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  1. Have a great time! I'm out on Evening Shadow tomorrow we'll give you a wave if we see you 👋
  2. I've seen the nav plan for the week, there is ample opportunity to take on additional liquids!
  3. The idea did spring to mind, but I think Charlie might have a thing or 2 to say about bottles being ceremoniously or even unceremoniously thrown at BA
  4. Thnks Mr N. It's got a week of bottle conditioning before we try it! 🤞 let's hope it tastes alright!
  5. Hi everyone, sorry I've not posted for ages! I've been keeping my eye in though and do keep the NBN facebook group aprised of my broadsy wanderings and (fallings in recently) as and when, however for last couple of weeks I've spent a couple of evenings making some beer for Lads Week, and I thought you might appreciate some pictures! It got a bit bigger than I originally expected, when I mentioned I wanted to do a brew to a mate that is into his beer and uses "brew club" facilities whereby you can rent the equipment and space for a pretty decent sum to make some beer. So I decided to give it a go, and asked him to help me, during our discussions he mentioned that he'd spotted "wild" some hops growing by a railway line In Walthamstow Marshes. I've since discovered it probably seeded it's self there from hops that fell out of trains heading to the the Truman's Brewery in Hackney. I booked a spot in the "brew club" and we went and harvested the hops. 2 hours of , cooking??? Hopping... and other words, I can't remember followed by 2 weeks and fermentation and then some bottling and labeling tonight we've got about 60ish pints of Broad Ambition The Beer! CHEERS!
  6. I think we saw you actually. Were walking along the B.A. moorings. Also is your facebook profile pic a wanted poster? (I was walking with Robin and a Mate from London)
  7. You did indeed, we'd had a bit of excitement as the landlord of the Norada had been for an involuntary swim on the opposite bank. He was helped out but some chaps rigging a dinghy nearby.
  8. Passed you on the Bure yesterday morn, on Evening Shadow, north of Salhouse. Exchanged a wave with Selsie. Boat is looking fab! 👍
  9. Thanks for sharing, my Mum suffers with it, broads air seems to help even if it's only psychological!
  10. Well the result is in and the closed season is retained! https://www.gov.uk/government/news/close-season-retained-following-public-consultation
  11. I like the overall look of them, but I feel it makes making eye contact and waving more difficult if you're passing someone on the river. In some lights it's hard to see who's at the helm....friend or foe? 🤣
  12. Well Peter, be thankful it wasn't on lads week, you'd never have lived it down! Enjoy the rest of your holiday and stay dry!
  13. Looks like a fab boat whoever built her! 👍
  14. Great picture! I don't venture south as much as I should, but I've never managed to bag a space at North Cove!
  15. It'll be TMS on the radio all day for me. I'll probably be fishing while it's on. Tennis is too tense for me. Bad for the blood pressure. I don't mind the racing but I won't pay for my T.V so don't get to watch much anymore.
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