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  1. Londonlad1985

    New To Forum, Not The Broads!

  2. Londonlad1985

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    Yes, looks great. I should have hung around at PH earlier it all looked ominously quiet this morning!
  3. Londonlad1985

    Wrong Name Right Address

    Blimey. I get that from time to time. I assumed it's a London thing to be honest. Worth trying the council electoral reg people and the Street Naming and Numbering officer make sure it's all cosher on the system.
  4. Is there nothing to be said for a Gin and Tonic??
  5. Londonlad1985

    Hello From A New Member

  6. Londonlad1985

    Return To Boating 2019

    Welcome. My Mum is less mobile than she used to be and still enjoys cruising - a small step is a must these days when she is afloat and as others have said, the broads community will always help others out... or lead them astray to the nearest hostalry ;) Enjoy your trip Encore looks lovely.
  7. Londonlad1985


  8. Londonlad1985

    Memories Of The 80's

    Welcome. Interesting thread and lovely pic. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Londonlad1985

    Hello Everyone

  10. Londonlad1985

    Hello From Eddybear

    Welcome. It's a good a reason as any to day hello!
  11. Londonlad1985

    Broadland Grebe

    Congrats! I look forward to seeing you out and afloat
  12. Londonlad1985

    Dockless Bikes In Norwich!

    Yes it's the self driving bicycles that are the real menace though!
  13. Londonlad1985

    Dockless Bikes In Norwich!

    To revive an old thread.......That didn't last long.... what with the Withdrawal of Urbo from London and the notable absence of MoBikes at Manchester's cycle city conference a couple of weeks ago I wonder if the UK is not ready dockless bikes?! Bike sharing firm ofo quits Norwich - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-norfolk-44780649
  14. Londonlad1985

    Bread Is Not Harmful To Water Fowl!

    That's very interesting. I had a discussion in the office about this the other day as a coleague was complaining about people at Granary Staithe always feeding the birds bread (we watch via webcam at work). I took the view that me and everyone I knew fed water birds bread as kids and there were never any dead or sick birds littering the place, and they must get loaves of the stuff at Wroxham and they all seem less than dead there was probably enough evidence to at least say it wasn't bad for the birds.
  15. Londonlad1985



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