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  1. There isn't much that could distract me Mrs V........ but I guess everyone has their weakness(es)
  2. Thank you Sir, hope you liked it. I love to get plenty of miles in if I can whatever the weather
  3. I just call it fog Mr Chris and leave the specifics for those that know better
  4. I really don't think I should be having a beer and then getting behind the wheel of a car Mrs V, and I shall also pretend you never mentioned distracting myself with my mobile phone camera whilst busy driving
  5. It was good fun Jean, I just had to be extra careful and had the assistance of google maps to help keep track of where I was in the broad, but you are correct as it got so thick so quickly
  6. You know me Sue, I'll always find a way to fit in a relaxing pub trip I find it a little funny how I moan about a 3 hour car journey to the boat, yet I am more than happy to have a non stop 9 hour cruise every single day. They both look lovely and calm, I certainly know all about that butter wouldn't melt look though
  7. Thank you Mrs Lulu, glad you liked it
  8. Thank you LL Thank you Mrs V, I am glad you liked it
  9. Friday 19th April Once again it was a glorious morning as we sat with the roof down in Reedham. We seemed to be the most attractive boat to the wildlife as before we knew it we were surrounded by ducks and geese which we gave a morning feast to. It was almost 1200 by the time I finally left our mooring, the kids had asked for a quick visit to Norwich today so that was our direction. The weather had seemed to bring more boats out along the water, and the usual popular spots were full as expected. We reached Norwich and paid for a day ticket, before exploring the city. In all the enjoyment of the holiday I had completely forgot it was Good Friday, and that along with the weather and Norwich playing at home later that evening had brought everyone out to the pubs. Most of the atmosphere was jovial however with just the odd numpty, but once the necessary shops had been visited, we returned to the boat and began the return journey back to Brundall. As I passed Thorpe I saw we could (just) get under the bridge, and so took a slight detour off of the main river under the bridge. The riverside pubs were once again busy, with a few joking comments called out to me, but it was all good fun. Returning to the Yare we progressed back to our home mooring at Broom After securing the boat we headed out to the Ram pub for a few drinks, before returning home for our tea. Sadly this brought our holiday to almost it's end, with just packing and boat cleaning the following morning before rerurning home and straight back to work Saturday night. I will be back in May however, so it's not too long to wait.
  10. Thursday 18th April A relaxed morning overlooking the broad in the sunshine was the order of the day this morning. It ended up being nearer 1100 before I eventually set off for a dinnertime stop in Beccles. We travelled down the river in glorious sunshine, reaching Beccles and mooring in the Yacht Station. We had a walk around the town, and a quick refreshment in the Bear and Bells garden. Returning to the boat I set off back up the Waveney being assisted by the tide, and made good progress along the quiet river. As I reached the New Cut I began to fight the water more but reached Reedham sometime after 1730 taking the last available mooring spot. We then had a walk to the Reedham Ferry for a few drinks before taking the riverside walk back towards Reedham. When we got back to the waterside village we popped into The Ship to refresh ourselves before returning to the boat for tea and some games, before finally it was lights out.
  11. Wednesday 17th April Another great Norfolk morning had broken when I took the dog for a short stroll. Having stayed on the Pilot mooring I needed to be underway at around 0800 so as to ensure that I wasn't an inconvenience to him or any hirers who wanted to make use of the service. Dog exercised and a fresh mug of coffee brewed, I untied the lines and set off back down the Bure as everyone else had a lie in under their quilts. The morning was beautiful as I cruised slowly out of the village, no other boats disturbing the quiet solitude I was able to enjoy. A few friendly waves and greetings were exchanged when I reached Salhouse Spit, as the hirers moored there sat with a morning brew enjoying the sun. As expected, the river began to grow more busy as I reached Horning, the moorings still all full however, as I contined on towards the river Thurne. By around 1130 I was all moored up and heading into Potter Heigham. The kids other "tradition" it seems is getting a purchase from the bakery in Lathams after having a look at all the stuff they didn't know they needed until they saw it. I kept well out of the way, and sat with the dog as I enjoyed a beer in the sunshine outside the Norada. All purchases complete, we returned to the boat and set off at around 1315 to head back to Yarmouth and a return down south. As I hit Breydon Water a mist appeared almost from nowhere, all clear as I navigated the Yarmouth bridges and then descending swiftly as I travelled further South and so navigation lights were switched on. I had the company over Breydon of 2 other boats, both of which took the Yare after Breydon, as I instead continued onwards and down the Waveney, passing under both St Olaves and Somerleyton bridges with ease. Finally turning onto Oulton Dyke, having to be careful as a number of rowers were around, and the thickening mist didn't allow for good visibilty of their position. As I began to cross over Oulton Broad visibility had reduced to a couple of metres. I made slow but steady progress over the water, finally reaching The Wherry hotel moorings at about 1930. Once the boat was safely secured, it was time for a lad's night out of football and beer with "the boy" in Oulton And then we grabbed some tea on our way back before settling down to sleep for the night.
  12. Tuesday 16th April Today was the day the sun really arrived, and we sat enjoying the morning at Wayford Bridge all alone as the Bridgecraft boats that had joined us the night before had all left early on that morning. Once we finally set off, it was back across Barton Broad and the return along the River Ant. Once we had passed a much busier Ludham Bridge, I rejoined The Bure and travelled to Horning where we stopped outside The Ferry Inn and had a drink in the sunshine before walking down to the village and sitting outside The New Inn with a drink and a light dinner. Feeling the sun burning our skin we returned back along the road and to the boat, setting off for further up the River Bure to Wroxham. As it had just passed 1700 when we arrived I once again moored up on the Bridge Pilot mooring for the night and we headed into town for drinks and more games, before a chippy tea onboard and bed. The warmer weather had all got too much and took it's toll for the mini beast...
  13. Monday 15th April It started off as a cloudy morning on Monday but the forecast assured us that the day, and indeed the week, would brighten and warm up from here on in (and it did). I am not sure if I had been singing out loud as I walked the dog along the bank but it wasn't long before what were full moorings had become empty, leaving us all alone as I enjoyed my morning coffee. By 1000 we were underway once more and it was a quick nip along the river Bure before turning onto the Ant and through Ludham Bridge as it showed around 8'3". The moorings were very quiet, and if I hadn't only just set off I would have been tempted to stop but as it was, onwards we progressed. The beautiful river Ant wasn't looking at it's radiant best with the skies being overcast, when the sun is out and shining it is one of the Broads best rivers in my opinion. Reaching Barton Broad I crossed over and took the turning to Stalham so we could have a stop in Richardsons yard whilst we stocked up on supplies from Tesco, I also managed to get a quick couple of drinks in The Grebe too before we set off (the bar in the Swan being closed for a private function). Once we had returned to the boat and refilled with water I returned along the river from Stalham and took a right turn heading to Wayford Bridge and possibly onwards to Dilham. Reaching the bridge I found the moorings deserted, and so instead of continuing to Dilham I turned the boat around in the strengthing sunshine and onto the moorings for the night. It was now time to head off to the Wayford Bridge Inn before returning to sit onboard and enjoy another tea cooked up by the youngest.
  14. Sunday 14th April Waking up to a lovely sunny morning, I took the dog out for her walk before returning for toast and coffee on the boat with the roof drawn back, allowing the sunshine inside whilst we relaxed. With Yarmouth crossing time at around dinnertime there was no need to rush off, and so after another coffee, I gave the dog one more chance to stretch her legs before undoing the lines and heading up the River Waveney, with the assistance of the outgoing tide. It was quiet this morning with no boats passing me by until I reached the start of Breydon water. Once there, a constant stream of hire boats heading south began to pass by, I remember counting around 20 boats passing one after the other, but in truth there was probably lots more than that. I was the solitary North heading boat as I made my journey. With sunny intervals between broken cloud, we continued through Yarmouth and up the Bure, a cooling breeze was blowing but the early signs of a brightening week were evident already. Reaching Stokesby seemed to take less time than usual as it always does when you have the assistance of good weather, and the moorings were all very busy as I passed by. As ever the Bridge Inn at Acle was it's usual hub of activity and although there were moorings available on the Pedro's side, I had a different destination in mind for the evening. When I had got to the St Bennet's Abbey moorings, I took a turn and travelled down Fleet Dyke and out onto South Walsham broad, I enjoyed the view myself, but the day had gotten too much for everyone else who had all decided an afternoon snooze was needed meaning they all missed the scenery. Spinning around I returned back up the Dyke and took one of the few spaces left on the moorings and tied up the boat at 1630. Everyone came back to life as I stopped the engine, and so we had a walk to The Ship Inn for a few drinks before returning back to the boat for a tea that my youngest had made for us all.
  15. Saturday 13th April As I finished my last night shift at 0800 hours on the 13th April, it was finally time to once again head home to collect the crew and our belongings and by 0845 we were once again on our way to Brundall to take the boat out for another week of enjoyment. A slow car journey finally terminated at Brooms boatyard at around 1130 and after parking the car it was time to once again head off to The Yare pub so the kids could have their dinner (apparantly it is now their tradition to eat here before we set off) and we could all relax with some refreshments whilst we waited for the cleaners and engineers to finish on the boat. Having satisfied appetites it was time to head back around to the boat and relieve the car of it's burden and load up the boat ready for the off. It was around 1415 when I was finally able to release the lines and begin a slow cruise down the river Yare heading for a favourite first night stop at Somerleyton ready to cross Breydon water the next day. Coldham Hall was popular that afternoon But we cruised on, passing a number of boats, one of which was Westminster Bridge. The very first boat I hired and helmed which began my love of the Norfolk Broads years ago. The rivers were fairly quiet, but not the deserted waters that I had enjoyed so much over the winter, along with busier moorings showing the signs of how the week would be ahead. The sky was cloudy, but with frequent breaks to allow the sunshine to warm the air a little as we continued along the river. We reached Somerleyton by late afternoon with plenty of room for us to moor up and get ourselves ready for a visit to the Duke's Head pub. Growing tired of waiting for everyone to get themselves sorted, I had a seat on the bench outside, and watched the world slowly pass by, deep in thought and thinking of previous visits to one of my favourite spots. Finally we were all ready to head off for a drink at the pub, and played a few games of exploding kittens once again, before heading back to the boat for an evening meal onboard, and then lights out ready for tomorrow.
  16. Evening shot over beautiful Oulton as I returned to the boat. The mist still hangs...
  17. Crossing Oulton Broad at 1920, the mist has certainly descended Moored up at the Wherry now
  18. Lovely as always CC thank you, I wish I had your photography/video skills. I shall have a go in the future sometime but it will never be as good as the posts you produce. Good stuff
  19. I would have come given you a hand if I knew which boat you was on Or buy you a beer, but unfortunately I have just left my mooring
  20. Pipe down Katie, aren't you supposed to be pring cleaning
  21. Yes I think that would definitely top it. I hope there wasn't a pringer spaniel running around though.
  22. Beautiful dinnertime in Potter Heigham whilst the crew buy buns from Lathams
  23. Pring cleaning on a beautiful pring day, whilst listening to the gentle ripples of a pring running by and the pringsong of the birds would be heavenly I'd imagine.
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