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  1. There's a bleedin' great cobweb outside Lady Emma's Heads port hole
  2. It didn't come home but we had a great time watching it.... Strapped a TV to the back of the boat, lit the bbq and sunk a few cold ones......The result wasn't quite what we wanted but what a cracking evening we had
  3. All the best for a speedy recovery. If you're still in the hospital Sunday......Hope you have a TV in your en suite room
  4. Near Boundary Farm... Acle Bridge Inn... Opposite Bridgecraft.......Who's bald head is that I wonder My Brother at the helm... My mate Cap'n Stu at the helm... Had a great five days on board with great friends and family....Thanks to the Acle Bridge Inn, The Ferry Inn (Stokesby) The White Horse Upton and The Lion at Thurne for good food, beer and hospitality
  5. A few photos from the weekend at the British Touring Car Championship at Snetterton .
  6. Just a bit of fun. Knocked this up to reflect on our return to boating this Spring after lockdown. Music kindly composed and recorded by my Brother .....That gets round the copyright issues
  7. Yes indeed.....Problem for me is usually timing tides to get under the Yarmouth bridges when I’m up here. I stay on board when I’m working in Norfolk and it doesn’t always work out right. I will be at some point though this season, even if it is just to giver her an Italian tune up over Breydon
  8. The Navigation light mast lowers but not the radar. Even if it did, it’s just over 9’ to the roof line from the water so not very doable ! We knew that would be the case when we bought her but the plans are for salty action as well as the Broads. It was a compromise we were happy to make as we have cruised the Ant many times in our last two boats .
  9. Well, if I tried to take Lady Emma under there she would have indeed been scalped as well!
  10. She's still got her kit off tonight
  11. Fridge now all in. I think flush mounting it was worth the effort .
  12. Just realised the typo......Bait, not bate doh!!!
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