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  1. Oh of course, maybe I wasnt quite clear enough in my post. Security camera's I have no issue with in the slightest, used by the authorities and owners to maintain security or provide evidence for any wrong doings around the rivers. It is the webcams providing worldwide broadcast all over the water I would not like to see, there are a number around already and I enjoy them as much as anyone, but to be constantly watched just wouldn't be the broads for me.
  2. Now I'm not saying you're wrong G, infact I'm in complete agreement with you personally, but erm.....how do you know? What freaky powers do you mods have on here?
  3. Welcome Tom Am I the only one who doesn't want camera's up all over the broads for public broadcast? I mean don't get me wrong I enjoy the ones which we have and have a nosey from time to time, but when I'm on the rivers I like to get away from the norm of being on display to everyone everywhere I go, the solitude and isolation of the broads is what I enjoy. Maybe it's just me
  4. Oh my God MM, are you feeling alright? You sounded more like a MaureenMynah there with far more talk of shops and shopping than my beloved Broads boozers
  5. The yacht stations and such are fairly expensive in comparison to most places if you want to use the electric so you can certainly ramp up the cost by using these for every night, you are of course perfectly able to spend a fortnight darn sarf and not spend a penny on mooring fees though, so it must be intentional. At the end of the day though you moor where you want to be, and pay the cost to do so dont you. Do you come darn sarf much MM?
  6. Welcome to the forum from my girl Grace and I, Simon and Jen. It's full of useful info and helpful people Like those very helpful information. Hells Bells thank you, as you'll be aware I'm not used to where these "pubs" (is that the correct term) are located, not being one to frequent them on a regular basis Jay
  7. Because you have a disability though right? I mean you must have in order to save the 3 metre walk from a space opposite right? I mean as long as you're alright, why help out a mum who can perfectly well struggle to get a baby out of the rear door through a 12 inch gap between the car next door with a changing bag the size of a suitcase. You talk about problems in society, I see different problems in society to the ones you are looking at.
  8. I believe this is still correct, Somerleyton Swing Bridge should open by request on VHF Ch12 or by giving 3 long blasts by horn when in sight of the bridge. It will swing on demand when there is one red flag flying from the control box. If two red flags are flying the bridge is inoperable (must be too warm ) There may sometimes be a delay of up to 20 minutes to allow a train to pass. There are moorings or pontoons either side for those waiting for the bridge to open.
  9. Jayfire


    Sorry all it's another broadster I never knew. However I sit raising my glass of Stella to his memory, and many more in the future that he rest in peace
  10. Ok, all my messing aside, I do have to confess (under duress from my girl) that I haven't had any issues with any of those weird string and pole types, they've either just gone about their business without any bother to me, or been (very occasionally) pleasant and waved or said hi and such as I've passed. They have thanked me many a time for giving them a wide berth and moved when I've pointed out I'm about to moor up where they have decided to fish from, maybe they realised it was happening whether they liked it or not, I dunno. The only time I have encountered anyone not shifting to make room was in Rockland staithe early in the year when I was the lone boat surrounded by anglers with lines all around, with careful movements and a few sarcastic words (I know, so unusual for me) everyone managed to live another day. Maybe, just maybe, they aren't all that bad really, and the bad ones create the problem for the good ones just like the idiots on boats speeding and such create the discussion about considerate users and those not so suited to our waterways.
  11. Won't last long
  12. It's a beautiful spot Mrs Jean, and the walk is pleasant even if you only tried one bar, although the last time I was there was last December and the walk back to the boat in the dark through the secluded tree lined footpath wouldn't have been for everyone
  13. I dunno Great effort everyone involved, it looks awesome
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