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  1. Meg

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    I was working with the trainers to develop a clear verification trail for their amazingly detailed fire fighters training schedule. Fantastic job but alas didn't get a ride on an appliance not even their all singing dancing new ones. Full of admiration for the hard job they do.. Sorry Griff highjacked your thread
  2. Meg

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    I am just about getting to know your sense of humour, does your name mean you were once a fireman (maybe still are). I worked in some fire stations and laughed a lot but missed a lot too. I miss the chat.
  3. Meg

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    There are some of us hirers who take it gently, especially near anything as lovely as Broad Ambition. My one and only fish took bread off an un barbed hook, lucky or what. Loving this journey with you, thank you.
  4. Meg

    Electric Boat

    Hello David, I a so sorry you are considering cancelling your trip. I book a cottage with Barnes Brinkcraft each spring and out of school holidays you get a free day boat for the week. The problem might be all their properties have stairs. I know at Horning there are waterside cottages with disabled access and a boat, I looked them up for my neighbour. Sorry cannot remember their name but someone will or may have already. I'm sure there is an opportunity for an enterprising yard to hire out a person to chug a boat to different locations each day then leave you there. I know the time is approaching when my friend and I must think of other types of holidays. I hope you get some relief with your pain soon.
  5. Meg

    Change Of Cruiser

    David as I said we have had this boat and we are not ones for long cruising, but if we are going somewhere not very far away we often do a little detour cruise to get charged up. We had no problems and did use kettle microwave TV and fridge as if we were at home. There is also the option of shore power at some locations which you buy a card for, ask at the Barnes office they will be pleased to advise you. I bought 3 and still have them. I know you will wonder what all the worry was for once you are on your way, relax and enjoy
  6. Meg

    Return To Boating 2019

    Thank you point taken, I was not aware of that. You don't suppose I got close enough to hold it for long do you? It flapped away and just for a second it was held then back to keep net then very gently placed back in the river. I may never fish again but will remember that one.
  7. Meg

    Return To Boating 2019

    Hi David, my friend and I hiring Sonnet late in the year purchased some pipe lagging (the thicker of the two sizes) this worked a treat, September you probable wont need anything or at most a bit of rolled newspaper. As DavidH said concentrate on having a lovely time, I am trying to persuade a friend to have another few days on the Broads before winter sets in. My highlight was catching a decent size Bream on Womack water, I was to be seen in marigolds acting like a real wuss waiting for a kind chap to come and help land it, he did and guffawed at the gloves so loudly that all the other boaters gathered to enjoy the sight and he is probably dining out on it still. Well must go got a spider in the sink heeeelp.
  8. Meg

    Return To Boating 2019

    Hi David. I just remembered Russel Thomsom has a walkthrough of Sonnet on You Tube he had one May this year . search Russel Thomson you tube (he calls himself the Admiral)Hope it helps.
  9. Meg

    Return To Boating 2019

    Hi David, that is great news, we had Sonnet several times and that class were refurbished in the recent past, I hope you have a super time. happy chugging.
  10. Meg

    Return To Boating 2019

    PS just remembered the bow thrusters need switching on and press twice for on once for off, discovered this as I drifted around Gayes Staithe!!
  11. Meg

    Return To Boating 2019

    Hi everyone, My friend and I had Encore 2 from 3rd July, wow what weather. I have a step for my outside door at home as my threshold is very high and this fits inside Encore's rear entrance and helps lessen the drop, but this does not help front entrance and is inconvenient when in position for getting into bed on that side. Encore is a lovely boat to manoeuvre, very responsive throttle and good bow thrusters, and of course it goes under most bridges at appropriate tides. The downside for us is that as it has a double bed in the rear so one of us sleeps on the pull out bed in the front. There are no grab rails front or rear although there is a roof gully over the rear door to hold on to. There are almost always people to help some of them very well known on this forum so don't be afraid to ask. I am concerned at your lack of leg mobility, it might yet be possible to change to another craft if you think the Encore is to difficult, Surely Hoseasons want what's best for their customers and Barnes have lots of different craft. I hope you have a lovely time whatever you decide, don't forget to tell us how you get on
  12. Hi Robin Thanks for the tie up at Ludham bridge water point when you were on Trixie, Sheila does a great knot up too, enjoyed the chat, love Trixie's horn.
  13. Meg

    Bored With Crosswords Try This

    Well done everyone, as a famous comic once said "its the way I tell em". There is £25 in the till £3 with the ladies and £2 with the waiter that makes the £30. My worry is that those ladies thought they must have paid £9 as they had a £1 change from a tenner! Could we do this on a big scale with Brussels?
  14. Meg

    Keep The Weather Good Please

    Will certainly give a toot. I hope Jayfire cannot misinterpret that! Problem at present my friend cannot come straight away so I maybe in Barnes yard for a day, not being brave enough to chug alone.
  15. 3 ladies met for afternoon tea, the bill came to £30, when the waiter took their 3 £10 notes to the cashier the cashier said those are really regular visitors give them a discount, take £5 back to them. On the way back the waiter thought, they never tip me so he pocketed £2. He now placed £3 on the table and they were very pleased and each took a £1. The ladies had £1 change from their £10 note so had paid £9, 3x£9 is £27! the waiter had £2 where has the other £1 gone?

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