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  1. Meg

    Thank You Rascal

    Thank you for the Trixie tour video Robin, a lovely boat and well described. I realised when watching, that what was missing in the car videos was your commentary. I am pleased you are going to continue with both. I will keep an eye open for Trixie when we are on the broads May and again in July. Til then happy chugging and clear motorways!
  2. Thanks Old Gregg, I realise I don't have to read about cars but wanted gently to say boats too please, xx
  3. Hi Rascal Please go back to boats! I have had more cars than I care to remember. My first was a Heinkel bubble car, two front wheels one back. It had an aluminium cylinder block as I discovered trying to screw a plug in cross threaded. I know!! but I was very young. My best buy was a Wolsey which I got cheap from a lad in the army, REME I think. However boats and serene waters are so much more fun, cannot wait to get back on the broads.
  4. Griff you always strike me as a man happy" just being", if you contemplate "not being" its a darn good swop. Its 11 weeks until we come to the Broads roll on. I will certainly not struggle if I use the Rhond anchor having seen your clear explanation. thanks.
  5. A Happy New Year to everyone, may you get good weather and safe moorings in 2019. By the way has anyone else got Barnes Webcam in squashed mode, boats looking very short!
  6. Meg

    Bb Webcam

    Thank you Barnes, I can now get my broads fix over breakfast each day.
  7. Although we have never met you are in my thoughts and prayers . Sincere condolences.
  8. Meg


    Welcome from me too, you will find answers to loads of stuff on the forum as well as some dodgy jokes! Beware of creating a double meaning in your post, there is a certain subscriber who is quicker than Benny Hill at spotting the other meaning! Enjoy
  9. Hi Robin Very well done. If you are coming out to Fenland be aware bad roadwork delays around March Isle of Ely way. I think you should now aspire to an Indian motorbike! Back in the day mine was a 150cc Lambretta scooter all chrome, still got the licence but not the good hips needed for a bike!!
  10. Meg

    Bb Webcam

    Thank goodness for this news, I had a 4 day break on Barnes Omega 23rd of October. The weather was lovely if a little breezy. No more chugs now until May so the webcam is my daily dose of the Broads. Of course if my lottery numbers come up I will be asking for advice on buying a boat, huh some chance hey.
  11. HI I have just remembered my instructor nagging me to think ahead. One day I slowed down and he barked "Now What", I pointed to steaming horse muck on the road and said hot poo, horse nearby! Be alert your country needs lerts!
  12. Hi Robin I think although the test has changed since I learned to drive one thing still stands fast, it is not that you make a mistake, everyone does , it is what you do next. As I took my test and was told at a junction to turn left I dutifully moved right and indicated. The tester said "I did say left" I said sorry but I cannot do that now without upsetting everyone. I turned right and we made our way back to the junction and I turned left at the second time of asking. I naturally thought that's a fail, wrong, passed first time. So when you are in the wrong place be careful how you put it right. Good Luck
  13. I was working with the trainers to develop a clear verification trail for their amazingly detailed fire fighters training schedule. Fantastic job but alas didn't get a ride on an appliance not even their all singing dancing new ones. Full of admiration for the hard job they do.. Sorry Griff highjacked your thread
  14. I am just about getting to know your sense of humour, does your name mean you were once a fireman (maybe still are). I worked in some fire stations and laughed a lot but missed a lot too. I miss the chat.
  15. There are some of us hirers who take it gently, especially near anything as lovely as Broad Ambition. My one and only fish took bread off an un barbed hook, lucky or what. Loving this journey with you, thank you.
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