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  1. Jayfire

    A Winters Tale

    Wednesday 23rd January A cold and icy morning in Rockland began around 0600 when the multitude of fishermen set themselves around the Staithe and began creating a complex maze of floats and lines I would later need to navigate. For the time being however, I rose from my slumber and made coffee after another night of little sleep looking out on the frozen landscape behind the moorings, the water still ice free however, as one of the fishing groups built up their Porta Bote beside us and then made their way out onto the broad. After exercising the dog we had a simple breakfast of toast and more coffee before setting off just after 0930 back out to, and along the river Yare It had been a cold night, nothing for the hardened Northerner of course, but the Southern Softie would certainly have to make use of her biggest coat whilst I was busy at the helm We turned left from Short Dyke and proceeded up the Yare and back through Brundall and onwards through Surlingham and Brammerton A quick reminder of the fast paced community we was enjoying having a break from as we passed beneath the A47 Before passing the first entrance into Thorpe... and onwards until eventually reaching Whitlingham Country Park. Once moored up we had a short walk around part of the park before heading off down Whitlingham Lane and into the village itself. Try as I might to support the local pubs I insisted we headed to the Crown Point Tavern, only to find it is closed until Friday Heading back the way we had come, it was time for a stop off in the White Horse. A very nice pub it is too, although at almost £5 a pint, it's a good job I'm not a man who puts a price on booze (good booze too NN, it was Kronies ) After a couple of drinks we slowly plodded off up to taste the delights in The Rose Inn, but burger me, when we arrived it didn't open until 1600, so back we went to the White Horse and enjoyed another few bevvies. As the lovely (but cold) afternoon wore on, it became time to head back to the boat via another short trip around part of the Country Park for some lovely conversation and a few more drinks over a simple tea. Once the dog had had her final evening walk around a frozen Country Park It was time to settle down into bed and enjoy the quiet peaceful surroundings of the river, whilst watching the night sky and moon, as the frost (and no doubt ice) began to form around us.
  2. Jayfire

    A Winters Tale

    The country Park by night, (and camera flash)
  3. Jayfire

    A Winters Tale

    Just a quick snapshot of the route...
  4. Jayfire

    A Winters Tale

    Not yet this week. . . . Yet this week
  5. Jayfire

    A Winters Tale

    Cheers NN The walk is pleasant, if you don't mind walking in the road which seems the Norfolkian way. In the spring/summer we'll do the footpath walk instead and see how it compares, but you can always rely on the Ferry Incidentally, mooring there is free over night, and £3 for electric (for the Southern Softies ) Coldham Hall charge £10 over night (redeemable) and £5 for leccy
  6. Jayfire

    A Winters Tale

    Very good sir, the poster I aspire to be like gets a JF
  7. Jayfire

    A Winters Tale

    Sorry KrustyKev if you don't like this post, but you're more than welcome to go get ignored in any of the many other threads available
  8. Jayfire

    A Winters Tale

    Tuesday January 22nd Having got the opportunity for a short break due to no-one being able to use this week straight after the boats winter maintenance I snapped up the opportunity for a last winter's tale. I wasn't going to bother "blogging" this week so bear with me if the photos are a little lacking. Having been on a course all weekend I was unable to leave work earlier than Tuesday morning, but once 0800 rolled around I was hitting the A roads like a demon to get to Brundall early on and start my break..... Sooooooooo, after a 4 hour procession behind tractors, lorries, queues of traffic and so on I finally made it to Brundall. I quickly unloaded my minimal supplies, alchyhol deposited into the fridge (plenty of wine for you know who) and then it was off to walk the neglected dog who had slept through the car journey. Oh, hang on.... the dog walk just happened to pass the Yare pub so in we popped for a beer or two...or three Once we returned to the boat the minimal supplies were sorted and then it was time for the off. Although cold it was a lovely day, and we cruised down the Yare with the help of the tide until we reached Fleet Dyke and then into Rockland Staithe. Once moored up and secure it was time for a walk off up to Coldham Hall. Ignoring the footpath over the field as it was so muddy, and apparently heels don't like muddy fields, (my comment of carrying the heeled lady in return for rewards later earned me a deadly stare) we took the road route until we reached Coldham Hall (40 minutes...ish)... which was shut for refurbishment works Undetered we continued back to the road and set off for the Ferry House at Surlingham (approx 20 minutes from Coldham Hall....ish) Ooh.......the door was locked. Surely we couldn't have walked all this way for a lack of refreshments..... Nah, I walked to the back/front door which was unlocked and enjoyed a fine pint of Aspalls cider (there ya go Lyndsey with a d) beside the fire under the insistence of a frozen Southern Softie We took a little stroll beside the river moorings (hand in hand ) Before we headed off back home and managed to reach the Staithe before the light had completely gone (approx 30 minute walk) After a beautifully burnt...err cooked, tea (how the hell do you burn a pan full of peas? Or for that matter at breakfast how do you burn boiled eggs? Or a salad? , sorry babe) it was nights out and a snuggle down into bed after a long hard working weekend.
  9. Jayfire

    Freezing Weather

    Nothing today between Rockland Staithe and Norwich. Well other than the treacherous boat and deck
  10. Jayfire

    Here's To Boating!

    Welcome Kezolah I never stop either if I can make it without work messing me up, I was on the rivers over the new year too and will be there again next week.
  11. Jayfire

    A Winters Tale

    Give over beautiful, as if I'm ever able to wait for the weekend to play with you
  12. Jayfire

    A Winters Tale

    About what? It's twister. But naked
  13. Jayfire

    A Winters Tale

    Friday night, night shifts I'd have been delighted to have a shift dress to wear and cover myself up during naked twister
  14. Jayfire

    A Winters Tale

    I'm talking about cruising the rivers obviously. I'd do it 24/7 but apparently I should have a sleep ready for cruising again the next day. Seriously some people's minds
  15. Jayfire

    A Winters Tale

    If I could I'd be at it 24/7, but she insists we stop and have a sleep in the night ready for the next day

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