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  1. Jayfire


    Which way were you crossing Mrs V? Will you be afloat this weekend too?
  2. Jayfire


    I read the title and thought, I bet Vanessan has seen those great white egrets on Breydon, or been over to Holland and seen them there.......
  3. Just because us men are intelligent enough to make some of you ladies believe you're "the boss" in order to get what we want, doesn't make it the case in reality Now where did I just drop that pen
  4. Itchy, Weepy, Sweaty, Sleepy, Bloated, Forgetful, Psycho? Sorry my answers to any quiz get no better Thought you'd been on the beers ST, but then I remembered
  5. of course not silly I swear I haven't touched her chest tonight Mrs Nog. Yet
  6. Jayfire

    Locks Pub

    I think we have to accept that whilst quaint quirky pubs are a God send when its viable, the world continues to turn and a pub has to decide if it wants to try and remain as it is and struggle potentially closing for good, or modernise and have a chance to survive. Now I haven't been into the "new" Locks yet, and obviously hope it has managed to balance the fine line between the two, but I'd much rather a pub sorts its beer out, be friendly and modern, than try to keep hold of a model that it can't sustain and close meaning we lose it for good. A great example of what I mean is The Ram at Brundall. It was, let's face it, dated and struggling. Today it is modern and clean and fresh, it doesn't have the older look it once did, but I have yet to call in and fail to see it thriving. And what a great sight it is to have a village pub, reopened, looking to stay open and providing a focal point, a community hub at the centre of the village. I couldn't care less what their menu contains, and as yet they are still in the early stages of their food menu I believe, but you walk in, are made to feel welcome, get a decent beer and, for me at least, I have stood at the bar next to the locals and been invited into their conversation and had a ruddy good evening making new friends at the bar. I'd much prefer this than an empty pub with a posh menu at 30 quid apiece. Go in, sit down, drink beer, cheers
  7. Oh Jeff no This is how you do it sir... Grace we aren't going to the Ferry at Stokesby because I don't want to. End of, deal with it woman
  8. I'd have a word with Mr Nog, he is clearly getting it wrong
  9. Certainly is still open mate, and a fine pub it is too.
  10. Jayfire

    Locks Pub

    Ok maybe, well I'll keep my eyes peeled for you if I do head up North. Have a great time regardless
  11. Jayfire

    Locks Pub

    I'm glad he is out of hospital and it all sounds more promising now mate. If I do head up North I'll let you know, I'm sure we could find time for a beer somewhere Will you not be venturing South at all?
  12. Jayfire

    Locks Pub

    A week's time mate. I'm not sure as I don't really make plans but I'm hoping too yeah
  13. Jayfire

    Locks Pub

    Couldn't agree more MM and fear not, I shall be back on the rivers in a number of days and hoping to head down to Geldeston. I'll be giving a full beer lovers lowdown on the place, and doing my bit to help keep them open by relieving them of a keg or two. I couldn't give a curried fish fillet what food they slop up, as long as the welcome is friendly and the beer is flowing I'm all Inn. It must be you telling everyone, you seem to want to tell everyone everything else about me Exactly, just as I keep telling you, use it or lose it babe
  14. Looks good Mrs Nog, but I don't put rubbish in my body. Just enjoying a fine pint of Stella however, Mr Nog would love it
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