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  1. Is a Donny boy an updated teddy boy, interpret please
  2. Meg

    Robin's Plate/plaque

    Many thanks , good photos and lots of smiles evident.
  3. I may have missed some news but did Robin get presented with that lovely plate/plaque at the meeting in May and has anyone posted any photos of said meeting?
  4. Meg


    Welcome from me too, this really is a friendly helpful forum. Age is just a number and I never remember which way my number is. Have fun.
  5. Meg

    Gathering Gazebos Appeal

    I've donated too, I hope to get to a meet sometime although only a humble hirer. Happy chugging
  6. Happiness is a decision we can make every morning. I am happy to be coming to Wroxham in shore accommodation with a day boat to use for the week. Will wave like mad at any NBN friends.
  7. Meg

    Trixie (Rascal's Fleet)

    Well now young Rascal that's a nice looking boat, I'm sure Independence is lovely but this is more my style. I worried that for Independence you needed crew most of the time and your blogs do show you liking solitude sometimes. I hope to have more blogs of a gentler nature now. Good Luck
  8. Just watched the blog ,trip part 3, after 5 minutes thought it best have a ginger biscuit and a bucket nearby. I loved the music that was so apt for the tribute Robin, what a great crew too. I suppose granny age bow ladies are a no no !
  9. Hi Broomsedan, a very warm welcome to the forum.
  10. I really enjoyed the trip Robin, your new mike cuts the wind noise very well. I thought the crew were enjoying themselves and you looked relaxed too. A lovely relief from the Beast from the East. Eagerly awaiting more episodes.
  11. On a real tangent my fire training ref chip pans did not say how long to leave the wet towel over it! I am now recognizable by my lack of eyebrows, lost as I peeped under the towel to see what was happening.
  12. I am saddened to see how this thread has gone. Good advice sometimes only looks good after the event. The team got Independence to Gt Yarmouth, they did not have to call lifeboats or any other rescue service. No one was hurt and they did a very good job. I for one have too many times taken good advice and missed out on some fantastic adventures, so come on forum lets get back to enjoying our boats, I only get 1 trip a year but loads of you could go out right now. My advice (which you may ignore) enjoy today, yesterdays gone and tomorrow is always uncertain.
  13. What a relief, will the next "fred" restart at page 1, the song sung by the Shanty men keeps coming to mind. " Home Home from The Sea". Well done one and all, I hope you all get rested up and the aches subside Griff. Looking forward to the next topic.
  14. I remember Robin having trouble pronouncing that pub, is it the same as the hospital drama doctor and pronounced Beecham. I once had a customer called Onions who insisted it was O' Nions. Sorry just waiting like everyone brain in idle
  15. It is no wonder you had a wobble Robin, just think how much has gone on and changed for you in the space of a few months. It was your processor saying whoa old chap lets just take a bit of time to catch up. Try not to feel bad, your crew would not want that, they really care for you and so do us forum folk and that's the only lesson to take from from all of this, we want the best for you.

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