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  1. Londonlad1985

    An Autumnal Tale

    Use them! That's what they are there for!
  2. Londonlad1985

    An Autumnal Tale

    Haha nope you didn't! I and I'm never grumpy when I'm afloat! I was awake listening to the rain. I did hear the whine of a bow thruster but it was nothing compared to the vans over the bridge! I hope you had a safe journey back south and enjoy your 2nd week!!
  3. Londonlad1985

    An Autumnal Tale

    Cheers mate, yes it was an early night I'd been out in Norwich all day with my sisters young family enoying the Haloween festivities! (And a few pints with a another forum Rascal while they went shopping). I dare say our paths will cross again soon! And yes we've got to see if you northerners can drink lager like a southern softie.
  4. Londonlad1985

    An Autumnal Tale

    Mr Fire, it's been a while since I've been around & always enjoy a seasonal tale! This one has particularly piqued my interest as your moored next to me in Wroxham I believe and the shadows do make a striking pair! Do say hello if you're around!
  5. Londonlad1985

    Counterfeit Money

    Just a warning a friend was passed a counterfeit fiver yesterday. At 1st glance/ touch it feels really real and looks quite good. Points I spotted were the colour in the blue round emblem has rubbed off and the window has no details. (The top one in photo is real) Thought it's worth sharing widely as it's the 1st I've seen and I expect there are more in the £10 too. See you all out and afloat soon!
  6. I know this is way off the mark as far as boating on the broads goes, however I found it so interesting I had to share it. (Basically all the Victoria line stations have a unique piece of tiled art) it's interesting to know if you ever pass through when in town. Someone I know wrote a blog about it. http://goingunderground270.blogspot.com/2018/09/victoria-line-motifs.html?m=1
  7. Londonlad1985

    Help Lend A Hand With Indy

    I'm away that weekend! Else would have been up like a shot! Good luck with it all guys!
  8. She is a tidy looking boat! Congrats!
  9. Londonlad1985

    My Accident!

    Blimey! Get well soon!
  10. Londonlad1985

    First Ever Time

    You'll fit in here!
  11. Londonlad1985

    First Ever Time

    Congrats on picking a great holiday! The kids will probably have too much to look at and do to bother with their gadgets! A set of cheap walkie talkies might be a gadget that they'd enjoy and would have a practical use. A beginner fishing set might be worth a go. Cheap whips and necessary advice can be had in Potter Heigham.
  12. Londonlad1985

    Please Don't Shoot The Messenger!

    Very light on details, like when and under what legislation this will be brought in under? Or is it just it just talking about enforcing something that already exists? It's not very clear on who will be doing the enforcement, it doesn't actually mention the police does it? Is this just click bait for people who like boating holidays and read the Daily Mail? I'll believe it when I'm being handcuffed for drunk cruising until then cheers everyone! Just seen the date also... where on earth did you find it? Doesn't look like much happened in the last decade!
  13. Londonlad1985

    New To Forum, Not The Broads!


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