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  1. Jayfire

    Here's To Boating!

    Welcome Kezolah I never stop either if I can make it without work messing me up, I was on the rivers over the new year too and will be there again next week.
  2. Jayfire

    A Winters Tale

    Give over beautiful, as if I'm ever able to wait for the weekend to play with you
  3. Jayfire

    A Winters Tale

    About what? It's twister. But naked
  4. Jayfire

    A Winters Tale

    Friday night, night shifts I'd have been delighted to have a shift dress to wear and cover myself up during naked twister
  5. Jayfire

    A Winters Tale

    I'm talking about cruising the rivers obviously. I'd do it 24/7 but apparently I should have a sleep ready for cruising again the next day. Seriously some people's minds
  6. Jayfire

    A Winters Tale

    If I could I'd be at it 24/7, but she insists we stop and have a sleep in the night ready for the next day
  7. Jayfire

    A Winters Tale

    Cheers Mrs V. I'm just fortunate that others haven't been able to take up a week that's available and I was. I can't get enough
  8. Jayfire

    Saline Barrier

    I've always popped my head into reception and asked if I'm ok to moor up there and they've never charged me a fee, looks like that may now be changing. Still I like the quiet moorings at Potter Heigham, it's a great spot for watching the swans and ducks being fed over the side of the boat
  9. Jayfire

    A Winters Tale

    Cheers. I'll update when I'm away although I've no idea what I'll be up to yet...
  10. Jayfire

    Saline Barrier

    More to the point... Say what?????
  11. Jayfire

    It's Early January, No Strictly

    According to Google it seems to have run from 1950-1956 I believe
  12. Jayfire

    A Winters Tale

    Just under 2 weeks, only a short break though. Don't worry, I'm not around whilst you're away again............yet
  13. Jayfire

    A Winters Tale

    I'm glad you are enjoying them gorgeous, seeing as I would have stopped a long time ago if not for you. So everyone has you to blame for my ramblings So after my 48 hours grafting each week, marathon training and spending every second available with you, I'm now not even allowed half an hour a day relaxing and watching someone yellow who is almost as daft as I am???
  14. Jayfire

    A Winters Tale

    Thank you Helen. More nonsense to come soon
  15. Jayfire

    It's Early January, No Strictly

    Wow, that just seems so wrong What's wrong with Spongbob Squarepants??

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