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  1. I like the overall look of them, but I feel it makes making eye contact and waving more difficult if you're passing someone on the river. In some lights it's hard to see who's at the helm....friend or foe? 🤣
  2. Well Peter, be thankful it wasn't on lads week, you'd never have lived it down! Enjoy the rest of your holiday and stay dry!
  3. Looks like a fab boat whoever built her! 👍
  4. Great picture! I don't venture south as much as I should, but I've never managed to bag a space at North Cove!
  5. It'll be TMS on the radio all day for me. I'll probably be fishing while it's on. Tennis is too tense for me. Bad for the blood pressure. I don't mind the racing but I won't pay for my T.V so don't get to watch much anymore.
  6. I think it's the dredging of the Lower Bure a that would help tbh. That's where the water would be held up, rather than above the bridge. I dare say some more learned souls will be along soon with a more comprehensive answer (hopefully)
  7. Was peddling along the tow path in Hackney and they were back! Nobody on board so I left a note with phone numbers asking them to get in touch with me or thee.
  8. Congrats Peter! She looks brill! 🙂
  9. Enjoy! I love Berlin, some of the biggest and best second hand shops I've ever seen!
  10. I'm a busy man, I've not got the time to spend traipsing the tow paths all week, especially in East London. There's all sorts of dodgy doings going on down there. Most of which I'll have no part of!
  11. Bangladesh need to post a few more if they want a decent chance against NZ. I'm 7 pints in though so who knows. mostly a dry day in Kennington.
  12. Went back today, and wouldn't you know it they'd gone, and I did 4km of tow path on the hunt for perch. I'll keep my port and starboard lookouts open though. They'll not be far.
  13. It should be a good tournament. The 1 day format is great! I'm going to see Bangladesh V New Zealand at the Oval on Wednesday. Didn't manage to get any England Games. Bring on The Ashes, which I also tried and failed to get tickets for. 😆
  14. Yes, no problem, I'm not going along that way until the weekend though, but I've seen them all along that stretch so I'm sure they won't have moved far.
  15. Haha well live and learn! I've never seen the owners and not seen it move for a week or so I'll certainly ask them if I see them.
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