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  1. Bed for me now........Been a long but enjoyable weekend.
  2. I think your Broom is a keeper
  3. But will we still be in the same boats???
  4. Sorry we didn't get to say hello to everyone. Had been a long day for Ros and I. Work in the morning till 13.00hrs on Saturday then a two hour drive from Clacton to Acle and three hours at the helm to Salhouse...........Was kind of shattered. A couple of beers and dinner and we hit the sack Thanks to the team for putting on a great event again. Next time hope we may have a little bit more time to spend with everyone. Video of us arriving at the meet about 18.00hrs last night.
  5. I'll say hello once I've got dressed
  6. Nope, saw it going though.....We are at the far end. Third boat from last (Lady Emma)
  7. Wakey Wakey, rise and shine AdobePhotoshopExpress_2019_05_19_06:00:03 by Jeff Cranwell, on Flickr Hows the boat hair looking? AdobePhotoshopExpress_2019_05_19_06:16:11 by Jeff Cranwell, on Flickr
  8. Will be leaving Clacton for Acle in a minute. Then load the boat up and head out. Play dodgems with the Acle Regatta on route and hope to be with you all for around 17.00hrs (ish) 😊
  9. One more. Or two........
  10. Sorry it's a bit late. Hopefully you are out of hospital now? A few more for you all.
  11. After we got back to Acle we then popped over to Dunes Cafe for Breakfast and then it was off to work for me. Got home, had a few hours rest/editing then it was off out to a gig in Colchester that my brothers band were the support act for. The Stereo MC's if anyone remembers them Long day but was great fun.......Roll on the Spring gathering this weekend.
  12. I’ll be uploading some more later. Got to be more entertaining than Jeremy Kyle
  13. A couple of videos from our early morning trip out on Tuesday.
  14. A few more from yesterday. EY7P4839 by Jeff Cranwell, on Flickr EY7P4839 by Jeff Cranwell, on Flickr EY7P4862 by Jeff Cranwell, on Flickr EY7P4854 by Jeff Cranwell, on Flickr
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