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  1. Jayfire

    That First Coffee

    Oh Mr Finny You are too good to that woman
  2. Jayfire

    That First Coffee

    You can cut the faff down even further by getting someone else to do it for you
  3. Jayfire

    Pubs On The River With Garden

    Maybe when she started dancing the coffee table wasn't quite so low
  4. Jayfire

    Acle Bridge Inn

    When we went last week we had a 2 hour wait on food, but we were relaxing with a beer or so and so it wasn't a problem. When the food came it was as good as ever, not fine dining but good honest pub food. Still one of my favourites in all honesty
  5. Jayfire

    That First Coffee

    I like this machine, takes a little time and effort but it's not too bad
  6. Jayfire

    Pubs On The River With Garden

    No complaints from me G, I do know someone who won't ever go back though apparently
  7. Jayfire

    Pubs On The River With Garden

    Coldham Hall at Surlingham serves a nice pint of San Miguel whilst you watch the boats go by Personally I also like the Hotel Wroxham The Kings Head, Hoveton (warning, food complaints incoming) The Bell at St Olaves The Ferry Inn at Stokesby (Best Pool Table Ever) Throwing one out there The Beauchamp Arms at Langley But the best must be The Ferry House at Surlingham ... Yes I like pubs ... There isn't a bad choice really though Harvey. Anyone who thinks a broads pub is dreadful wants to come take an evening in our local (riot gear and shield compulsary)
  8. Jayfire

    A Summer's Tale

    Small world Neil, I assume I gave you a wave at some point You should have popped over and said hi, I could have given you a tour of the boat. If your wife changes her mind I am sure you wouldn't regret it, I wish we had done it years ago. I hope you enjoyed your holiday
  9. Jayfire

    What's Makes You Support Your Team And Why?

    I didn't have a dad, well not one who encouraged me anyway, so I ended up surrounded by people supporting Liverpool and my best friends dad took me to a game when I was about 5, I was hooked ever since. The great big Liverbird on a picture I received as a young boy helped too, I loved it.
  10. Jayfire

    A Serious Question For Jayfire And Wildfuzz

    Sorry for not replying sooner MM, I've been away and just got back this weekend. You've pretty much nailed it to be honest, wet the ground, have plenty of water on standby just in case, periodically reapplying as the ground dries from the heat. Never try and fight a fire other than a very small fire. Fires can spread rapidly over tinder dry grass, to overhanging trees and shrubs etc, it's very surprising just how fast. Keep the barbeque away from overhanging trees/shrubs and away from any property, particularly your boat Never use petrol or accelerants to light the barbeque. If using a disposable barbeque, place it on a hard, fire proof surface like you mentioned – never on dry grass. Place hot coals onto bare earth to cool down and never put them into a wheelie bin, or other bin that could catch fire. Consider the safe disposal of one-use barbeques. Keep a bucket of water, on hand in case of an emergency. Like I said, you already pretty much nailed it. Enjoy your time away.
  11. Jayfire

    A Summer's Tale

    You really should do by now with amount of time we have spent together You know I love your moans babe you can't keep up with me, how you gonna do that? Thank you gorgeous, it wouldn't be the same without you
  12. Jayfire

    A Summer's Tale

    Thank you very much, I do worry the photos are repetitive as I am always at the helm. To be honest apart from Thursday the rain held off for us, it didn't really rain on the Friday until almost back at base so we enjoyed a lovely morning beforehand.
  13. Jayfire

    A Summer's Tale

    There are some cd's in the drawer webntweb but I haven't actually looked at them, so it may still be on board. If I remember next time I am there I shall have a good look and see
  14. Jayfire

    A Summer's Tale

    Friday 10th August A quick sign off day today. Starting with a beautiful steady morning at Somerleyton, I eventually set off for a slow cruise back up the Waveney and Yare back to Brundall to refuel and pump out the boat before cleaning her up and heading home. It started out warm and sunny before the wind and rain kicked in, later the rain really came as I was cleaning the boat. Despite the unwanted events it's been a fabulous holiday once again and it will seem like forever before I am back in October (hopefully sooner). Thanks for reading everyone, happy cruising.
  15. Jayfire

    A Summer's Tale

    Thursday 9th August Starting off in Wroxham on a more overcast morning, some may say even raining, I walked the dog and nipped to the shops for some essentials before slowly winding myself through Wroxham, if you was early you could have caught me on the webcam at Barnes yard as I passed, I know someone who had I lie in It was a beautifully quiet early morning on the Bure, and I made my way along the river and passing through Horning I was hoping we could have a quick stop for a breakfast sarnie from the cafe, it turned out all moorings were still full in the early morning and so I continued on and eventually turned into Ranworth staithe. There were 2 moorings available so I quickly grabbed one and sat with a brew watching the comings and goings for a short while. It wasn't long before a boat pulled alongside me called "Penny 4 Em" and I had a good chat with the lady on board, it wasn't until I was leaving however I noticed her NBN pennant flying so if you see this We headed into the Maltsters for a dinnertime beverage and a baguette sarnie before heading off at around 1315 to return darn sarf. The wind and rain really kicked up along the way past Acle and down to Yarmouth, the tides were ideal for travelling down the Bure at almost tickover and then along Breydon I was able to have a little play along the crossing before sensibility returned for the journey down the Waveney. Unable to get a spot at St Olaves I continued on finally stopping at Somerleyton at around 1905 (just shy of 6 hours) and heading to the pub for a few beers, some games in the pub and then a return to the boat for something to eat and off to bed. And there's your rainy (although you can't see it) grey pictures Wyndham

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