
  4. I agree John, I too rely on other people’s holiday blogs to keep me going until our next visit. Thanks for all the recent tales...and haven’t there been more February tales than usual?
  5. I have two screens at work too. It makes the aspects of my my work where I’m having to compare or transfer data so much easier. Recently Ive switched from having a PC to a docked smallish laptop, but still linked via the dock to those screens The laptop is also a boon if I have work remotely for some reason, much easier than having to use a VPN with my own laptop. We have also recently had some training events where we have been asked to bring our laptops with us. (How’s that for thread drift!)
  6. Hope your Dad will be okay. New Inn is so dog friendly, no wonder your two relaxed.
  7. Another option is to hire from Whispering Reeds, based at Hickling. In a day (9 to 5) we got through to Horsey, had lunch in The Nelson Head, an afternoon trip up to West Somerton and back and spent the final hour exploring Catfield Dyke.
  8. So, what would raising it achieve? Just to make that area no different to every other area of the Broads. You do have the option to visit the place, as we all have. Do what we did a couple of years ago and hire a day boat, or as Grendel has shown, hiring above the bridge is still possible. It’s special, why destroy that? By the way, when we had almost completed our day boat outing and were returning to Whispering Reeds boatyard, we passed Broad Ambition as she was reversing out of the pub dyke on Hickling. (Dare I whisper...Wroxham Bridge?)
  9. Thanks for posting this Griff.
  10. I cant see that raising the bridge would be allowed due to its protected status, and even if it was allowed I can’t see where the funds would come from.
  11. Thanks for posting Warren. Have a good week!
  12. Well, they can’t be solitary all the time... otherwise we wouldn’t have any little otters would we. Sorry...couldn’t resist.
  13. Thanks Griff, that was a delight. Mind you I’ve got a bit of a crick in my neck now after viewing it. You do realise that you’ve now made Irstead an even more desirable mooring, if that’s possible.
  14. Brilliant post Tempest. Lots of options, and lots of different reasons why they are good in their individual character. I must put in a word for the wild mooring near the entrance to Womack Dyke. We also love overnighting in Hunter’s Yard (sorry, only sailies allowed).
  15. LOL. That’s what I do too! Remind myself how good the Broads are (not that I need reminding, but any excuse). Have a good week. Hopefully the weather will behave itself, and the heating!
  16. That’s what I do too, except as a Word table. It’s so handy to be able to check out high tide at a glance when planning to go somewhere on the far side of a bridge.
  17. YnysMon

    Acle Bridge Inn

    Yep, I know he would! Have been told off more than once for even referring to the low alc stuff. LOL.
  18. YnysMon

    Acle Bridge Inn

    Low alcohol stuff on tap? Is that a first? Must tell my Graham. He loves the bottled low alc Ghostship.
  19. Check out the tides before your visit. http://www.norfolk-broads.org/tides/tide_report.asp?
  20. YnysMon

    Road Works 2020

    I find the RAC site quite good. Started out using it to plan out routes but found their warnings of planned roadworks good. Our SatNav has a mind of her own on roadworks. Occasionally helpful, but more often not!
  21. I’m not keen on stern mooring either. We haven’t done it much, as we didn’t have the best experience on one of our first Broads holidays. Womack Staithe in May. The people who squeezed in next to us went off to the pub, returned after dark and promptly fired up their engine. Grr. Love wild moorings up the Ant. Irstead is special too.
  22. YnysMon

    Acle Bridge Inn

    We moored on the north bank BA moorings at Acle last summer over lunchtime. They are near the new cafe. The moorings used to belong to the old Bridge Stores but are now BA moorings, and I gather from recent news that they are being extended and electric posts are being installed. That’s good news! In August we also had a wild mooring between the Pedro’s moorings and the Yacht Club hut. It had access to the footpath that passes along the Pedro’s moorings, but no fee. It was also very peaceful, being further away from the road.
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