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  1. JamesLV

    Calendars In Print

    So the calendars have been printed, now just waiting to be trimmed and bound, not long now folks...
  2. JamesLV

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    He's already got the car, it's not what perhaps most people would buy as a first car, but then when is Robin ever 'most people' ?
  3. Cal, I still need your photo please! Vaughan & Pete Belham, you both have emails from me.
  4. JamesLV

    Brinks Serenade

    Brinks Omega, which from memory is 8'6"
  5. JamesLV

    Danger.. I've Had An Idea.. Danger

    There will be a blank outside back page on the calendar, so any details could be added there, however if the idea is deemed worthy by the powers, I’ll happily add more details.
  6. JamesLV

    Unplug Then Cast Off!

    I use the same for the mudweight, saves me trying to use the excuse of “it was dirty and I was trying to clean it...”
  7. JamesLV

    Brinks Serenade

    Well, it’s booked, now the long wait until we get up there, today will be the start of the planning which will no doubt change several times. Still, we have a few days in the Isle of Wight and a week at my dads place in Italy, and take the boat out on the lake there between now and the Broads, so not all bad!
  8. JamesLV

    Lion Thurne Update

    Very highly rate the Lion, food is great, service is great and Rachel is an absolute sweetheart.
  9. JamesLV

    Brinks Serenade

    On serenade you don't need to do anything to move the canopies other than press a button
  10. JamesLV

    Brinks Serenade

    I've just spoken with Barnes, and apparently all the Serenades have dual helm seats, the photo's of single seats were in the early build phases, somewhat conflicting information, but I'd trust they know what is on their boats.
  11. JamesLV

    Brinks Serenade

    It think it’s probably all relative, compared to a bathtub or a fly bridge cruiser then yes visibility will be compromised, but when compared to a sedan cruiser, other than rearward visibility, it really shouldn’t be that different. Given you only really use rearward visibility for the occasional check what’s behind you, or stern on mooring, which you do at very slow speed, I’m not too fussed. We chose Serenade for the same reasons you chose Benmore, I’ve tried to get under Ludham bridge for the last 3 years in a boat that should easily go under at low tide, but been thwarted by high river levels where the bridge was showing 8’2” even at low water. Next year we will be taking full advantage and spending 3 nights on the Ant
  12. JamesLV

    Brinks Serenade

    We definitely want one with the twin seat, it’s one of our reasons for choosing the boat
  13. JamesLV

    Brinks Serenade

    2 guests, 1 night on board, so shouldn't really be an issue.
  14. JamesLV

    Brinks Serenade

    I’m quite loyal to Barnes as they’ve really looked after us in the past, and as I say, we will be having guests.
  15. JamesLV

    Brinks Serenade

    We’re thinking of hiring this next year after two years on Omega. We love Omega and will no doubt hire it again, but we fancy trying a centre cockpit, and something a little bit ‘flash’. We’re also planning on having guests so the extra space will be useful. Obviously I’ve watched Robin’s videos, but I was wondering if anyone else had any experience of the boat they’d like to share?

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