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  1. That’s why I always use the horn in the approved fashion. I always give way to downstream boats. M
  2. Malanka


    As a bit of a mongrel Yorkie mum and Lancy dad I can start early but complain about it with complete confidence.. M
  3. I can imagine a tab end going down very well in the SCR at Cambridge Tim.... lol
  4. I assumed the ugly duckling was an allegory for not judging a book by its cover and so inherently not racist. Oh well
  5. Not the right place but can't be bothered to open a new one. We will be out and about from April 17th for ten days or so, hope to meet up with at least some of you. See you floating. M&F
  6. +1 Excellent analysis and my point exactly. M
  7. The Juliet boats gave 5/10 as their plated air draft jubilee was similar. Most of the old woodies were 9 or 10ft 6. Malanka is 10/6. Modern 12ft wide monstrosities are the issue. M
  8. That isn’t what I said read what I said
  9. I must say it’s about time someone decided that protecting local communities took precedence over a birds nesting site for one season. Birds have the cognitive abilities of the average cockroach or frog of even fish which many think nothing of stamping on or hoiking out of their natural environment. Anthropomorphism at its worst.
  10. Just visit the wooden boat show in Beccles then look opposite to see IMO some beautiful classic boats. And some of my grp favs too. So yes of course they can. To be honest classic will soon mean surviving. Which kind of says it all really. M
  11. We may see you then. We will honk if we do. We arrive weds before Easter but first day is soft furnishings and shopping and making sure everything works. Friday Charlie Dolphin is joining us so may see you after that. Doggies in hunde hotel. We will be at Phil’s in Stalham M
  12. Doug my friend that’s half a chine mate. That’s nowt as Charlie would say..... If it doesn’t take three blokes to lift it it’s only a tiddler. M
  13. That would be a LOT of stainless steel. You’d be up against the Chinese and Indians just to buy that much. Lol
  14. You may wish to consider a smart battery charger rather than a straight charger. Helps with battery life considerably. Bilge pump you can’t turn off Alarm for break ins Decent sound system Externally mounted ( high up) dongle lots of three pin plugs for all the leccy stuff you’re getting 12 and usb sockets Economical diesel heater
  15. More boat surgery porn coming soon to a boat near you. That looks like a few more planks than you had identified earlier when you wattsapp video called lying on your back under that beautiful craft mate? Hope it’s not too many and you have enough Iroko or teak to fix said soft bits. I’m sure you and Robin had an horrible but well worth it time with your hammers earlier. Ave a great time I think we will just miss you as we arrive weds am for our look see and shakedown after all our travails. M
  16. When the rock band masquerading as Norse gods opens up at the back definitely not but yes she can. Hates it.....
  17. The SVR is manual paddles ( sport mode) or gear shift no clutch or full auto. Has a dynamic set everything inc dampers up from scratch mode , this is my fav and use it all the time but it’s hard on your bum on cobbled Swiss streets. She was the Zurich launch car in 2017 same color and trim as the top gear one they drove to Geneva. that Morgan looks too good to be real will look into it when get back to uk. M
  18. Millie is also v economical when driven like a granny she will do over 30 mpg at 70 mph, just blip the right foot a tad and that goes down to about 3 mpg. You also break the motorway speed limit in all 8 gears. Most fun I ever had completely within the 30 mph zones or any speed limit to be honest as she makes quite a racket and still doing 28mph or 38, 48 or 58 or 68. I just set the limiter and off we go saves losing license by being silly. I can get my speed kicks in Germany. She going back to lease company in June so this is her last long trip. She is bang on the 80 odd db limit for noise. Uses 95 unleaded too don’t do the track so don’t use premium mechanics said I don’t need it with all the torque of the supercharger . M
  19. Done 130 with top down the ears take a battering I don’t go above 70 now with top down. Sucks the cap off your head. We drove to Cannes last spring for our 25th Anniversary, journey was amazing did the old route pre motorway was so sublime I loved every minute of it. Also drove the casino section of the Monaco GP Too that was fun, loads of waves from f-type fans. All the armco was up for the GP. M
  20. I was being a little sarcastic in my Lexus post. It’s a lovely thing quiet reliable and it looks good too. We had a Mercedes before and their well known gearbox issues surfaced after two years. Got to the point that it didn’t like the flappy paddle changes at all. M
  21. Hi Paul we have one hybrid, an RX450 f-sport which is limited to 140 mph. Our other car is Millie the beast which does 0-62 in 3.5 seconds and tops out aerodynamically at 195mph. The coupe does 200 but the cabriolet isn’t as slippery through the air. Millie is an f-type SVR. 5 liter V8 and 575 ps. We will be driving her to Norfolk at Easter via the A5, A61, and A81 in Germany all of which adds up to 485km of derestricted driving. Few things are more fun than flashing over huge 7 series BMWs in Germany. They hate it as they love their willie competitions. What they care about is what you drive and where you go on holiday, they couldn’t care less about houses. Quite different from the UK Switzerland or Belgium. Happy motoring M
  22. It also had an idiot driving a transit sized van BOUNCE off it when slamming into the side of it.
  23. Well the old and crappy below standard hybrid technology in our petrol Lexus delivers 50mpg from a 3.5lt V6. Even more round town. It also does 140mph where allowed and feels like a sofa driving along. Having driven both Kia and Hyundai models in the US for work trips I wouldn’t get your hopes up of them supplanting Toyota any time soon.
  24. If it’s wet or I’m solo go through at low to ensure bridge clearance of 8ft 2 with top up. Don’t really bother with slack or tides outside of clearances as that’s our control factor. Prefer not to punch all the way oop North but doesn’t make much difference to us. When being 10ft wide with a sharp pointy bit works to your advantage. M
  25. Funny but the bit about losing fuel duty to the government coffers is actually true. Funny how tree huggers refer to fossil fuels that are taxed at 70% as “subsidized”. In other news the spaghetti trees are ripe for harvesting M
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