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  1. The links don't seem to be working in the above post this is the document. Hoveton-Project-FRAP-comments-from-FBG-21-Feb-2020.pdf
  2. An interesting update from the BASG Website https://basg.online/environment-agency-fbg-objection-paper-on-hoveton-barrier/ "We formally requested via a FOI request to see the internal EA Fisheries teams response to the – Hoveton Great Broad Flood Risk Activity Permit Consultation Responses, this post includes this response to view for yourself.. The Fisheries Team form part of the Fisheries Biodiversity & Geomorphology (FBG) team structure withing the Environment Agency. The document was withheld from the public within the consultation response and material on fisherie
  3. I don't think the video upload worked. Here's a link to the video. https://basg.online/northern-broads-track-spring-2018/
  4. This is an interesting little video given to me by the BASG, it shows the tracking of bream ID 50645 during the period Feb-May 2018 and the migration to its spawning grounds in Hoveton Great Broad and Hudsons Bay. The data was provided by Bournemouth University. It's amazing how far the humble bream will travel to spawn, all those people holidaying on their boats or the chalets in Potter have no idea they're on a wildlife migration route.
  5. Sadly the EA ignored their own local and national fisheries team, they strongly advised against installing the barriers and recognised that it will be detrimental to the fishery. Their argument for putting in the barriers were that bream were a common fish and that this one colony would have little impact on the species nationally. In other words "stuff the broads bream" This comes from a telephone conversation with the EA's East Anglia fisheries manager.
  6. Hi I'm really glad someone other than me started this thread, thanks JM, I don't use the forum as much as I used to, but I've been banging on about this for months on the FB group. Regardless of the people and politics it's the broads that will suffer if this goes ahead. I am a keen pleasure angler so have an interest in that camp, however I do feel this issue is not just about fishing, in fact it's a shame that it's down to anglers to lead on this issue. Bream which will likely bear the brunt of this disaster are a fantastic species with their own unique charm, they're big eyed, and doc
  7. I think this is the original article, basg have moved their website. https://basg.online/campaigns/hoveton-gb/
  8. I see that this is back on the cards again, despite the science showing that it will decimate bream populations. I can't help but think that if the poor bream had fur or feathers things wouldn't have gotten this far. The Broads Angling Service Group did some great work in showing the impact to the fish and the potential knock on effects, after reading it I can't help but feel this is a ecological disaster that is unfolding as we watch. At the the risk of sounding like a cynic or even conspiracy theorist is this just a rich powerful family successfully lobbying for work on thoer broad to
  9. Have a great time! I'm out on Evening Shadow tomorrow we'll give you a wave if we see you 👋
  10. I've seen the nav plan for the week, there is ample opportunity to take on additional liquids!
  11. The idea did spring to mind, but I think Charlie might have a thing or 2 to say about bottles being ceremoniously or even unceremoniously thrown at BA
  12. Thnks Mr N. It's got a week of bottle conditioning before we try it! 🤞 let's hope it tastes alright!
  13. Hi everyone, sorry I've not posted for ages! I've been keeping my eye in though and do keep the NBN facebook group aprised of my broadsy wanderings and (fallings in recently) as and when, however for last couple of weeks I've spent a couple of evenings making some beer for Lads Week, and I thought you might appreciate some pictures! It got a bit bigger than I originally expected, when I mentioned I wanted to do a brew to a mate that is into his beer and uses "brew club" facilities whereby you can rent the equipment and space for a pretty decent sum to make some beer. So I dec
  14. I think we saw you actually. Were walking along the B.A. moorings. Also is your facebook profile pic a wanted poster? (I was walking with Robin and a Mate from London)
  15. You did indeed, we'd had a bit of excitement as the landlord of the Norada had been for an involuntary swim on the opposite bank. He was helped out but some chaps rigging a dinghy nearby.
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