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  1. Sorry mate you took me by surprise there, I saw the NBN Pennant but didn't realise who it was sorry. Hope you're enjoying yourself too
  2. Sorry Mrs SR busy moving at the mo but the South side is lovely, just keep it quiet we dont want everyone coming down here It is chilly and breezy, I'm even thinking of putting the roof back up for a while. Have a great and safe journey, it must be Wayford or Dilham for you today is it? Cant wait until I'm back in April. And then May. Take Care Jean
  3. Even on a cloudy grey day, The Chet is such a lovely, peaceful river to cruise
  4. Ooh wonderful. Which boat are you on? After this week I've unfortunately got to wait 3 weeks until I'm back again I lead others follow Lyindsaey, what can I say One thing I'm sure they dont say in the quiz very often is "well done Liyynndseay, you are correct"
  5. Do keep up Lyindzsey Mr Nog got it hours ago
  6. Nah my friend, it was simply Coldham Hall
  7. Well done Sir, it certainly is the Swan at Loddon Sorry LL Well its definitely south side and closer to Brundall way...
  8. I know the Nogs will get this one easy but come on LL, you can beat them Had a lovely conversation with the bar staff in here too
  9. Ooh I managed to say that twice. Mr @grendel Sir...if you dont mind. Thank you muchly
  10. Lovely Mrs SwanR, glad you had a good day. I'm listening to the thrum of a Broom Captain engine. I'll be popping next door shortly
  11. Can ya tell where I am yet???
  12. Oh and if my fan club outside the Ship Inn at Reedham are on here, I loved it thank you, sorry that I couldn't stop today
  13. Its changeable Liyndsey Not windy though no. It's been lovely bar the occasional cloud coverage. Thank you Mrs S You're more than welcome to come sing along with me over Breydon or elsewhere. I may post the video later if I have enough to drink or I might wait and edit the noise out Hope you're having a great day
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