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  1. Half a generation ago they were, but they probably are more akin to Cockney which has mostly migrated to Essex as an accent, although the new towns of Hertfordshire retain some pockets. Now it's mostky Jafaican (not sure of that's a real accent), especially the youngsters, and estuary for those that "speak posh". Having grown up in stevenage and lived in London most of my adult life, I'd have to let others diagnose my particular drawl.
  2. I tend to agree... but I'll refute "always was" It used to have some of the highest viewing figures on T.V. and tackled important issues of the day. Sadly not so much now. Although it's still pulling regular audiences of 3 to 4 million an episode which is more than most "broadcast" shows. I've not watched it since the whole Ronnie Mitchell stole Cat's baby debacle.
  3. A totally fictional holiday vlog from the 1990s. I Just found this little gem on YouTube posted by @johnsherz TY. I was an avid fan back then and vaguely remember the storyline and how modern, weird and grown up it all seemed to my 12 year old self. It's not dated well although a lot of the boats can probably still be found. I can Imagine a few youngster's holidays turn out almost as disastrous to this day.
  4. I'd see what the weather is doing before you make too many firm plans. If it's going to be gloriously warm and sunny as expected for the British bank holiday I'd be less worried about the less experienced boaters they'll not notice the tides or motion as they'll be so blown away by the beauty. And a red dawn/ dusk crossing would be magical and worth it IMO. 👍
  5. Enroute back from Sutton Staithe Boat Yard to the big smoke. After 4, 12 hour days which have taken their toll on me, I have a better understanding of the devotion, time, effort, skill, mates, money and of course love that goes in to owning a woody. Thanks to Charlie, Robin Et al. That showed me some new skills and let me loose on their boat with a hammer and chisel. Very brave. it made a nice, if knackering change from tapping away at keyboard all week, and I learnt loads! It was great to put some more names to faces forumite-wise and great to see so many people coming to help or offer moral support. Long may it continue! Now for a nap on the train.
  6. I Know!! Sell it cheap to broads boaters! .... and we're back on message!
  7. Hi M, I don't think the government will remove that choice economics will. I'm jelous of your public transport choices! I don't do too badly in London as I can often add a bicycle into the mix which takes out some of the waiting around.
  8. Well it will have to make it cheaper or faster for it to work as a business. I guess. You probably wouldn't pay per journey, you'd join your preferred service (VolvoCarShare.com).for instance, set level/ frequency of service you want and pay a monthly fee. All being well said vehicle will be waiting for you.... possibly with others inside depending on your chosen level of service. And off you go. No traffic jams. No signals, no drivers. All for a fraction of the cost, of owning/ maintaining/ insuring etc. You'll also likely be working on your laptop and so getting paid. This isn't some distant utopian dream we'll see this in most of our lifetimes.
  9. I'm a bit late to this thread, but I'm not much of car person. However if the tech wizzards can be believed the predictions for emissions charging won't come to fruition as autonomous vehicles will effectively render mass private car ownership a thing of the past. The choice people will make won't be "what car will I buy?" "But what service will I use?" Wiki has an interesting article. Mobility_as_a_service I wonder how the government/ council recoup the lost revenue... I can't see an autonomous vehicle getting a ticket.
  10. The right boat in the right market... (tourists in London) marketed properly to the right rube (I mean customer) could achieve that I would have thought.
  11. Hmm, we'll need the Nogs for this I feel. I've not played for ages, and it shows... The hops on the ceiling is ringing serious bells. But I can't place it!!
  12. Liver bird/ dragon I can't tell the difference....
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