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  1. JamesLV

    New Boat From Herbert Woods

    I guess I fall into the ‘newer hirer’ catergory, this year being my fourth on the Broads, and I’m still (just) under 40 years old. For Ems and I, the choice is a week on a Greek island/Balearic island/Cyprus (delete as applicable) or a week on the Broads, we’re both mid-late 30’s, no kids, and we want to have a nice week away, Omega has supplied that perfectly for the last couple of years, but, we now want a treat, it is a holiday after all. I’m not fussed about microwaves or satellite telly, but I do want a proper bed and you know what, a flushing toilet is more agreeable to me than a jabsco. Personally I think HW are seriously bold offering this for 6, you only have to look at the Broom’s own hire, but without the 2nd cabin, it’d make quite the cruiser for a couple.
  2. Great looking pics all, well done to everyone, I’m looking forward to putting it together. Cheers guys, James
  3. JamesLV

    Lads Week

    Yes it was, sorry the excitement got the better of me! Good to see you all though, like I say if only in passing. So you’re all at Acle Bridge tonight? That was Wednesday’s mooring for us, last night was South Walsham but Ems fancied some more driving practice so we spent a couple of pints (hours) at Thurne on the (sort of) way.
  4. JamesLV

    Lads Week

    Nice to see you all ‘of sorts’ as we passed outside Ferry Marina, I have no doubt you didn’t know who the idiot that was waving madly at you all. thanks to Howard for letting me know Charlie was on the last boat. Trust you guys all made it back to potter/stalham safely.
  5. JamesLV

    High And Dry

    Think we saw you this morning on the way from St. Benets to Acle? We were on Brinks Omega
  6. JamesLV

    Lads Week

    Yep, apparently closed at the moment someone we spoke to at Thurne said the same.
  7. JamesLV

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Don’t worry about it Robin, on my first test at a red light the examiner asked me what I did for a living, where I was from etc., then pointed out the green light wasn’t going to get any greener... i was not happy as I thought I’d been distracted but that is driving, next test I ignored all the unnecessary questions and just got on with it. Passed, no minors.
  8. JamesLV

    Drowning In Plastic

    Strangely enough I was chatting with the Doris tonight about how quickly we’ve adapted to taking bags into the shops. I guess to a point I’ve been conditioned as my dad owns a property in Italy and my mum lives in France, both started charging for bags many years ago...
  9. JamesLV

    News Papers

    Sorry, my bad! I think I probably also misread your reply!
  10. JamesLV

    News Papers

    I don’t know about that, we’ve experienced 5 price rises on paper in the last year, and it’s now 60% more expensive than it was 2 years ago. Paper prices are dictated by the mill that supplies the pulp and over the last couple of years several mills have closed and a couple have had “industrial accidents” (they burnt down, make of that what you will) but trust me, paper is definitely a lot more expensive than it used to be!
  11. You should see some of the stuff we print, it’s quite eye opening...
  12. JamesLV

    The Sub £300.00 4hp Outboard...

    There was thinking you’d bought another boat!
  13. JamesLV

    Woodforde Brewery's Shop Is Moving

    Lovely stuff, it's a nice walk up from the moorings to the pub.
  14. JamesLV

    Woodforde Brewery's Shop Is Moving

    Oh well, we don’t really have any non dog friendly pubs down here near Brighton, but it seems they’re a lot more common up in Norfolk. No matter, a few beers on the boat it will be then!
  15. JamesLV

    Woodforde Brewery's Shop Is Moving

    Do they allow dogs in the pub now? We’re heading up soon and will probably do our first night at Salhouse so could take the pup for a walk up to the pub.

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