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  1. The big building is called Sail loft, the blue boat looking one is called the boat house then there are the daisy broad lodges, the ones you describe are as stated across the river. The advantage of booking with Barnes at certain times of the year is they provide a free day boat for your use. I have stayed in all types except new ones and found them all very clean well equipped and comfortable. The Daisy broad lodges have outside space the others have balconies. Hope you find something you like, enjoy.
  2. I hope all of you with birthdays had lovely times and wish you many more of them. I'm having" three quarter" life crisis looking at boats for sale out here in the fens, trouble is I haven't got a Griff to help fix inevitable snags, its great fun looking though and there are possible moorings not far away. I don't know if I will be brave enough if I am I will let you know.
  3. Well I did start a hare running with first cars, I have thoroughly enjoyed the posts thank you everyone. I had a look through old photo albums to double check she was WNK 650 and have now dug out about 20 photos of cars I have owned. I discovered/remembered my first vehicle with more than 2 wheels was a Heinkel bubble car, two at the front one at the back. My dad said it was a Heinkel plane rear gunner bubble turned up with wheels fitted. I used to drive this along the A604 (now the infamous A14) between Godmanchester and Cambridge. The lorries although small by todays standards used to tow me in their slipstream, happy days
  4. Thank you Griff especially, I haven't laughed out loud on my own for ages, frightened the dog. Gearstick in the air Mum in the car nightmare stuff. Sea gypsy I think you might be thinking of a more modern A40 mine was black and definitely the reg was that way round, I passed my test March 1967 the new reg of that year was letters number and the letter E. I bought this car second hand from the local butcher and it was very old then, there were two shapes one a bigger version of a Morris minor and mine which was less bubble more square. I have some recollection of a column change but not clear enough to be certain. By the way I now drive a Ford KA but it is the plus model and is as big as a Fiesta black with white roof and white wheel spokes, snazzy hey!
  5. I bet if I asked you all, you would remember your first car fondly. Just because you are now old and jaded and cannot get excited about a car, go back in your memory bank. The excitement of being independent, the places you could go. Robin probably feels that now and good luck to him. I bored the world and two brothers with tales of my Austin A40 and what good performance I got with WNK 650 and would love to see her again. ( probable with relined brakes though and the heater was useless oh and the lights were dim too)!!!!!!
  6. Another lovely set of stills and video Bryan, pleased you got some sunshine although Barton Broad looked as choppy as when we were all stuck at Sutton Staithe that time. I hope you get good weather in June, we are back in July so also hoping for warm days.
  7. Have a lovely time, we're shore based in Wroxham at that time but with only a day boat unlikely to cross Breydon! Anyone else out there do please wave at the white poodle and border terrier that accompany us as we chug along.
  8. Just watched your tour around the highways and byways Robin. What a lovely day, counting the days to our shore based break about 10! At home in sunny Cambridgeshire with the dreaded head cold so your blog a welcome distraction. Thank you.
  9. Meg

    Thank You Rascal

    Thank you for the Trixie tour video Robin, a lovely boat and well described. I realised when watching, that what was missing in the car videos was your commentary. I am pleased you are going to continue with both. I will keep an eye open for Trixie when we are on the broads May and again in July. Til then happy chugging and clear motorways!
  10. Thanks Old Gregg, I realise I don't have to read about cars but wanted gently to say boats too please, xx
  11. Hi Rascal Please go back to boats! I have had more cars than I care to remember. My first was a Heinkel bubble car, two front wheels one back. It had an aluminium cylinder block as I discovered trying to screw a plug in cross threaded. I know!! but I was very young. My best buy was a Wolsey which I got cheap from a lad in the army, REME I think. However boats and serene waters are so much more fun, cannot wait to get back on the broads.
  12. Griff you always strike me as a man happy" just being", if you contemplate "not being" its a darn good swop. Its 11 weeks until we come to the Broads roll on. I will certainly not struggle if I use the Rhond anchor having seen your clear explanation. thanks.
  13. A Happy New Year to everyone, may you get good weather and safe moorings in 2019. By the way has anyone else got Barnes Webcam in squashed mode, boats looking very short!
  14. Meg

    Bb Webcam

    Thank you Barnes, I can now get my broads fix over breakfast each day.
  15. Although we have never met you are in my thoughts and prayers . Sincere condolences.
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