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  1. I've just googled Mayfair magazine....I have to say I'm shocked. It took me a good 20 minutes to find my way off of the page MM you should be ashamed of yourself for bringing this to my attention
  2. What's that MM? A magazine about the west end of London?? Is it worth a read?
  3. Thank you gorgeous Whilst impossible to embarrass me you keep trying darling, just know that I will get my revenge, and I wont have to make up stories about cookie monster PJ's or Simpsons socks and you know I'll do it Happy Father's Day everyone, now wheres that rum
  4. Sorry about that Griff, just come off nights myself but enjoying the morning with my little ones regardless.
  5. Ahh thank you Sue for your information, that helps a lot. Now just one more thing... who is Austin??? Well you've met me numerous times Sue, don't let the weathered ugly mug mislead you Hope you're all well Sue
  6. Fingers crossed for you Steve, hope it all goes well mate
  7. He was supposed to be out and about a few weeks back when I was on the water, he seems to have avoided my patrols however. There is only so long he can hide however
  8. What the hell is an Allegro, Montenogo or an Ambassador???
  9. Me? Nah Yep, That canary is another bird that'll get a good stuffing that day With the exception of the return leg however, good luck to them
  10. All birds like it rough though don't they Mrs V
  11. 40? Why he doesn't look a day over.....erm.... Anyway Happy Birthday Robin you old bugger
  12. If you need any willing wine tasters when you've finished, I know a certain couple who would happily come and try it out for you (hic)
  13. So you mean grapes??? For Gods sake woman, get making wine
  14. Sorry Helen, I do beg your pardon Like I said, I hate gardening despite what the little miss would have you believe, but a little tip I may be able to help you with is If the berries are red - they're probably red berries If the berries are black - they're probably black berries
  15. It sure is Malcolm, almost as quick as the Nogs guessing a pub
  16. Really? Well I have an answer for everything Well you aren't very good at it, you don't know what boat it is
  17. She's the devil dog. I was visiting someone on another boat Why do you ask?
  18. I dumped her on a random boat to get rid of her but took a photo for memories sake before making a run for it. Unfortunately the owners found me and brought her back
  19. Thanks everyone for your comments Get it written Helen, don't have to make me tell you again Are you managing to grow anything then Helen? I have to say I'm not the best when it comes to gardening and such things, although I do like to get my hoe out in the garden and do some forking. Sorry Grace, I really shouldn't call you that
  20. Samsung's are brilliant phone's. Well the Galaxies which I have had and have certainly are anyway.
  21. Thanks Mr Nog Absolutely, it takes a lot to make me not give a pub my custom but it seems Wetherspoons have managed it. You want one?
  22. I think you mean this one mate https://www.ospreys.org.uk/webcam
  23. Not really Jean, I love both sides and generally will cover both on each visit, the more important thing for me is spending as long as possible on as many days cruising the waters, and just make up where I go as it happens. With it being so busy up north at certain times I like to stay south more, but when its quieter up north I like to head up there for longer periods, although I can't travel for instance, from Acle to Potter Heigham and be happy to have finished cruising for the day though, I need longer journeys, which is easier down south with it's longer journeys between moorings generally. That being said, when I have the kids it's generally left to them to choose where we go, and I just like it or lump it
  24. Venice? I thought it was the usual goings on at Wroxham
  25. Friday 31st May Once again, I was fortunate to have a beautiful start to the day in Norwich And so with the roof down once more I sat and watched the world going by outside. After filling up with water and taking the dog for a walk, I set off back down the Wensum through Norwich's bridges and rejoined the River Yare back towards Brundall. The skies briefly clouded over but it remaind warm and the sun soon won the fight against the clouds and reappeared again to make a beautiful warm afternoon, which grew hotter as the day went on. I wound my way back to Brundall, passing a certain Topliner along the way Before I decided to pop over into the Coldham Hall stern moorings and we sat in the garden enjoying the sunshine and a drink, whilst the kids ate their dinner. Once we had finished I set off once more and travelled through Bargate where a number of boats were mud weighted. Heading back out to the river, I took a right turn and moored back up on our mooring at Broom. I spent the afternoon giving the boat a clean around outside whilst things were tidied and packed away busily inside, our own Psychicsurveyor passing by, as I slaved away busily, I didn't hold it against him too much and managed a friendly hello despite the beer he held in his hand Once the boat looked good (cleaning windows in hot bright sunshine ) once more, we had a walk up into the village, calling at the Coop for a few supplies and dropping into The Ram to give them our custom. We were soon heading back however for a relaxing final night on board, sitting in the aft well whilst the sun was out and then finally settling down for the night. The next morning was an early wake up and final packing was done, before the car was loaded up and we sadly waved goodbye to Shadow, until our next visit. Jay
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