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  1. Grendel my friend, That would have read a huge amount better if you’d said both or all three of the others rather than ALL THE REST! He he M
  2. Forgive yourself Robin, you’ve only been driving for five minutes compared to most on here. Don’t knock yourself out over a few minor boo boos. personally I take great pleasure in doing things right, at the right time and in the correct way. That’s my pleasure in driving. After 40 years of at fault accident free driving I’m happy with that. M
  3. Hey Doug how many is a couple??? Lmao M
  4. Looking good Doug, hopefully less vibration now too? Smooth as the babies bum M
  5. OK my day last Wednesday. Moored at Norwich YS Tuesday.Out of bed at five am weds, quick shower to wake up and make myself look professional. Kettle on for a mug of tea, get dressed, blue slacks, blue sports coat ( blazer) black church shoes,ivory shirt, grey tie. Collected my folder and headed off to the railway station to catch the 06:24 to Liverpool street. Train was there when I arrived. Parked my bum in reserved seat and waited for the off. Arrived in the smoke, walked the 3/4 of a mile to the venue and waited for 09:45 for the right time to arrive politely early. ( interview was 10:00 am) Interview ended at 12:45 and then walked back to Old street tube. Tube back to LS then off to Norwich. Arrived back, walked back to boat then filled up with water and headed off to Hardley mill at 15:45. Arrived in a hooley, moored up and started to cook my dinner. Ate dinner, glass of wine then hit bed and crashed for sleep. Long tiring day but fun nonetheless. Back home in Switzerland now M
  6. Sorry to be a blight on all the nay sayers concerning canal restorations however, when hundreds of volunteers started to clear the Rochdale canal all the bridges over it and there were many were at 2 or three feet height as the decision had been taken that it was to be allowed to go derelict. Some sections were in private hands. Some were full of cars and shopping trolleys. BUT At the end of the day where there is a will there is a way and now it is navigable again. To quote a famous film. Hey quit with the negative waves man...... Nothing is impossible don’t be negative there’s no need. M
  7. And I can attest that Hippersons is one of the best pump outs you can get. Absolutely stellar. Great people to as they helped us when nobody else would. Fine broads folk. Many thanks again from Malanka
  8. These days Mike very probably. M
  9. Ok if that’s ok wth everyone. I will of course reach out to Mike to put some expertise into the whole thing. M
  10. Happy to do so Mike. I will wait for an emerging consensus but would be happy to produce a quiz. Do you think the members would appreciate audio / music clues as part of the quiz? We could laminate visual clues too if folks would like some variety. As I said I will wait for an emerging consensus. M
  11. Someone who doesn’t quiz should set the quiz. We aren’t on the chase or pointless or tipping point and all teams bar one ( the regular quizzers) didn’t get anywhere near 45%. That’s not an inclusive quiz. Sorry to be a grump but it’s suppised to fun it’s not Friday quiz night. Whats the point of setting a quiz where only one team gets over 50% correct answers and everyone else is nowhere in sight? M
  12. Timmy I’m not sure I can handle anymore phone calls when I’ve said don’t call just concentrate on getting better 😍. I love you like a brother and you’re a great guy to know and have as a friend but Jesus please stop frightening the bejesus out of me✅. Just have a few days weeks or months without the boat being sabotaged , tools nicked and you being admitted to hospital twice in ten days. You’re as mad as a box of frogs but wouldn’t be without you for a moment. STAY WELL YOU BL***Y loon. M
  13. Bluebell, Very happy to meet you as another kindred spirit. Very happy to warm up some dead cow, very pleased you liked the onion rings ( an experiment) and the twice cooked chips ( an extravagance) To everyone , what a wonderful weekend. Was lovely meeting old and new loons who like boats. To Grendel and Mirage, what a great trip to Coltishall and a good evening on River song. Red is a cute pup. To Judith M so many thanks for your offer of help. Friends indeed.... See you all again soon M
  14. Had a lovely CinC today weather was a little chilly then warm then wet then warm then it got dark and it was freeeezing
  15. I’ll moor next to her Liz then we can 50/50 on the donations..... Here are Grendel and Polly finally making it out of South Walsham where they were sleeping 💤 in the afternoon. Peter has some great day boat footage for those of a photographic bent too... See you all tomorrow from a damp but enthusiastic crowd on Ranworth Island
  16. Slept like a log. 8 solid hour sleep was a tad chilly early doors. Not cold enough for the ebber though. Here is a warm if vaguely drizzly Ranworth Island.Taken from the side on mooring at the end. This was Fiona’s lunchtime view she sent me earlier.. Sent from her restaurant for lunch. Here’s another of the inhabitants of Bern. See you all later M
  17. Saw the boat but not you or Pat listening to the rain pattering on the cabin roof defo time for a sleep was up at 05:30 this am on the ferry. Dont worry be happy is put out on the tannoy to wake everyone up. Hate that tune now M
  18. Best wishes for tomorrow M
  19. Here we are in Womack looking very celebratory in the sun. Off to Ranworth Island tomorrow. M
  20. And fresh battered onion rings
  21. Note to all! Was going to get. I.e. haven’t got. I will be making home made fresh burgers though...
  22. Was going to get you some special sausages John. Next time
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