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  1. Enjoy! I love Berlin, some of the biggest and best second hand shops I've ever seen!
  2. I'm a busy man, I've not got the time to spend traipsing the tow paths all week, especially in East London. There's all sorts of dodgy doings going on down there. Most of which I'll have no part of!
  3. Bangladesh need to post a few more if they want a decent chance against NZ. I'm 7 pints in though so who knows. mostly a dry day in Kennington.
  4. Went back today, and wouldn't you know it they'd gone, and I did 4km of tow path on the hunt for perch. I'll keep my port and starboard lookouts open though. They'll not be far.
  5. It should be a good tournament. The 1 day format is great! I'm going to see Bangladesh V New Zealand at the Oval on Wednesday. Didn't manage to get any England Games. Bring on The Ashes, which I also tried and failed to get tickets for. 😆
  6. Yes, no problem, I'm not going along that way until the weekend though, but I've seen them all along that stretch so I'm sure they won't have moved far.
  7. Haha well live and learn! I've never seen the owners and not seen it move for a week or so I'll certainly ask them if I see them.
  8. Saw this old woody on the Lea Navigation just south of Bow Flyover. No name.
  9. Lovely to meet lots of you yesterday. Apologies I didn't get round to you all. Thanks for your hospitality. I hope you all have safe journeys back. See you all again soon I hope.
  10. Sounds like a great plan! I'd recommend Boundary Farm moorings for a 1st night. They are near Thurne Mouth. It'd only be a short cruise but you get quite an isolated tranquil feel and you can walk in to Thurne for the pub if needs be (25 mins).
  11. I saw a vid on the BBC showing that 3 of the 4 eggs have hatched. A little late for Easter but they look and sound healthy and hungry! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-norfolk-48057493/norwich-cathedral-peregrine-falcons-chicks-hatch Good luck to them!
  12. Half a generation ago they were, but they probably are more akin to Cockney which has mostly migrated to Essex as an accent, although the new towns of Hertfordshire retain some pockets. Now it's mostky Jafaican (not sure of that's a real accent), especially the youngsters, and estuary for those that "speak posh". Having grown up in stevenage and lived in London most of my adult life, I'd have to let others diagnose my particular drawl.
  13. I tend to agree... but I'll refute "always was" It used to have some of the highest viewing figures on T.V. and tackled important issues of the day. Sadly not so much now. Although it's still pulling regular audiences of 3 to 4 million an episode which is more than most "broadcast" shows. I've not watched it since the whole Ronnie Mitchell stole Cat's baby debacle.
  14. A totally fictional holiday vlog from the 1990s. I Just found this little gem on YouTube posted by @johnsherz TY. I was an avid fan back then and vaguely remember the storyline and how modern, weird and grown up it all seemed to my 12 year old self. It's not dated well although a lot of the boats can probably still be found. I can Imagine a few youngster's holidays turn out almost as disastrous to this day.
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